Roundfire Premium 3 x 1 Litre – Bioethanol Fuel for fireplaces, Stoves and Burners (3 Quart)

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Price: $34.99

PREMIUM GRADE: The highest grade bioethanol available in the market today. Virtually odorless, it has a very subtle sweet undertone from the fact it is made from sugar beet plants. Perfect for all types of bioethanol fires both indoors and outdoors.

CLEAN BURNING : Smokeless, odorless and ash free, our economy bioethanol is a high purity 96% ethanol, with added denaturants as required by US law.

FIREPLACES, BURNERS, STOVES : Perfect for use with bioethanol fireplaces, trangia burners, spirit burners and cooking stoves which use alcohol spirits as their fuel source.

PLANT BASED PRODUCT : 100% plant derived, our bioethanol produces only CO2 and water when burnt, and has a very low carbon footprint.

TRUSTED : We’ve been producing fireplace products and fuels for over many years. Buy direct from an ethanol manufacturer and save on your regular fuel requirements.

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Brand: Roundfire


Roundfire Premium 3 x 1 Litre – Bioethanol Fuel for fireplaces, Stoves and Burners (3 Quart)


Bioethanol Fuel for fireplaces

bioethanol usa

safety pour bioethanol

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Package Dimensions

10.51 x 9.76 x 4.09 inches

Item Weight

5.94 pounds


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Date First Available

October 17, 2021

10 reviews for Roundfire Premium 3 x 1 Litre – Bioethanol Fuel for fireplaces, Stoves and Burners (3 Quart)

  1. suertelou

    I used this as fuel prior to starting a fire, and it worked great. The material caught quickly with just a little fluid. Pros:–Highly flammable–Burns clean. No odor–Competitively priced–Made from recycled materials Cons:–Highly flammable – definitely put it away before lighting the fire Neutral:–I am unsure if this is food safe I recommend this product. I will update this review if anything changes.

  2. Honest John H.

    I used it this morning in my indoor/outdoor alcohol fire pit and it performs exactly as expected. Burns clean with the appropriate duration for the amount used. I like the clever neck design with the flash arrestor built in for safer pouring. I am keeping most of this fuel for back-up and winter use. This is an excellent indoor fuel, especially for preppers and those off-grid.

  3. Robert Cox, NYC

    This fuel works perfectly in our mini fireplace. It seems to burn for quite a long time. There’s an ample supply with the three bottles. At Amazon’s current price of $27 (or $8.50 per bottle), it seems like the best value in fireplace fuel. I don’t notice any kind of scent or odor coming from this fuel. Highly recommended!

  4. Lyndsey Wilson

    Easy to use

  5. Mes. Mes.

    There is nothing like a family get-together with s’mores as dessert. Originally we were going to have a nice little campfire outside, but the weather was not agreeing with us so we brought the fun inside. Messing with flames and fuel inside can be a little nerve-racking, however this fuel pores easily with the arrester inside the bottle mouth to prevent splashes. Our roasted marshmallows had no weird aftertaste and there was no soot or smoke — just a very clean burn. When we finish this generously sized 3 pack, we will be buying more.

  6. Zero

    I’ve got a tabletop fire glass thing that uses this kind of fuel. It’s really neat for atmosphere and does put out a little heat but mostly light and atmosphere. I like this particular fuel for not having any odor and also for burning a long time.

  7. Lisa C.Lisa C.

    I purchased the Roundfire Premium 3 x 1 Litre – Bioethanol Fuel to use in my Roundfire Tabletop Fire Pit which I have outside on my deck. It’s easy to use – pour and light. It smells like rubbing alcohol but it does not smell when burning. I haven’t noticed any smoke either. And it makes a very pretty flame (see attached video). I’m pleased with this purchase!

  8. CoreyCorey

    We got gifted a table top fire bowl without any fuel, so when I saw a three pack of ethanol I jumped on it. For the price, you get a lot of fuel that should last us quite some time considering our fuel canister is not even a cup of liquid. It burns very cleanly with no smoke and lights instantly with a flame. I was surprised to see a flame this big, roughly 3-4 inches in height. These do have a child safe cap and a sealed tab to prevent any accidental opening. There is a limiter to help prevent over pouring the fuel. Time with tell how fast it will evaporate out of the fuel canister, ours does not have a lid so we have the extinguisher lid covering the opening. It may be better to just pour any remaining fuel back into the bottle.At the end of the day I am super happy with the value and cleaning burning flame I get in my fire bowl. When we do run out, which won’t be for a long time, I will be getting more of this.

  9. Diane JeterDiane Jeter

    I usually order Regal Flame bio ethanol fuel for my tabletop fireplaces but this Round fire Premium bio ethanol worked just as well and burned for just as long as the Regal Flame. I am very pleased and will purchase Round fire next fall and save a few dollars. Great product!!

  10. Amanda C.

    I ordered this to use with my little countertop fireplace or fireplace whatever you would like to call it. My favorite thing about it is the low odor. When you 1st open the bottle it smells similar to alcohol like vodka or tequila. It has almost no odor while burning however which is great because many other fuel sources have a gross chemical smell and this just doesn’t. This came with 3 fairly large bottles which will last quite a while I poured about a quarter cup into my little countertop fire pit and it burned for over an hour before I put it out. It seems to be safe maybe even to cook over as well which is an awesome bonus if you wanted to roast some marshmallows! Super happy that I went with this as our fuel source and I would definitely order this again. Highly recommend

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