Rechargeable Battery Charger by Energizer, for C D AA AAA 9V Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries with LED Indicator

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  • Universal Battery Charger charges all standard rechargeable battery sizes (AA, AAA, C, D, and 9V)
  • Delivers a full-capacity charge to 4 AA batteries in 5 hours (times may vary by NiMH battery)
  • The LED light bar indicator alerts you to your batteries’ charging status
  • Charge 2 or 4 AA, AAA, C, or D, or 1 or 2 9V rechargeable batteries at a time
  • Built-in adapter and detachable cord allow for easy storage when not in use

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Brand: Energizer


Rechargeable Battery Charger by Energizer, for C D AA AAA 9V Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries with LED Indicator and Overcharge Prevention Function

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Product Dimensions

2.84 x 5.08 x 11.58 inches

Item Weight

0.96 ounces



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3 AA batteries required.

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

June 17, 2003




Energizer Batteries- Consumables

10 reviews for Rechargeable Battery Charger by Energizer, for C D AA AAA 9V Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries with LED Indicator

  1. AK

    Very versatile. You can charge pretty much all the most common size batteries with one unit. I love that it will identify a bad battery for you. That function helped me out with the very first time I used it. I had one that I had been wondering about; I thought I had charged this battery with a different (but harder to use) charger, and yet it wasn’t powering the item. So was it the item? The battery? Within seconds of plugging the battery into this charger, I knew that it really was a bad battery after all.

  2. B W

    My regular rechargeable batteries seem to charge quicker in this unit than my other ones. In addition, the batteries don’t seem to discharge as fast if left in the charger too long after charging. I really like the battery meters that show how far charged each set of batteries is charged. If I’m in a hurry, I can grab the highest charged batteries to use so I can wait for the others to finish charging.It can also charge pairs of AA or AAA batteries so you can fit more batteries in it at one time if the need arises. However, I bought some D cell adapters so I can use my AA batteries in my larger flashlights since D cell batteries cost more and the adapters can fit 2 AA batteries in them to help them last longer.I’ve been mostly using AA and AAA batteries, but my remotes and some other appliances use 3 batteries at a time. My other cheaper chargers could only charge pairs of batteries so I always had to leave a battery either charged or uncharged due to this. Now, I can finally charge the correct number of batteries at a time.

  3. Savannah

    Have not used it yet. i thought 4 batteries were supposed to come with it but i guess i was wrong but i will update when i do use!


    I’ve owned the $30 Tenergy smart charger and the $15 Tenergy charger.People complain that the lid is flimsy on this unit and it is, but so is Tenergy’s. I owned it so I know. The Tenergy charger started breaking almost immediately but never stopped working.Almost all of the same complaints I see about this Energizer charger is very similiar to every problem I had with the Tenergy smart charger. The Tenergy smart charger is $10 more however. Also, though it hardly matters, the Tenergy charger doesn’t look as nice as this one and the LCD screen on the lid is too easily broken on the Tenergy. The Tenergy charger was a bit noisy though I didn’t mind that too much.The $15 dollar Tenergy isn’t even worth mentioning. It’s very heavy and takes MUCH longer to charge batteries than this one. It is also not a smart charger so it’s on a timer which is most likely too little for your battery.Finally, I’ve only owned the Energizer charger for a day so I’ll have to update later on its longevity. The charger came in 22 hours though my shipping was two day. Also, the charger’s power adapter fits inside the charger when you’re not using it, which helps with storage. It’s light also which I like.Basically, all the larger chargers for D batteries are not very good, but at $20 a piece, this charger looks, feels, and does the job just a bit better than the rest and is cheaper also. I’m happy that I found this one to charge my 10000mah Tenergy D batteries.

  5. Matt Braun

    So many reasons to use rechargeable NiMH batteries over standard alkaline. Cost savings over time, reduce battery waste, convenience of not continually buying more single use batteries. I’ve been very happy with the energizer recharging unit and NiMH batteries. Just leave the batteries inside and they stay dust free and ready to go whenever you need them. Charges almost any size battery you could want. I’d recommend this product and get some extra batteries so you can swap them in and out with zero down time.

  6. Heaven Mecham

    This is frankly fantastic. I have been wanting a battery charger that can charge DD or C and this not only does those but AA and AAA as well. Thank you for selling this!

  7. Ivy Abey

    I’m glad I bought this to charge my batteries for my electronics. I compared the price of this and the other one in a popular store and this is way much cheaper. It charges both AA and AAA batteries. Very dependable charger!

  8. H. J. Matthews

    This is an outstanding charger. It’s not the cheapo wall unit that holds only four batteries. This Energizer Family Charger holds twice as many batteries, and many more types. Even better, it can deliver a different level of charge to different batteries of the same type – so it’s OK to charge your new Eneloop AA’s along side your exhausted Duracell AA’s. And those four fill just half of the charger. In the other half you can charge AAA, C, D, or even 9V batteries at the same time. And because it’s a closed-lid device, the batteries are all kept in a single place protected from dust and ready to go at a moment’s notice.Add the lid’s separate charge-level indicators for each individual battery, and this charger beats every other consumer-grade model I have owned or seen. It even beats the professional-grade models we use at work.So why are some buyers’ experiences negative? I’m convinced it’s the batteries themselves. I have been using rechargeables for six years now, enough to know that all batteries are not equal. One obvious difference is the milli-amp hours rating on the package. But as engineering tests have shown, the actual batteries delivered often don’t match that rating. But the most important factor isn’t shown on any measurable rating on the package. We consumers want batteries that hold their charge after charging and can be recharged over and over without degrading. Without going too depp into the technologies involved, I’ll state confidently that my Energizer and older-model Duracell rechargeable batteries fail to meet these expectations. Lots of people blame the charger, but it’s the battery. Eneloop is hands-down the best at meeting onsumer expectations, and with Eneloops in this Energizer charger one achieves the dream. White-topped Duracells rank second, if you get a good batch.One telling sign is a battery set that ships pre-charged. That’s a strong indication that the batteries themselves hold their charge for months, where lesser batteries hold a charge only a couple days after charging. This is true of my Energizer rechargeables even when I leave them in the charger for that “trickle”.So my experience before Eneloop and a decent charger was the anti-dream. I invested in rechargeables, but the family had no confidence. The charged batteries all lost their charges by the time they were needed. Whenever the family needed replacement batteries in a toy, flashlight, remote control, or video game, my only viable answer was “I’ll charge some overnight so you can use them in the morning”. Therefore the wife regularly bought conventinoal batteries so we’d always have a ready-to-go solution, meaning I was receiving on return from my investment in rechargeables.Now it’s all better. I have a dozen batteries upstairs ready for use immediately because they charged thoroughly and still hold their charge. We all have confidence in the current rechargeable solution, and we never buy conventional batteries anymore.In summary: If you want the best rechargeable battery experience possible today, get this charger with Eneloop batteries. If you can only get one or the other, the Eneloop batteries are the most important element. This charger is just a terrific addition to the capability offered by superior rechargeable batteries, primarily because it concurrently charges different batteries from different starting levels. The complete range of sizes is a huge plus, but only if you use rechargeables in all those sizes.

  9. Leeroy

    Is this tower of batteries and the fact that I can recharge the batteries is so helpful to me. In a storm where the power goes out you have to spend a fortune on batteries peris batteries. With this charger and the refrigerator and the rechargeable batteries I can continue to have light when I lose power and not have to worry about running to the store 20 times A-day

  10. Scot Griffin

    I bought this unit because I wanted rechargeable 9V batteries, but I have found it will also recharge batteries that my other Energizer charger says are “bad.” It is good to have a second opinion.

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