2K Security Battery Camera Outdoor Wireless Solar with Dual Lens 150° PIR Angle, 2.4/5GHz WiFi, Human/Vehicle Detection, Motion Spotlights Color Night Vision

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2K & ULTRA WIDE ANGLE: 4MP high resolution delivers clearer images; The 16x digital zoom reveals even more detail. With two lenses, this battery-powered camera covers a 150° field of view with minimal distortion. Dual PIR (150° detection angle) covers a larger surveillance area.

FULL COLOR NIGHT VISION: With 8 headlights, the solar security camera provides high quality 2K 4MP HD color images at night. Spotlights can be triggered by motion or turned on or off manually via the Reolink app. The IR LED enables long distance night vision of up to 30 meters.

PRECISE DETECTION: Dual PIR detection plus person/vehicle detection greatly reduces false alarms and gives you peace of mind. Repel intruders with lights and sirens on. Instant notifications such as pushes or emails with attachments (text/images) will be sent to notify you.

FLEXIBLE STORAGE METHODS AND INTELLIGENT PLAYBACK: Supports Micro SD card (up to 128 GB, not included) or 7 days free cloud video storage service. Motion recordings can be easily recovered by filtering out human/vehicle events. There is no monthly fee for the Reolink app.

DUAL BAND WIFI AND EASY INSTALLATION: With 2.4/5GHz WIFI and a large capacity battery, this outdoor security camera is 100% wireless and easy to install. The battery can be continuously powered by Reolink solar panels or charged by a 5V USB power adapter.

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2K Security Battery Camera Outdoor Wireless Solar with Dual Lens 150° PIR Angle, 2.4/5GHz WiFi, Human/Vehicle Detection, Motion Spotlights Color Night Vision, Two Way Talk, Reolink Duo w/ Solar Panel

2K Security Battery Camera Outdoor Wireless Solar with Dual Lens

2K Security Battery Camera Outdoor Wireless Solar with Dual Lens

This wireless camera boasts a long-lasting rechargeable battery, which has a larger capacity than ever. Reolink Solar Panel can provide non-stop power to the camera battery so you won’t worry about charging the camera any more.

2K color night vision

2K Security Battery Camera equipped with twin lenses, this outdoor security camera offers an ultra-wide 150° viewing angle with less distortion. 16 X digital zoom helps to discover more details. Integrated spotlights allow you to see full-color images at night. Built-in IR LEDs enable long night vision distance (up to 100ft).

smart playback

Smart person/vehicle detection plus dual PIR sensor and customizable motion zone help to identify true threats and reduce false alerts. Featuring 150° ultra-wide PIR detecting angle, this wireless solar camera can monitor more areas and decrease dead ends of surveillance areas. Recorded motion footage can be easily reviewed by filtering person/vehicle events.

motion zone

Customized Motion Zone

You can freely customize motion zones and decide where you don’t want the camera to detect motion. With this setup option, this solar powered security camera can help to focus what truly matters, giving you peace of mind no matter day or night.

stable wifi

Security Battery Camera with Dual Band WiFi

This outdoor camera wireless works on 2.4/5 GHz bands to provide a flexible, more stable & faster WiFi connection. Brings better network performance by always connecting to the best WiFi band.

duo+sp storage

Flexible Storage Options

Save your recordings either to an SD card or encrypted Reolink Cloud. Support a micro SD card (up to 128GB) or 7-day free Cloud service for video storage. No subscription fee is needed.

H.265 Video Compression

H.265 Video Compression

H.265 compression technology delivers clearer and smoother videos while reducing bandwidth and storage space, 50% more efficient than H.264.

Access Anywhere, Live View Anytime

Access Anywhere, Live View Anytime

Wherever you are, you can remotely access this security camera outdoor and replay recorded footage via the free Reolink App/Client. It supports up to 12 users to live view at the same time using different devices.

two way talk

Real-Time Communication

Built-in mic & speaker allow you to hear and speak to your family or visitors in real time. By using Reolink App or Client, you can now talk to them with just one click on the PC/phone/tablet. Talk like you are around helps to add a strong layer for your home security.

