Rechargeable AA Batteries 1.5V 2600mWh USB Lithium ion Rechargeable AA Battery with USB Type C Charging Cable

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Price: $18.99

  • SWITCH TO RECHARGEABLE: Stop wasting money on standard alkaline AA batteries! Switch to our rechargeable lithium batteries for the same great performance. Reuse the batteries repeatedly. Be eco-friendlier and more cost-effective
  • Type C USB CHARGING: Directly plug a Type C USB into the input for quick and easy charging. Use the included cable to connect simultaneously connect 2 batteries to any USB power supply. Connect to an AC adapter, power bank or computer, and fully charge in around 1.5 hours. Long lifecycle will allow over a 1200 uses
  • LED INDICATORS: When charging, the red LED will blinks and will then LED remains on once it is fully charged. Conveniently see the charging status of each battery
  • LARGE CAPACITY: 2600mWh capacity provides sufficient power for a wide range of products. Perfect for controller, keyboard, mouse, toys, calculator, toothbrush and much more
  • CETIFIED SAFETY: Compliant with North American safety standards. CE, FCC and RoHs recognized safety for guarantee user and device safety,12 months warranty, If you meet any issues while you use our rechargeable battery, contact the service email on the box, you can get a brand new replacement for free.

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Rechargeable AA Batteries 1.5V 2600mWh USB Lithium ion Rechargeable AA Battery with USB Type C Charging Cable, High Capacity Fast Charge, 1200 Cycles Constant Output, Over-Charge Protection,4-Pack

smartoools rechargeable battery

Rechargeable AA Batteries 1.5V 2600mWh USB Lithium ion Rechargeable

Important Safety Information:

1) When inserting batteries into your device, please take care to match the right polarities (+ and – ends) marked on the battery to the device;

2) Batteries which are incorrectly inserted into devices may be short-circuited.

3) Our lithium batteries use the highest quality cells of the safest technology and pass 14 safety test, our batteries are safety and reliability.

4) Provide always Fresh new Power. Embedded with innovative technology, solid output 1.5 voltage from 100% to 0% electric capacity, providing constant voltage and best performance even in very heavy load.

Notes: The lithium aa battery is not suitable for high power flashlight. But you can choose our PULOMI USB Zinc Rechargeable AA Battery in our store, it will suitable.

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Package Dimensions

5.63 x 3.9 x 0.75 inches

Item Weight

3.52 ounces




4 AA batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

July 6, 2021



10 reviews for Rechargeable AA Batteries 1.5V 2600mWh USB Lithium ion Rechargeable AA Battery with USB Type C Charging Cable

  1. S.E. Poza

    I tend to use rechargeable batteries mainly in flashlights and remote controls or as battery back-up in digital clocks so I use them for relatively low power, long-term use. For those purposes, these batteries worked fine for me. I liked that they could be charged using a USB cable instead of a conventional chargers. The LED on the battery flashes to let you know that it’s charging and stay on if they are fully charged so there is an easy visual indicator of when charging is complete. I didn’t time the charging, but it did not take particularly long compared to a conventional charger.

  2. GBSM

    This set of rechargeable batteries are good for remote control toys. My kids are always in need of batteries for their remote controlled toys and the regular batteries will not last long. This batteries are for the rescue. They are quick to get charged and useful for long time reuse. These batteries comes with type-c cable and 2 batteries can be charged at a time. Batteries are little over priced at $18.99 when compared to other rechargeable batteries for a pair of 4.

  3. Rob

    I love these batteries for travel and I have placed them in all my portable mice so I never have to worry about charging a battery while I’m on a trip.Build Quality:These batteries seem to be of high quality and carry as much charge as a standard NiMH battery and do not seem to dissipate any faster than a normal NiMH battery (will update with further use)ChargeThey work great as rechargeable batteries but the real reason to get this is that you can charge them with a standard USB-C cable and not have to lug around a battery charger. The charge time did take a while longer than I expected on the first charge. These will not charge in a standard charger!Note About Cable:If using a USB-C , you should take care to use a USB-A to USB-C 5V cable not a power distribution port or USB-C to USB-C cable which may run at a higher voltage or current.

  4. Carl

    I got these for use in some remote controlled cars that I got for the Grandbabies. I knew they needed batteries and I also knew ( from having 6 grand kids) that it would eat batteries thus costing a fortune. So I invested in these and I have not been disappointed. I love that these last for a good long time and are simple to re charge. These use a USB to charge which I had not seen before but it works great. I assume it is because they are Lithium but regardless I will be getting some more to make sure I have a charged set ready when the other set runs down. For the money you can’t beat them and so far have worked wonderfully for what I need. Very satisfied.

  5. USA

    They charged quickly out of the box.Will have to update in the future if I run into any charge issues.I got these mainly bc of the USB-C port and not having to keep a separate wall charger around like the traditional batteries. I hope this is the future!

  6. Jinxt

    I ordered these to see if they would work out any better in my VR Controllers than the usual NiMH rechargables I’ve been using for a couple of years. The thing about NiMH batteries is that their nominal voltage is 1.2v – so even when your batteries are freshly charged, VR Controllers will very quickly realize that the voltage output puts them in the range of halfway depleted Alkaline batteries. These Li-Ion batteries hold a nominal 1.5v and have a circuit that keeps the output pretty consistent through the life of the charge. This immediately resulted in better VR tracking performance as my controllers no longer switched into power saving mode after a short time in game.If you have a VR setup, are using NiMH batteries, and have been less than impressed with your tracking performance, these batteries are a cheap way to see if your tracking issues are related to the NiMH batteries causing your controllers to function in power saving mode.I’m going to buy a couple more sets so there is always a fresh batch to load up.

  7. Alla

    Great batteries with considering feature of ecology. These batteries are larger in capacity considering regular lithium AA batteries, but also have a great feature of rechargeability with type C cable. It is facing since it only takes 1.5 hours to charge it. They also do hold longer and there is no degrading while not using. I noticed that in my flashlight which usually holds around 6 hours on regular AA 1.5V 1800mah capacity. This one is 1.5 times larger. There is no longer a need to get those huge boxes of disposable batteries which hurt our environment. Even though the price could be staggering, it is an investment for a green healthy future.

  8. Cat Martin

    I have a music keyboard that I like to practice on and it works with either a cord or with batteries. I like being cord-free so having high-powered rechargeable batteries helps me out. These work great in my keyboard so that I can take it outside with my adjustable height table and sit in my comfy patio chair with the keyboard at the right height (and no cord) for me to practice a few new songs when it’s nice outside. I like these USB rechargeables because I almost always have a USB charging port open somewhere in the house. Easy to get these recharged and back to playing music!

  9. The Doctor (Brad)

    Batteries charge and work like real batteries would do. No need to have a huge wall plug when these are done by a split usb c male input.

  10. L Parr

    Great portability and very small footprint! I love that you don’t need a charger for the use you nearly need to plug them in with a type C charger which I thought was very clever. They charged relatively quickly and lasted about as long as other similar rechargeable batteries. I found the convenience of not needing a separate charger to be a big plus and compensate for the price tag. My only concern is if the port that the charger goes into will hold out as long as the batteries themselves. But so far It’s fine.

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