SANSI 250W Equivalent A19 LED Light Bulb, 4000 Lumens Dimmable LED Bulb with Ceramic Technology

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Bright & Efficient: Compared with other LED bulbs, SANSI’s highly efficient light bulbs can provide 4000 lumens using only 27 watts of power, equivalent to 250W incandescent bulbs. Based on 3 hours per day usage, save up to 90% electricity, annual estimated cost $2.95.

Dimmable & Flicker-Free: Adopting high light transmission optical lenses, up to 156 LED chips can not only provide you and your family with the light source they need daily but also provide a healthy living or work environment. 0%-100% smooth dimming, compatible with most TRIAC dimmers on the market. No flickering, no noise.

Patented Ceramic technology: SANSI’s patented technology replaces the traditional Mcpcb aluminum substrate with a non-conductive ceramic heat sink, directly soldering the LED chip on the ceramic heat sink, effectively reducing the systematic thermal resistance between the LED PN junction and the surface of the heat sink, resulting in faster heat conduction and higher product reliability, making SANSI’s bulbs perform with higher light efficiency.

Safe and Reliable: The lamp body is made of special ceramic material, and the flame retardant grade reaches grade V0; the reinforced insulation structure means no risk of electric shock, its safer; the whole shell material reaches the WF2 anti-corrosion grade, which is more reliable and durable; The hollow design is good for heat dissipation.

Guarantees: ETL listed, quality and safety verified, 22.5 years LED bulb lifespan, 5 years warranty.

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Brand: ‎SANSI


SANSI 250W Equivalent A19 LED Light Bulb, 4000 Lumens Dimmable LED Bulb with Ceramic Technology, 3000K Soft Warm E26 Base, 25,000-Hour Lifetime, Efficient Safe, 27W Power Energy Saving for Home Garage Everything Else

SANSI 250W Equivalent A19 LED Light Bulb, 4000 Lumens Dimmable

SANSI 250W Equivalent A19 LED Light Bulb, 4000 Lumens Dimmable

SANSI 250W Equivalent A19 LED Light Bulb, 4000 Lumens Dimmable

What’s the difference between SANSI LED bulbs which adopting SANSI Patented Ceramic Technology with other bulbs?

SANSI 250W Equivalent A19 LED Light Bulb, 4000 Lumens Dimmable

What benefits can customers get from SANSI Patented Ceramic Technology?

High Light Efficiency

SANSI 250W Equivalent A19 LED Bulb 4000 Lumens Dimmable


  • Dimmers recommendation: To ensure a better dimming experience, the following compatible dimmers are recommended:
  • DVCL-153P-WH, MACL-153M-WH, TGCL-153PH-WH, DVWCL-153PH-WH, SCL-153P-WH
  • MAW600H-WH, S-600P-WH, DVW600PH-WH, TG-600PH-IV, TT-300H-WH, TT-300NLH-WH, TTCL-100H-WH
  • IPL06-10Z, 6674-P0W, 6602-IW, TBL03-10E
  • Notice: This 150 watts LED bulb only works with a TRIAC dimmer. Zigbee and digital dimmers are incompatible for they may cause flicker or slight buzz when using.

How to Determine How Many Lumens You’ll Need to Properly Light Your Space?

Lumens by room

Additional information




Part Number


Item Weight

‎1.41 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎3.58 x 3.62 x 5.39 inches

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Assembled Height

‎5.39 inches

Assembled Length

‎3.58 inches

Assembled Width

‎3.62 inches


‎3000K (Dimmable)


‎3000K Soft Warm





Number of Lights


Included Components

‎Bulb included


‎120 Volts

Specific Uses

‎General purpose

Special Features

‎5-Year Warranty, Dimmable, super bright 4000lm

Shade Material


Light Direction


Power Source


Batteries Included?


Batteries Required?


