SAIKUN Hydrogen Rich Water Cup, SPE PEM Technology Ionizer, with LED Smart Display Portable USB Rechargeable Ionized Water Generator

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✅NEW TECH Molecular Hydrogen Generator with DUAL CHAMBER technology; This WATER IONIZER comes with state-of-the-art technology based on Solid Polymer Electrolysis /SPE/ and uses PEM ionic membrane for maximum hydrogen retention. Getting rid of chlorine and ozone residue, you’ll be left only with hydrogen rich water.

✅The generator suit for distilled water, purified water, mineral water and tap water, Mineral water bottle can be installed directly on the host base. Perfect for making hydrogen-rich water at anytime, anywhere.

✅The most compact personal Molecular Hydrogen Water Maker with an Inhaler Adapter and Self-Cleaning mode is the best performing portable H2 water generator on the market.

✅LED smart display, hidden waterproof design, equipped with charger and charging cable, LONG PRESS FOR THREE SECONDS to turn on the power. The default electrolysis time is three minutes. Press again for 3 minutes to produce hydrogen, and the third times to display 6 minutes of hydrogen production.

✅Hydrogen-rich water can reduce toxic free radicals, thereby reducing the body’s aging and enhancing immunity.

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SAIKUN Hydrogen Rich Water Cup, SPE PEM Technology Ionizer, with LED Smart Display Portable USB Rechargeable Ionized Water Generator, with Inhaler Adapter, BPA-free/1000-1200ppb/ 400ml

The hydrogen-rich water cup can produce hydrogen, absorb hydrogen, drink hydrogen-rich water, and the set is equipped with a nano anion spray beauty instrument, which can replenish water and beauty at any time, and enjoy the principle of electrolysis using hydrogen water at any time.

Can be electrolytic Pure water, mineral water, plain water, distilled water! Product name: Hydrogen rich water cup Capacity: 400ml Water temperature: below 45 degrees Celsius Hydrogen concentration: 1000-1200ppb Potential value: -650-0mv Electrolysis times: 15 times (under full power) Charging time: 1-2 hours Color: transparent cup lid Material: High Boron Silicon Bottle body material: glass Cup lid material: ABS aluminum alloy Electrode material: platinum titanium SPE ion membrane Size: 68mm * 68mm * 245mm Concentration: once electrolysis, the concentration can reach 1000ppb-1200ppb, multiple electrolysis, the concentration can reach 1200ppb-1400ppb Use crowd: universal Function:

SAIKUN Hydrogen Rich Water Cup

Health Products include: Hydrogen Rich Water Cup glass mineral water hydrogen absorption transfer hydrogen absorption tube

Product Details:

1) The built-in sealing ring is made of food grade material to prevent leakage

2) Feel good, one button to start, easy to operate

3) The bottom soft rubber anti-slip bottom pad has a good anti-slip effect

4) Round and smooth, no wounds, more comfortable when drinking water

5) USB charging cycle Note: Please charge in the empty cup state

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Package Dimensions

10.67 x 7.91 x 2.91 inches

Item Weight

1.9 pounds






1 Product Specific batteries required. (included)

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3 reviews for SAIKUN Hydrogen Rich Water Cup, SPE PEM Technology Ionizer, with LED Smart Display Portable USB Rechargeable Ionized Water Generator

  1. mark

    Works great, just as advertised. Easy to use and well made. Hope the benefits from hydrogen water are as true as they say and I can notice the effects after long term use.

  2. Nicholas Arvinver

    I have this Saikun hydrogen bottle ionizer for about 5 months and it perfectly survived a very heavy usage so far – the goal was to discipline myself with self-hydration. Contrary to the other reviews the battery holds the charge perfectly well for numerous 6 minutes ionizing sessions per day, I guess in my case it is a hit. The body of the bottle is made of durable glass that didn’t react to me dropping it in on a concrete floor from the height of a driver’s seat, only a few cosmetic scratches on the lids which are no bother at all. I find that the taste of treated water depends on the hardness or softness of water you pour in, even if it’s filtered. So far no chlorine odor has been noticed. It’s a fun little bottle, that is visually appealing with its LED display and color-changing effect. Definitely a conversation starter. The manual suggests periodically cleaning the bottle by running it with a small amount of citric acid, perhaps this is what contributes to the proper work of this device. It comes with an additional chamber for inhaling the gas from ionization, it does make you breath deeper with much ease. For the price paid for this product, I couldn’t be happier with its functionality and visual appeal!

  3. luis m ramirezluis m ramirez

    It it’s good and works with everything but it’s easier to use a water bottle, It only works with the Evian water bottle 1 L!

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