Rechargeable Light Bulbs ,VIVK Emergency Lights for Home Power Failure Indoor/Outdoor Illumination Battery Light Bulb, UL Listed, 9W

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Price: $9.99

QUALITY GUARANTEE: VIVK rechargeable emergency LED bulbs are made from high quality and environmental protection material. UL Listed (E499835), FCC and RoHS certification to guarantee world-class quality .Use it with confidence.

ENERGY SAVING: Our LED light bulbs can last for at least 18 years based on 3hrs/day of use. And the estimated annual energy cost is $1.08, the cost depends on rates and use. Replace your old incandescent bulbs for a brighter and more energy friendly home.

BRIGHT & COMFORTABLE: VIVK emergency light bulb has 800 lumens output under 120 volt AC mode, 60W equivalent and gives 500 lumens output under battery discharge DC model, 40W equivalent. No flickering, strobe or glares, soft on eyes and protect your eyesight.

MULTI-APPLICATION: The standard E26/E27 base make them fit for most lighting fixtures. You can use our LED bulb as an regular bulb for indoor lighting, like home, hotel, hospital, office and school etc. This LED bulb can be rechargeable and light up for 3-4 hours on a full charge. Therefore, it can be used as an emergency light when power outage and an flashlight outside in the night.

How to RECHARGE: Plug the rechargeable emergency light bulb into any suitable fixture and turn on the power. Then the light will be charged. Please feel free to contact us when you have any issues/problems with our emergency light bulbs. We will try our best to let you have a good shopping experience.

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Brand: ‎VIVK


Rechargeable Light Bulbs ,VIVK Emergency Lights for Home Power Failure Indoor/Outdoor Illumination Battery Light Bulb, UL Listed, 9W Daylight 5000K E26/E27 AC 100~240V

1They can be used like regular light bulbs , but can be taken out of the fixture and used without power when necessary.

How to Rechargeable Light Bulbs?

Plug the rechargeable emergency light bulb into any suitable fixture and turn on the power. Then the light will be charged.

How Does The Rechargeable Light Bulbs Work During Power Outage ?

When there is a power outage, switch on, the bulb will stay on as emergency led light, if witch off, the bulb will be off.




Why do you choose us?

Our factory has been engaged in the lighting category for many years, we can control the entire product selection and production process, have a strong background in lighting equipment, and have always been trusted and liked by customers. We have always adhered to high-quality service and good product quality. In the future, we will continue to work hard, not forgetting our original intention, and present better products to consumers!

You will never be left in dark again.

Are you still using traditional light bulbs? Are you still in a hurry because of the blackout at home?

No, those are no longer practical, now rechargeable emergency light bulbs are available and everyone should be prepared for this in advance, don’ t let the darkness ruin the good mood of family and children, and always create a safe and comfortable environment.

  • UL Listed: E499835
  • FCC certification
  • RoHS certification
  • Power: 9W

How to use Rechargeable Light Bulbs?


Touch the base of the rechargeable emergency light bulb with your finger and control it on/off with your own finger.


Plug the rechargeable emergency light bulb into any suitable E26/E27 fixture fixture, and control the bulb on/off through a switch, which is the simplest and most common form of home installation.


Screw the rechargeable emergency light bulb into our cap with a switch and hook, and then control on/off by opening our hat, which is more suitable for outdoor camping lights and other scenarios.

led bulb

led bulb

led bulb


This rechargeable emergency light bulb is widely used in indoor and outdoor lighting, such as restaurants, hotels, conference rooms, schools, offices, hospitals, factories, etc., as well as courtyards, parks, streets, camping, mountain climbing, summer camps, etc. all need accent lighting place.

led bulb

Additional information




Item Weight

‎4.2 ounces

Package Dimensions

‎5.47 x 2.87 x 2.76 inches

Item Package Quantity





‎240 Volts

Special Features



‎Ul_listed, Fcc, Rohs

Luminous Flux

‎800 Lumen


‎9 Watts



Date First Available

January 15, 2022

10 reviews for Rechargeable Light Bulbs ,VIVK Emergency Lights for Home Power Failure Indoor/Outdoor Illumination Battery Light Bulb, UL Listed, 9W

  1. Love Amazon

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     This light can be used a regular LED light bulb and be mounted in a lamp socket for daily use. One amazing aspect of this bulb is that it keeps on even when there is a power outage, as long as you flip on the light switch, and it will stay on for a few hours, which is very neat. During camping or outdoor events, this light comes very handy, you can take this bulbEven if you cut the power, as long as the light switch is at the “ON” status, the light will be on. Or, if you hold the metal base with your fingers, it will also turn on (when the battery is not drained), because in this case your body sort of creates a closed circuit for it as human body can conduct electricity. But if you put it in the lamp socket and turn off the switch (whether there is electricity or not), it won’t be turned on, why? Because it is no longer in the closed circuit status. Just be aware of that so you know what you will anticipate when you use it.Seriously the coolest thing I’ve ever bought on Amazon. we get severe storms, tornadoes, tropical storms and even hurricanes frequently. Power getting knocked out is a common issue. I bought the 2 pack and it is exactly as advertised and I wish I had known about these sooner. They’re just as bright as a regular light bulb and work in the same sockets. I will absolutely be buying more.

  2. EllenEllen

    I like how bright it is and the fact that it only draws 9 watts of power. It charges to full in 6-8 hours on most standard lamps and lasts 3-4 hours on its own. I like to use it as a flashlight when not in my lamp. Perfect for van life or camping! 🙂

  3. Amazon Customer

    The lightbulbs give out so much light and they are only 9w each! The convenient way to use the light bulbs by themselves during power outrage. What a great idea to have this around….

  4. Adriana

    once you turn it on the atmosphere totally changes, I am using it to do yoga I can relax more easy I am very happy with this product

  5. webrunner

    I love these! These help so much with the attic in the apartment we’re renting that doesn’t have wired lights!I kinda wish you could have a pull to turn on option but I am impressed that we don’t need an actual socket/wiring!! This will be such a big help organizing!

  6. Annie OakleyAnnie Oakley

    The only thing I don’t like about these bulbs is their size. A little large but other than that they are very cool. I just screwed it into my lamp and turned it on and it charged. Took the bulb out and screwed it into this other thing that came with it, hit the switch to turn it on and wallah, there was light. Very bright too. If you have a power outage you can carry it wherever you go. Heck, take it camping and fishing too. A lot of possibilities here. Update…lost power one night, while power was off this light turned back on. That was cool.

  7. Angelica

    This was great for my closet. The hook allows me to easily hang up anywhere. The brightness was great!

  8. DeBora K.

    These lightbulbs are amazing! They work very good and light up bright like any other bulbs. I enjoy the ideal of not wasting time to replace bulbs. When all you have to do is charge these up.

  9. julio

    These lights are very bright and have 2 ways to use. You can use them as a regular light bulb or as a stand alone light when the power is out. Also great for camping or any outdoor event where power is not available.

  10. Amazon Customer

    I expect this is going to be very useful during the outages we tend to get during the summer storms. It illuminates so much better than a flashlight. And, if your flashlights are like ours, when we find the flashlight the batteries are usually nearly dead. The ability for this bulb to stay charged (or recharge) when used in a standard light fixture so it is ready when needed was a strong selling point for me.

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