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It’s true, they can be reused for many years, just as long as the gas is still in them. They could even last up
to 40 years? All is needed is a HV voltage DC power supply rated in the low milliamps.

You can buy the seat Neon shops or sign supply shops, or you can build your own by buying our #363-a Plans for $29.95, #378 plans for $9.95 or our #579 step up inverter plans for $40, these plans are the best to use and give you a lot of needed information.

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Reuse Fluorescent Bulbs PDF Download

Reuse Fluorescent Bulbs

Millions of dollars are being wasted each year.
Fluorescent light bulbs are discarded everyday as waste, but in fact they are
still reusable and can be relit. What a waste of Tesla’s invention.

You see the electrical apparatus inside the bulb burns out, BUT, NOT THE GAS!

The gas inside the bulb is still there and you can relight that gas. The gas
inside the bulb never dies it will last forever as long as the glass does not
break and you can reuse it for the rest of your life, now is that worth paying
$69 for a 10,000 volt inverter? ( Better yet build your own HV transformer or
step voltage circuit using our plans, See our web site under more plans. )
$69 divided by 50 years = $1.38 per year divided by 12 months = .11 ea.

To make the bulb relight all you have to do is apply a high voltage to it at a
high kHz with low amperage in the milliamps. You can use voltages as low as
1,000 and up to 15,000 volts ac. You can also use HV DC if you pulse the
DC through a Transformer or coil of copper coated wire. The amperage
should be in the milliamps, 15 ma or less. Less is better!
You can use a neon transformer from a neon sign shop or a high volt fence
power supply from any hardware store or farm supply house. But is much
cheaper if you learn how to build your own power supply.

NOTE : 9,000 volts is bright enough to light a room. Lower Voltages are
good for outdoor illumination for walk ways or for security purposes.

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