Solar Charger 26800mAh, Portable Power Bank with 4 Solar Panels,18W Fast Charging External Battery Pack Waterproof Phone Charger

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🔋【Upgraded 4 Solar Panels】 With 4 high conversion foldable solar panels (max 300mA / panel), this portable solar power bank could receive 4x times faster single panels solar power pack, converting solar energy into electricity. More Efficient for fast charging when outdoor activities like camping, cycling, fishing, traveling, hiking, and beaches.

🔋【26800mAh-Large Capacity】 Refuse to falsely remark power capacity .GOODaaa solar battery charger with 26800mah provides you a more steady and faster portable power station. Smart protect system test approved. Usually for iPhone 12 pro max 8-10 times, Samsung 6-7 times , tablet, iPad, or iPad Air 3-4 times. 2 USB output, 1 type-c input, and 1 android input, could charge 3 devices at the same time. Before first use pls full charger the battery.

🔋【Perfect Outdoor Light Sources】 This solar battery pack provides 2 ways of lighting. Built-in bright 32PCS light beads, camping Led Lights could provide enough light for 215.27 fts in the dark, long-lasting over 20hrs with 3 brightness levels. The LED flashlight offers 3 lighting modes: Flashlight/SOS/Strobe light. Obviously, this is an essential light pack for darkness or emergency.

🔋【QC3.0 Fast Charging 3in1 Cable】 This solar smartphone charger comes with a 1.2m 3-in-1 cable, including a Cigarette lighter/Type C/ iPhone charging cable. Great helper for outdoors and can be as a car cigarette lighter replacement. A gifted multifunctional charging cable meets your different needs. Support android/ios devices/cell phones/tablets simultaneously with 1 cable.

🔋【Born for Outdoor Survival】This is the best solar panel charger, including 26800mAh solar charger, 3in1 cable, type-c cable, compass, carabiner, flashlight, and camping light. Anti-fall thickened rubber ring protection design, ipx6 waterproof and dustproof. Premium quality with PSE/CE/FC/RoHS approved. We are a professional manufacturer of solar power banks. ​Every purchase enjoys 24 hours after sale service 30 days of free return and lifetime technical support .

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Solar Charger 26800mAh, Portable Power Bank with 4 Solar Panels,18W Fast Charging External Battery Pack Waterproof Phone Charger with 32 LED Camping Light/3 in 1 Cable for Cell Phone Laptop

solar phone charger for iphone

A Good Helper for Outdoor Travelling

1.Super bright LED camping light with SOS mode IPX4 waterproof, dustproof, shockproof.

2.Made of ABS material and lithium polymer battery, sturdy and durable.

3.With carabiner, suction cup mount, easy to go!

Solar Power Bank Portable Charger, 26,800mAh External Battery Pack with 3 Outputs & Dual Inputs, Flashlight, Compass and the Cigarette Lighter Cable

solar power bank 26800mah

warm Tips: Do not charge through a glass surface (e.g. a window) or leave the unit in your vehicle during summer

3 in 1 cable with Cigarette lighter, works better for Outdoor-Firing, Cigarette etc.

solar power bank

Portable Solar Phone Charger Design for outdoor activities

1.26800mAh huge capacity, refuse to falsely remark capacity. Charge your devices anytime and anywhere.

2.Equipped with 4 solar panel. NOTE: Before first using, please full charge our power bank . The actual solar power receiving depends on the actual receiving angle and the UV intensity. Best for outdoor activities use.

3.Suitable for outdoor activities, like camping, hiking , fishing, traveling and beaches etc.

solar phone battery charger

With 4 solar panel, it can be charged in sunlight, which is 3 times faster than the single-panel chargers. (wall charger adapter is recommended as well). Great partner for your outside activities.

It can be fully charged by solar power when you are in outdoors, but it is recommended that taking 10-12 hours to full charge the power bank with wall charger in the first several times.

water resistant solar power bank

36 LED Camping Light

With powerful 36 LED camping light, this portable power bank can work as a powerful led camping light. Offer you steady emergency light source.

solar charger with wireless charging

Flashlight with 3 Modes

The bright flashlight with 3 modes (Steady>SOS>Strobe). Double click to turn on the LED light. SOS flashlight are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. A good partner for your trip.

usb battery solar

Built-in Compass

A complimentary handy tool. Stand still, hold and keep it in the horizontal surface, then turn your self around, the direction the small arrowhead points to is the north.

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8.23 x 5.24 x 2.05 inches

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1.76 pounds



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January 14, 2021

10 reviews for Solar Charger 26800mAh, Portable Power Bank with 4 Solar Panels,18W Fast Charging External Battery Pack Waterproof Phone Charger