2K Security Battery Camera Notes:

1. The camera can’t be adjusted horizontally when ceiling mounted. Please adjust the camera angle before installing it.

2. It’s suggested not to place the important monitoring zone right in the middle of the two lenses.

3. Images and videos of the two sides of this Security Battery Camera are saved separately, and screens can be merged to produce an ultra-wide viewing angle while preview.

4. Reolink Duo is mainly for outdoor use with its IP66 waterproof design. It is suitable to be installed in the garage, front door, yard, pool, your apartment, house or remote property.

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Product Dimensions

7.67 x 4.05 x 2.2 inches

Item Weight

1.59 pounds



Item model number

Reolink Duo + Solar Panel

Date First Available

October 29, 2021


Reolink Digital

8 reviews for 2K Security Battery Camera Outdoor Wireless Solar with Dual Lens 150° PIR Angle, 2.4/5GHz WiFi, Human/Vehicle Detection, Motion Spotlights Color Night Vision

  1. T. Baldwin

    I liked the easy it was to set up. The quality of the picture both night and day. I just took a trip, was very happy with the alert setup. “HAPPY”

  2. JackJack

    The media could not be loaded.

     I really love Reolink cameras because of the quality and well designed.So I have 12 Reolink cameras around my office.This solar camera can capture wide angles and they record videos separate by each lens.You can get two screen on PC and put them together to get a full angle.You can also turn your phone to get the stitched images (they are still two separate images).Because it’s solar-powered, it goes offline in seconds to maintain battery power.Then you need to connect the camera again when you want.Don’t put important area in the middle or you might miss it.Overall, this is a great camera, especially you can assemble it on anywhere without wire.

  3. Kim

    First off, I’ve got a LAN camera system set up for my house with all Reolink cameras hooked up (using POE) to Blue Iris software. Those cameras have been operating on my house for 7 years with zero issues.Secondly, I trap cats using Reolink cameras. I trap cats for a TNR (trap/neuter/return) organization in a large suburban county. I have built what I call “Robotraps” where I have a Reolink camera actually running in the back of the trap so I can see what’s walking into the trap. I use a Wifi hotspot, a battery, and some other equipment to be able to remotely trip the trap. So the Reolink camera alerts me to motion, I open the Reolink app to see what’s eating in the trap, then I use my spare phone to open a different app and push a button on it to close the trap. Then I get in my car and high tail it to the trapping site to get the cat.I have one iPhone and one Android phone. Both phones can be set up so that Reolink alerts will come through even though you have Do Not Disturb turned on. This is optional, of course, but I love this feature. It means I’m constantly getting woken up at night by raccoons, possums, skunks, etc., walking into the trap, but that’s a necessary evil if I want to get cats trapped and fixed.I mostly have been using the Reolink Go PT and the Argus PT. I was so excited to find out about this camera. There is a guy on the popular video site that starts with “Y” who goes by the name Hunting Farmer. He is a treasure trove of information on these types of Reolink cameras. I first found out about this dual lens camera through his channel.So this camera is basically two cameras in one. There are two video feeds – one for each lens. The software is very clever and splices them together for you if you are looking at the feed in landscape mode. If you have your phone or device in portrait mode, it will show two separate feeds on top of each other because it doesn’t have the room to put them side by side.The field of view of this thing is fantastic! Now I can not only see what’s in front of the trap, but what’s on either side of it. I get a lot more warning when something is coming close.The vehicle detection is not so hot, but I really don’t care. A raccoon will walk by and it will say it’s a vehicle. I have some Nest cameras at my house and at my work and they get it wrong constantly too. I just don’t think any camera is very good at identifying people, vehicles, packages, etc., just yet.I have to give Reolink props on their app. It’s phenomenal. When I get a motion alert, sometimes the cat is already eating so I didn’t get a chance to see it walk in. I quickly just click over to the Cloud part of the app to see the clip of what just occurred just prior to the live view. Then I can see the cat coming up and walking in to see if it’s the one that I want.Next, the notifications seem to be extremely reliable. I’m in a international TNR group on FB and they are constantly complaining about lag and unreliability of notifications from other brand name cameras. Those that have Reolink aren’t complaining. The notifications are pretty instant and are reliable.Hope this was helplful!


