SMART FUEL 12 Liter Pack- Indoor/Outdoor Fireplace Fuel

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Eco-Friendly For Use with Liquid Bio-Ethanol Fireplaces. SMARTFUEL features our exclusive patent-pending ‘SAFETYPOUR’ technology. First in the industry to provide the safest possible flash-free transfer of fuel from the bottle into the fireplace tank.

Our Smartfuel is ‘Planet-Friendly’ and suitable for use indoors or outdoors, as no harmful fumes are generated when burning – only small amounts of CO2 and Water Vapor… no soot, no smoke, no smell, and no residue. The only recycled ethanol fuel available, making it the world’s ‘Greenest Choice Ethanol. ’ Our fuel contains BITR, a bitterant to prevent accidental ingestion by children and small animals.

This smartfuel is made in the US. YOUR SAFETY IS OUR FIRST CONCERN. Never pour fuel into a lit fire or into a burner that is near a source of ignition. Never pour fuel onto hot surfaces. Allow burners to cool at least 20 minutes (cool to the touch) before refilling. Be Smart! Be Safe! Be Green as you can be! …with SMARTFUEL Ethanol.



SMART FUEL 12 Liter Pack- Indoor/Outdoor Fireplace Fuel- Ultra Pure Safety Pour Technology- Toxic Free, Planet Friendly, Ethanol for Indoor and Outdoor Burning

SMARTFUEL pure bio-ethanol fuel for ventless fireplaces is your best choice for both indoor and outdoor use. It is the cleanest burning smokeless fireplace fuel on earth. SMARTFUEL was created especially for indoor ventless fireplaces and is completely ‘Planet-Friendly’. It is a clean, sustainable bio-ethanol fuel specially formulated to provide the most beautiful fire possible while complying with all regulations required by U.S. Government agencies.

The only by-products created when burning SMARTFUEL fuel are water vapor and very small amounts of carbon dioxide, similar to human breath. No toxins or offensive fumes are emitted while it burns – the flame is clean and odorless. SMARTFUEL burns efficiently and there is no oily residue left in the tank to clean up as with other bio-ethanol fuels which contain petroleum distillates.

SMARTFUEL is the ONLY fuel on the market with exclusive SAFETY-POUR technology – which provides the safest possible flash-free transfer of fuel from the bottle to the fireplace tank. SMARTFUEL burns with an interesting dancing yellow flame with orange and blue accents and lasts longer than any other alcohol fuel on the market. It has the lively look and warmth of a real wood fire, without any soot… or guilt from burning a fuel made from food. For child safety, “BITR” is added as a human aversive. It’s overwhelming bitter taste helps prevent accidental ingestion by children and small animals. No soot, no smoke, no smell, and no residue. It’s totally sustainable, and your ‘Greenest Ethanol Choice’.

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3 x 9.75 x 3 inches

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2 pounds





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12 Liters

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Made in USA

10 reviews for SMART FUEL 12 Liter Pack- Indoor/Outdoor Fireplace Fuel

  1. POM MOM

    The media could not be loaded.  Burns well. No smell. Not sure why anyone would complain about it .My only complaint is shipping is slow.

  2. CR

    Bought the 12 pack, used it only occasionally for years and was very happy with this fuel. No odor, easy to store, easy to pour. Opened last bottle today and it performed as good as new after years of sitting in a cabinet. 9 hours later and flames are burning high and clean.

  3. Carl S. Lau

    With denatured alcohol being illegal in California, a search for a substitute turned up this treated (with a poisonous additive) ethanol as fuel. Works well via a lamp wick, burning hot. Home Depot didn’t sell it, but found it on Amazon, thankfully. Showed up in eight days via fedex. It is a lot more expensive than denatured alcohol, but fills my needs.

  4. Ko Wibowo

    Warm the room well with my portable fireplace.

  5. rachel thorstenson

    Perfect for indoor/outdoor portable fireplace. Great value compared to pricing elsewhere. Will order again.

  6. G. Crow Productions

    Hi, with our new mini fireplace there are many fuels tp choose from.We settled on SMARTFUEL after much research for two reasons: Safety and Duration. We have found doing a three fuel comparison that SMARFUEL burns about 15 minutes longer than the other two when the same measured amount is added. Trust me that is a lot when talking about five refills pure bottle. It is like getting an extra bottle free when you purchase six. That really adds up over time, and it matters not if you are using it indoors or out. Clean buring, odorless and more fuel SMARTFUEL is the way to go.Hope this review helps!Regards,Mr. Crow

  7. Dave

    If old cans saved from gel fuel for fireplace, you can refill the cans with this liquid and get 24 cans refilled and a couple of bottles left over. Burns same as gel, same time, etc. Only the crackle sound is Missing. It is a slight cheaper. Before they raised the price appx. 50%, it was a whole lot cheaper. Still it’s cheaper than the gel 13oz. cans.

  8. Dean G

    Burns really well in an indoor fireplace. Nice yellow/orange flame. Sometimes, it even licks 25% taller than the picture.

  9. jondee1

    This is the time of year for that special warm fire in the evening. A must for your ethanol fire place. Take the chill from the air and enjoy. great product from a great seller. I just can’t say enough about this product.

  10. Paula petersen

    Table top firepit….it is soothing to watch and burns clean.

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