  1. So long and thanks for all the fish.

    This 26,800 mAh unit is a big enough power bank to take most trips without having to worry much about recharging. Due to the size and weight though, its not for light backpack camping, even though the 4 panel solar charger, emergency cigarette lighter, integrated compass and wide panel light scream camping use! Since I tend to car camp more these days, and over pack anyways for backpack camping, this is a good unit for me though, and I have never seen the included 3 way charging cable before (microUSB, iphone and cigarette lighter). I don’t think you’d want to use the cigarette lighter often as from what I understand it may cause significant battery wear, but I love taking multiple function items with me, and its always great to have a backup compass and light with a fire starter additionally.The panel light with 32 LEDs is bright and has 3 levels, and is a good white light, ideal for tent use for reading, games, etc, and the included carabiner gives it something to hang from for a nice overhead light, although I’m going to need another attachment point or tent webbing to stabilize it. It also has a single LED on the end for using as a flashlight, also with emergency strobe function, but the blue color of the LED light and size of the power bank to hold as a flashlight make the single flashlight LED the least likely feature for me to use.Solar panel seems to be able to sense indoor lighting as enough to start charging and the lights turn on, which is a good sign. The leather casing and snap to secure panels seem nicely functional. Admittedly I have not had a chance to charge it outdoors yet enough to test how fast this is, but its another ideal camping/survival/backup feature and 4 panels rather than 1 most include should make it useful and its going on my next trip this summer.So far charging speed seems to be good as well, I have not yet drained the battery enough to see how many charges it will provide for my phone, I may update these last two factors later. Amazon is asking for a durability rating, so far I see the leather case and rubber bumpers on the corners as a very good sign for durability, I’ll give it 4/5 durability so far and update later if issues.Overall it seems a great choice for camping, which is why I purchased it and the flashlight LED is probably the biggest thing that could be improved so far, however you could easily use the panel light, and who is going to be choosing a blocky power bank as a flashlight, I really dont know!

  2. Amazon Customer

    I am giving this product a 5 star rating. I received it promptly after ordering and it was packaged very good for shipping. After using it for a week, I can say that it is a great product and looks solid! I can charge the power bank through the solar panels while hiking and then used it to power my cell phone. I also plan to take it to the beach and see how it works there. At home, I can put it near a window for sunlight charging, and it also will charge under a lamp (slower of course) while I am on the computer or watching DVDs. I like the LED flashlight (regular, SOS and strobe modes) plus the Camping light function with its 3 brightness levels. Finally, because it folds unto itself, it is easily packable to take anywhere you go!

  3. Peter Perry

    This is a durable, rugged well designed product!With the ability to charge any and all of your electronic devices.It’s a great outdoor activity assistant.

  4. Jodi

    I’m really impressed with this battery pack so far. It’s comes extremely well packaged so it won’t be damaged in shipping. Delivery was very quick. It is a very well constructed device. The flashlight and camp light features are VERY bright. The solar panels are working very well. It comes with a sturdy little D-clip to attach the charger to a backpack easily. Can’t wait to see how it performs on my next camping trip.

  5. HankFM

    I have a few power banks, however, none are built like this one. Three solar panels + one solar panel that Is part of the battery. Can charge many devices. Comes with the necessary cable needed. I love this power bank, highly recommended. Great price for what you get.

  6. Claire

    First house charge was fast. VERY bright lights! SOS light is a great idea. I live on the Carolina coast and bought it for hurricanes and especially the days after with no electricity. Put it on the deck to recharge. Worked great!

  7. robert

    Build quality is A-plus! Fast charging my note 10 in about an 1hr 20 min. The lights are super bright. I left battery pack outside for about 2 hours and it got fully charged it be halfway drained.

  8. Lexy

    Great quality product. Feels durable and the lights are super bright and work well. This charges my phone and my iPad pretty fast!As far as using the solar panels, it charges about 1 bar a day. Make sure to leave outside in full sunlight not indoors by a window, it will take longer to charge. Thinking about buying another one soon as a gift 🙂

  9. @@Du Ma@@

    This 26,800 mAh power bank is large enough to last most trips without needing to be recharged frequently. Despite the 4 panel solar charger, it is not suitable for light backpack camping due to its size and weight. The panel light with 32 LEDs is bright, has three levels, and is a good white light, making it ideal for tent use for reading, games, and so on, and the included carabiner allows it to be hung from something for a nice overhead light. These solar panels are performing admirably. It includes a sturdy little D-clip for easily attaching the charger to a backpack. It come with four high conversion foldable solar panels max 300mA panel, this portable solar power bank can convert solar energy into electricity four times faster than a single panel solar power pack. A 26800mah battery charger gives you a more stable and faster portable power station. The smart protect system has passed the test. This solar battery pack has two lighting options. camping LED lights with built-in bright 32PCS light beads could provide enough light for 215.27 ft in the dark, lasting over 20 hours and having three brightness levels. The LED flashlight has three lighting modes: flashlight, SOS, and strobe light. This solar smartphone charger includes a 1.2m 3-in-1 cable that includes a cigarette lighter, type C, iPhone charging cable. Excellent outdoor tool that can also be used as a car cigarette lighter replacement. A multifunctional charging cable that is gifted meets your various needs. This solar panel charger, and it comes with a 26800mAh solar charger, a 3in1 cable, a type-c cable, a compass, a carabiner, a flashlight, and a camping light. The design with anti-fall thickened rubber ring protection, ipx6 waterproof and dust proof. Overall, it appears to be a good choice for camping, which is why I bought it. The flashlight LED is probably the biggest thing that could be improved so far, but you could easily use the panel light.

  10. Wyatt M.

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  This power bank is awesome! It has a bright flashlight and bright camping light!! It comes with a usb to usb-c charger cord. It also comes with a 3 in 1 usb cord that has a lighter (you blow on the end of the lighter to activate it), a usb-c end and an Apple Lightning end for Apple devices. The usb-c port on the power bank can be used for input to charge the power bank or it can be used as an output to charge other devices such as a phone or tablet. It also has 2 usb output ports. One is a fast charger with the light blue color and the other one is a normal charger and it has a micro usb input port as well to charge the power bank.

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