Type of Bulb


Luminous Flux

‎4000 Lumen


‎250 Watts

Incandescent equivalent

‎250 Watts

Color Temperature

‎3000 Kelvin

Color Rendering Index (CRI)


Average Life

‎25000 Hours



Date First Available

May 22, 2018

10 reviews for SANSI 250W Equivalent A19 LED Light Bulb, 4000 Lumens Dimmable LED Bulb with Ceramic Technology

  1. Garrett D HaywoodGarrett D Haywood

    I am a little reluctant to purchase a product online without knowing at least something about it. I’ve used corn led bulbs in the past and have been pleased with the light output. I knew this A37 bulb wasn’t quite the lumens of the bulb I planned to use. Basically I installed a barn style light with a motion detector added to it. The other bulb (corn style, 4000 lumen) would flicker when the light turned on. I tried two bulbs in two separate fixtures so I know it wasn’t a wiring issue. A small A19 1100 lumen worked but wasn’t bright enough. After looking at many options, I decided to go with the SANSI A21 27 watt 3500 lumen bulb (mainly because it was dimmable). I was very pleased with the light output. I also like the overall look of this bulb much more than a corn row bulb. Everything worked great once I installed these bulbs.

  2. Eugene N

    Really great quality, very neutral light color. Skin tones are more natural than the old incandescent bulbs that make everyone look yellow. Definitely much better than any fluorescent bulbs of the same spectrum. I think fluorescent always introduces a tinge of blue, no matter what, or red.Make sure you use an (Open) fixture, preferably frosted or dispersing type, and a dimmer! Definitely works for anyone who appreciates bright natural white light, but still wants to save on energy and if using a dimmer will get really good quality low light when needed.

  3. Tony NYC

    You MUST use these bulbs with a digital dimmer switch. If you don’t, they will dim but flicker as you dim and brighten. Glad I read that another reviewer mentioned this. So, I bought the digital dimmer and now it dims and brightens very smoothly. These suckers run hot. There’s actually a fan in each bulb if the bulb is on full brightness for awhile the fan kicks in. I’m using them base up which usually shortens the life of any light bulb since heat rises and the heat shortens the life of any bulb. So far so good, but I don’t own them long enough to comment on longevity. A little tricky to install. Shouldn’t be. It’s a light switch.

  4. Gabby

    It’s not quite as bright as we first thought it would be, however it’s still quite brilliant. If you put a lamp shade on it the efficiency goes down markedly, just like a regular bulb. So don’t be too hopeful if you think it will light up the whole house. I’ve purchased 5 of these, some with Daylight, some with a more yellowish tint. So here’s where personal prefs come in – you may want an incandescent color in some rooms, but daylight in others. Our rooms with lots of windows get the daylight version because it simulates what we get during the day. More cozy rooms like bedrooms etc get the 3k color to make it feel warmer and much less harsh. In any event, you’ll be happy with these. I’ve only had them like 6 months or so, so can’t really comment on longevity. But I think they’re here to stay for a long time

  5. Stop Using

    I purchased these to replace bulbs in an older home’s recessed ceiling fixtures with glass plate covers, after trying numerous other LED bulbs with high luminosity. This one left them all behind. The difference was, not to be ironic, like night and day. I’ve long-needed lighting in my upstairs home office that would help me continue to feel awake even when working late into the night, as well as help me feel alert when working through dreary winters, but we’ve not yet prioritized that area of the house with regards to remodeling and updating the lighting options. From the back yard, my husband commented that the radiance from my office now looks like I’ve either got an operating room up here or am experiencing an angelic visitation. I’ll take it. I wasn’t looking for a soft, warm, glow–I needed AWAKE ON DEMAND. And these bulbs deliver!! (Additionally, the dimmable component of these bulbs works seamlessly with our fixtures, so far.)

  6. Thomas W.

    With the changes to LED bulbs, it is hard to find 3-way bulbs with any brightness capabilities. So I bought these dimmer sockets (Antique Full Range Dimmer Socket Incandescent Lamp Holder 150 Watt 120 Volt Standard Base (Brass-1Pack), and converted my 3-way lights to these. Actually better lighting now that the original 3-way lights.