    Great night vision, motion detection, & picture quality! Super easy setup. You just download the app to use. Why waste your money on name brand security systems when you can get one at a fraction of the cost for name brands. No need for ADT or AAA monthly service security when you can do it yourself. Save yourself not only money but time.

  5. Nic NarcNic Narc

    This is probably the best security camera I have and I have a LOT of them. I put this one outside and facing my vehicle. My old camera used to send me photos of raccoons and dogs. Ha. Cute, but that can lead to someone getting complacent thinking “oh it’s probably nothing” when they get the alert. I’ve never had anyntype of alert for anything but cars or people sent by this app. The night vision is great, the solar power aspect is amazing, and the angle of the lens is awesome. Easy enough to set up for someone like me who had zero experience with solar anything. And the spec I can’t get over is the two way microphone and speaker. What a great thing. I haven’t had to yell at anyone to leave my car alone (knock on wood) but that’s a really cushy feature to have available. Like a piece of mind. Because with my old camera all of have been able to do was call police or neighbors….. And wait. I wasn’t sure what to expect but straight out of the box it was heavy, well made, didn’t have an excessive number of parts, and does seem like it will withstand Midwest winters. My fiance wants more like this one even for inside the house.

  6. Amazon Customer

    This is a security camera with 2 lenses, 2 lights, and Wifi. The camera is fully waterproof, built for outdoor use. It is powered by the included solar panel. It saves either onto micro SD cards (sold separately) or a Reolink cloud account; the Reolink cloud account offers 7 day rolling cloud storage for free. The camera has 2 lenses which take separate images; the images can be combined for super-wide angle views. With the Reolink app, you can get alerts for motion detection. You can also have 2 way audio communication.I am very impressed with the features of this camera. The 2 lenses give great coverage of my entire yard, so I don’t need to fuss with panning the camera—I get the entire yard with just one camera, all the time. The images are sharp and clear. The Reolink app is sophisticated and takes a bit of practice to get used to, but it offers so many features. The 2-way audio communication feature works quite well. Setting up this camera took a while since I wanted to get the placement just right before making a final installation on my wall. It’s really handy that the camera has a solar panel and Wifi, so I don’t need to worry about running any wires to the camera. Overall, this camera is a great choice for home security, with lots of great features at a good price.

  7. I.L.

    The Reolink Duo Security Camera with Solar Panel is everything I could ever want in a security device to protect my property, with additional features that make me constantly ponder “How did I ever live without this before?!”. If you’re sitting there wanting cold, hard facts about this device’s performance that are unbiased, read ahead:- With the ability to sustain a variable array of weather conditions, hot or cold, this security camera can take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’! Living in Texas, we go through 4 seasons in a week and this device has sustained each one without any interference to its video/audio capabilities.- Packed with features that allow you to modify this camera til your heart’s content, some of the best ones (in my opinion) are: automatic night vision, 2K 4MP super HD lenses with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 at 15fps up to 25fps, and the twin lenses offer an expansive panoramic view to see every thing as it happens.- The biggest surprise and greatest attribute of this camera is the superior two-way audio system that allows you to converse in real-time to whoever approaches your door. Whereas, most security cameras charge for this additional feature, Reolink offers this ability for ABSOLUTELY NO CHARGE at all! Believe it!With a price point that causes one to question the legitimacy of this security camera’s abilities, there is absolutely no gimmicks here! All the advertised claims about this product are 100% met and is exceeded by it’s fluid functionality that mesh perfectly with every other aspect of this device. 100% recommend!

  8. Judith Rodgers

    I used it for porch and gate alerts. It is ver sensitive.

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