SANSI 6500 Lumens A21 LED Light Bulb, 650W Equivalent E26 LED Bulb with Ceramic Technology, 5000K Daylight

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Price: $49.99

Bright & Efficient: Compared with other LED bulbs, SANSI’s highly efficient light bulbs can provide 6500 lumens using only 35 watts of power, equivalent to 650W incandescent bulbs. Based on 3 hours per day usage, save up to 95% electricity, annual estimated cost $3.83.

Flicker-Free: Adopting high light transmission optical lenses, up to 210 LED chips can not only provide you and your family with the light source they need daily but also provide a healthy living or work environment. No flickering, no noise.

Patented Ceramic technology: SANSI’s patented technology replaces the traditional Mcpcb aluminum substrate with a non-conductive ceramic heat sink, directly soldering the LED chip on the ceramic heat sink, effectively reducing the systematic thermal resistance between the LED PN junction and the surface of the heat sink, resulting in faster heat conduction and higher product reliability, making SANSI’s bulbs perform with higher light efficiency.

Safe and Reliable: The lamp body is made of special ceramic material, and the flame retardant grade reaches grade V0; the reinforced insulation structure means no risk of electric shock, its safer; the whole shell material reaches the WF2 anti-corrosion grade, which is more reliable and durable; The hollow design is good for heat dissipation.

Guarantees: ETL listed, quality and safety verified, 22.5 years LED bulb lifespan, 5 years warranty.

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Brand: ‎SANSI


SANSI 6500 Lumens A21 LED Light Bulb, 650W Equivalent E26 LED Bulb with Ceramic Technology, 5000K Daylight Non-Dimmable, 25,000-Hour Lifetime, Efficient, Safe, 35W Energy Saving for Home Workspace

What’s the difference between SANSI LED bulbs which adopting SANSI Patented Ceramic Technology with other bulbs?

SANSI 6500 Lumens A21 LED Light Bulb

Based on the patented Ceramic Technology, SANSI 60W LED light bulbs can work a long time in a relatively high-temperature environment, which means, it can be installed in a 100% enclosed luminary.

What benefits can customers get from SANSI Patented Ceramic Technology?



Potential major adverse effects of flicker identified in published research and/or Expert Opinion include these five factors:

  • Photoepilepsy or flashing-light induced seizure.
  • Stroboscopic effect and associated apparent slowing or stoppage of rotating machinery.
  • Migraine or severe paroxysmal headache often associated with nausea and visual disturbances.
  • Increased repetitive behavior among persons with autism.
  • Asthenopia, including eyestrain, fatigue, blurred vision, conventional headache, and decreased performance on sight-related tasks.

Abscrate from IEEE Std 1789-2015

What LED Bulb Color Temperature Should I Choose?

color temperature

How to Determine How Many Lumens You’ll Need to Properly Light Your Space?

SANSI 6500 Lumens A21 LED Light Bulb

Additional information




Item Weight

‎9.1 ounces

Package Dimensions

‎5.67 x 3.23 x 3.19 inches

Item Package Quantity





‎PC, Ceramic


‎120 Volts (AC)

Special Features

‎Super Bright, Energy-Saving, 6500 Lumens

Power Source


Batteries Included?


Batteries Required?




Type of Bulb


Luminous Flux

‎6500 Lumen


‎35 Watts

Bulb Features

‎Not Dimmable

Color Temperature

‎5000 Kelvin

Color Rendering Index (CRI)


Average Life

‎25000 Hours



Date First Available

February 15, 2022

8 reviews for SANSI 6500 Lumens A21 LED Light Bulb, 650W Equivalent E26 LED Bulb with Ceramic Technology, 5000K Daylight

  1. Anything in 3D

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     Just what the doctor ordered when you need some light. As you can see, it far outshines the 60W equivalent bulbs on either side of it. It is very daylight vs the warm white of the other two LED bulbs.

  2. Manila MikeManila Mike

    Wow. This is one bright bulb. 6500 Lumens is massive for a 35 watt bulb. I put this bulb in my shop and it made a night and day difference (literally) as compared to the 100 watt tungsten bulb it replaced. I took some comparison pictures but since my phone camera adjusts aperture automatically, the difference looks not as drastic as it actually is. And to think this bulb is using about 1/3 the energy.Important to note that this bulb is not dimmable. So don’t plan to put it anywhere where you don’t need a very bright light. Also, this bulb should not be placed inside a fixture. Anything this bright is gonna produce some heat and you’ll want to make sure that heat has space to radiate into.