  7. Patrick Shannon

    I was looking for something bigger than a 100w equivalent and was really pleased to find these. The form factor is like a jumbo regular lamp bulb. This fit in 4 different fixtures with no problem. I did notice that there is a ring shaped shadow that is projected above the bulb. When covered with a shade it didn’t matter at all, but one of my lamps is open at the top and the shadow appears on the ceiling. Not really a problem for me, but something to note. The brightness and warm color tone of these bulbs is great. Warm white was consistent with other bulbs in the same room so no notable color variations. We use dimmer wall switches for most of these and the response was just fine. No detectable noise or vibrations, no flickering either. There is a short delay when you first flip on the bulb, maybe a half a second, before the light is visible. Not really long, just longer than I’ve observed with other LED bulbs.

  8. Steven Wells

    In my living room, I have two table lamps (with shades) that sit on either side of my seating arrangement. Each has a touch dimmer built into the lamp, which had previously contained a 300 Watt incandescent bulb. The Sansi LED bulbs are adequate for my particular situation, and I want to make clear that “adequate” does not mean that they barely handle the task.Positive: While not producing as much light as my incandescent bulbs, they are quite bright enough for lighting the room well and lighting anything that I’m trying to read. This is a subjective estimate; I have not used instrumentation to verify the claimed 3500 Lumens output.The Soft Warm White color balance is a little hotter than that of the incandescents, but still fine for my living room. That’s different from most high-output LED bulbs, which have a glaring daylight balance appropriate for lighting a machine shop, but not a living room.My touch dimmers are rated for 300 Watts, but 300 W bulbs push them to their limits such that they burn out after approximately five years of use. So I have to replace them. The LED bulbs are described as 250 W equivalent output, but are really only pulling 27 W. That won’t stress the dimmers at all. Also incandescent filaments running at dimmed power levels often vibrate, producing an obnoxious noise, but LED bulbs are silent at all settings.The LED bulbs will use less than 1/10 of the electricity the incandescents used.Negative: Beyond the mitigated issues mentioned above, the LED bulbs are pricey compared to large incandescents, though not compared to other high output LED bulbs. In my locale where electricity costs a fortune, the radically decreased electricity usage for my lamps should amortize the cost pretty quickly.The LED bulbs don’t turn on instantly. This surprises me because LEDs natively can turn on in a nanosecond. The bulb delays for about half a second, so when I give quick three taps, which fully lights incandescent bulbs, by the time the bulb/dimmer combination reacts, the bulb is only at the lowest setting. I’ll have to slow way down to wait for the initial light-up to occur before escalating the output.For my dimmers with incandescents, the three brightness levels were noticeably distinct from each other. For the LED bulbs, the lowest level is somewhat too bright.LED bulbs are very heavy, which might be an issue for some fixtures. For my lamps, the bulbs mount upright, which is fine.

  9. TBinNYC

    These are innovative bulbs and insanely bright. The ceramic heat sink design is unique and seems to allow such a high lumens density in a fairly normal sized, if slightly chunky is important to note that these bulbs torture the LEDs at their maximum current limit and a lot of heat is generated. The user absolutely must respect the instructions to never install these in enclosed fixtures. if you do , the clear plastic lenses will melt and the LEDs will burn out with little black dots on them. To avoid this you must use a fixture with a fairly open air design so the bulbs can cool properly.I did have a problem with a couple of the several bulbs I bought, and Sansi was great —refunding me the full price almost a year after purchase.I would recommend paying the small premium for the dimmable over the non-dimmable version, because they have better power factor, seem to have less failure rate, and you can run them below 100%, using a dimmer, to achieve much greater overall bulb life. They really shouldn’t be run over 75to80pct if you want them to last.Finally re pricing , these bulbs have mostly held their introductory high pricing level, while the competition has collapsed in price. They are only worth buying with a 15 or 20pct off coupon in my opinion.

  10. Prof Gadget

    When we moved into our new house one of my first tasks was to replace all the light bulbs with LEDs with a nice bright clean color temperature of 5000K (Daylight). For the master bedroom bedside lamps I needed LED bulbs that were a) As bright as possible; b) Standard fitting and size; c) 5000K color temperature; d) Dimmable;These bulbs were the best match I could find on Amazon that suited these criteria. They are bright and I can confirm that they work well with my Insteon plug-in dimmer switch.

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