  3. G. Ware Cornell Jr.

    I expected this multiple LED bulb to be bright. It’s 6500 Lumenis, which is like 650 watts after all. Simply put, it’s much brighter than I imagined. Despite its BRIGHTNESS, it uses the equivalent of a 30 watt traditional bulb. Unlike filamented light bulbs this may well last beyond my lifetime. If I move, I’m taking it with me. Right now, it’s in my bedroom but it needs a new home. Perhaps I can put it in the garage, if I only had a garage.

  4. Peter WPeter W

    This is a really super bright light bulb perfect for an attic or garage ceiling light that is open to the air. It gets a bit hot at 119 degrees Fahrenheit so having this in an inclosed lighting mount or enclosure, might not be the best place for it, but for an attic where the bulb is exposed or in the garage where the bulb is just screwed in and in the open air this should be perfect for that as it does give off a lot of light for it’s size.the construction of this bulb is much better than most others I have tried and used as it feels solid in the hand and the over all look of the construction is top notch.

  5. AndyAndy

    This led bulb is super bright single led bulb I have ever used. It’s a great product which delivers the performance it promises. Hope it comes in 3000-3500k soft warm light.👍

  6. B Wallis

    This is an insanely bright bulb with a really nice temperature. I love these LED bulbs. This one is a little different than the standard “corn” LED bulb because of how the LEDs are oriented in the bulb shape. It actually lights up an area incredibly well.A few years ago I ordered another Sansi bulb that I installed in an outdoor (enclosed) fixture for a friend who lives in a rural area with very little light on her property. That thing was so bright it lit up most of her driveway and family members arriving after dark remarked on how bright it was even a half-mile away approaching her property.So I KNEW this bulb was going to be amazing as it’s even brighter than the one I bought before from this brand.This is not a lightbulb you will want to put anywhere that the bulb will be in your direct line of sight as it is VERY bright. Torchiere type lamps or something indirectly shining it away from you or in some sort of diffused fixture like frosted glass will be just fine. It’s awesome in the garage.One of THE best bulbs I’ve tried yet.

  7. Alex


  8. Sloane SchrodingerSloane Schrodinger

    I like this bulb it has remarkable LED bulb efficiency, tons of light with low power usage. Pleasant bulb shape. Instant on, no delay, no fan. Daylight to slight bluish color.6500 lumens at 35 watts is a phenomenal 186 lumens per watt. This is the highest efficiency LED bulb I have to date. It is an incredible jump in efficiency. Just 3 years ago LED bulbs for my home were in the 80 to 100 lumens/watt range. Then a little more than a year ago I started finding ones in the 120 to 140 lumens/watt range. Now this one at 186 lumens/watt. Unbelievable, it is more than twice as efficient than the ones I bought only a few years ago.How bright is 6500 lumens? The old 100 watt incandescent is my standard reference point. They are in the 1500 lumens range. This bulb has 4.33 times as much making it equivalent to a 433-watt incandescent or a little more light output than four, 100 watt incandescent bulbs and for only 35 watts input power. Keep in mind that the perceive brightness is not directly proportional to the increase in lumens. It takes about a 4 fold increase in lumens to perceive a doubling of brightness.Form factor. This bulb is larger than a standard A19 bulb but it has a nice rounded shape unlike the corn-row bulbs that never seem to work well in existing fixtures these fit well. Listing says it is A21 size but it is much larger. A21 means the diameter is 21 eights of an inch or 2.625-inches in diameter. These are 3.15-inches. There is no standard “A” size bulb that corresponds. Measure your space to make sure you have room.The bulb does say “Not for use in ENCLOSED luminaires”. As with all LED Bulbs, heat is a killer. The light generates heat but most of the heat comes for the transformer used to change 120VAC to the DC voltage required for the LED chips. I try to make sure my LED’s get plenty of air circulation. Old incandescent bulbs didn’t have a problem inside enclosed fixtures but put an LED in the same place and it won’t last. The cooling holes on this bulb run from the base thru the top of the bulb. Blocking this flow path will shorten the life. On my bathroom fixtures I lowered the glass shades to provide an air gap at the top, giving the heat generated a path to escape.Overall: Fabulous LED efficiency in a nicely shaped bulb with high lumen output. I would buy again.

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