Rain Barrel, DIY Kit, Made from Previously Used Food Grade Barrel, Upcycled, Recycled, 58 Gallon Size

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Price: $219.99

  • Used Food Grade Repurposed Recycled Plastic Barrel, previously used to hold olives
  • New brass spigot and new brass overflow valve
  • Easy on/off twist top lid with new plastic mesh screen
  • New downspout adapter included
  • Sealed with waterproof 100% silicone caulk

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Rain Barrel, DIY Kit, Made from Previously Used Food Grade Barrel, Upcycled, Recycled, 58 Gallon Size

By utilizing our Terra Cotta Rain Barrel for rain water conservation you can help the yourself and the environment! Our rain barrels will reduce your water bill and help control moisture levels around the foundation of your home. Rainwater harvesting works to reduce the volume of water flowing into sewer treatment facility and helps reduce urban runoff and runoff pollution which can contaminate nearby bodies of water. Additionally, our barrels are previously used, food grade drums that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Rain water can serve as a backup source of water during times of drought or between rain falls.

The “softer” rain water is also a healthier way to water the plants in your home and/or garden due to it’s highly oxygenated, salt and fluoride free properties. Our barrels are made from food grade drums meaning they produce safe water for all of your fruits, vegetables or other consumable plants! Features: *Plastic mesh screen for catching leaves, sticks etc. *Easy on-and-off twist top lid *Brass overflow valve (not installed for personalized placement) which can attach a garden hose to divert water away from home, link to another barrel, or create/connect a soaker hose to run directly through a nearby flower beds. *Brass Spigot (installed) which is sealed with waterproof 100% silicone caulk. *Downspout adapter: 2″x3″ white, Flex-elbow *Barrels range from 180-220 Liters. Dimensions range from 23-24″ diameter and 35-41″ tall. *Kit includes everything you need for set up EXCEPT TOOLS.

Our Rain Barrel’s specs…

Material HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), Brass, and 100% Silicone
Capacity 58 Gallons / 220L
Dimensions 22x22x41
Lid Type Removable 2-peice lid

Why choose mirainbarrel

When you buy a mirainbarrel, you are buying into a truly conscious community across North America who have picked the most durable and most committed rain barrel company around. We are here to help educate about rain water harvesting, we get involved and are dedicated to preserve our great lakes here in Michigan and all water, helping residents all over one barrel at time. You get the best customer support available for rain barrels, a passionate crew of like minded eco-rockstars that build these by hand and with love. We truly love the earth and thank you for joining us on our path to promote sustainability!

rain barrel one

Our DIY Kit Rain Barrel

We are committed to the environment so at each step in our manufacturing process we choose the sustainable approach, from start to finish all of our products are Sustainable by Design.

rain barrel one

Our signature mirainbarrel

rain barrel two

Rain Barrel with Rain Barrel Stand


Top View of Heavy Duty Plastic Mesh Screen


Setting up your mirainbarrel is well, simply a breeze! Easy as 1,2,3!

Additional information


Product Dimensions

22 x 22 x 40 inches

Item Weight

17 pounds





Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


10 reviews for Rain Barrel, DIY Kit, Made from Previously Used Food Grade Barrel, Upcycled, Recycled, 58 Gallon Size

  1. GJ

    Highly recommend. I researched many options and very pleased that I decided to buy this barrel. Very sturdy, easy to assemble and looks great. This will help greatly with my water flow run off and problem when it rains. Had a question after purchase and the owner himself called me. Best customer service ever experienced. You will be pleased with this product. Highly recommend.

  2. KMori

    I’m very pleased with this rain barrel!> The supplied brass spigot is of good quality and most importantly, I love that they thought to use one that is mounted with 2 screws on the outside (unlike my other rain barrels) thus eliminating the need to try to reach down inside to deal with washer and nut situation. Great idea!> A previous reviewer mentioned food residue/bugs. I’m pretty sure this was originally on olive barrel. I thought about rinsing it out but decided it didn’t seem to need it – at least not in January in Virginia. There doesn’t seem to be any residue inside or outside of it.> Instead of using the brass fitting that was included to fit a garden hose for the overflow, I chose to drill a 2″ hole and use 2″ tubing (corrugated-looking) that I had leftover from another project. It’s available by the foot at Lowes. If I’d already had a 1 7/8″ hole saw it might have been better to use that. The 2′ tubing provides for sufficient overflow. I drilled the hole 3″ from the top, down along the curve – realizing that that would limit the capacity, not being able to get full to the top before overflowing. Using a 4″ overflow pipe would decrease capacity even more – just something to consider.> The ‘walls’ of the barrel are 3/8″ thick! Very nice and sturdy! I have a similar one (olive barrel-type) that has lasted 14 years, so far, unlike 3 of thinner material that have cracked like eggs when frozen. I do plan to at least partially drain in super cold weather, but I’ve never drained the other olive-barrel one all these years.> All necessary fittings were included and were of high quality, along with an instruction pamphlet with extra handy ideas.I couldn’t be more pleased with it and I highly recommend this rain barrel.

  3. Alex C.

    This is the second rain barrel we have had. Love that this is BPA free and an up-cycled olive shipping barrel. Instructions recommended putting river rocks over the screen in the top to filter the water and keep mosquitoes from getting to standing water, so that’s what we did. Very easy to set up. We already had a built up platform to put it on, but you will definitely want to buy or build a stand for it. At first we were hesitant about the color, but it actually looks great in our side yard. Loved it so much, we already sent one to my sister for a housewarming gift. Note it did not come with the hoses seen in the picture (those are ours from prior barrel).

  4. Kerry Burkhardt

    I’m very pleased with this rain barrel. so pleased in fact, I bought a second one. Its not the cheapest rain barrel offered on Amazon, but that’s because its designed for function, not for cost. The cheaper models have a number of complaints about cracking and leaking. I don’t see that as an issue with this barrel. The barrel appears to come from Greece where it has been used as a container to ship olives. Therefore, it is designed to be high quality to support food-grade shipping requirements. It is very easy to assemble. The spigot at the bottom comes pre-installed, while the overflow connection at the top is optional (all parts are included, its simply up to you to install them or not).

  5. Belle Starr

    I am very pleased with this purchase. It replaces a tacky trash can I had been using to catch the rain runoff on my house(I don’t have gutters so I put it under a valley area of roof) I also purchased from Amazon theE.R. Wagner 2F00 Powder Coated 4-Wheel 55 Gallon Drum Dolly with Solid Polyolefin Wheel Casters, 1000 lbs Capacity Range, 6-1/2″ Height, to put the barrel on for easier maneuverability. The larger hole in the lid allows the water to flow easily into the barrel. I added a piece of finer screening material under the supplied covering for the hole.(it prevents the mosquitos from getting inside). I am very pleased with this setup. Supplier/seller help is fantastic.

  6. G. J. Ellis

    I love having a rain barrel. This one is very sturdy and easy to set up. I do recommend putting it on some bricks a little way above ground for easy use. I haven’t established it with a gutter system as my house does not have gutters (a lot of houses in the south do not), but it looks easy to do and will when I get gutters. Highly recommend.

  7. Kevin Tamel

    I originally submitted a review griping about the condition of the rain barrel out of the box. I sent a e-mail to Joshua, at Mirainbarrel. The response was immediate. Joshua sent out a replacement barrel at no cost to me. The replacement barrel is in excellent condition and I can hardly wait for it to rain. Knowing my luck … it will never rain again though.

  8. Mary

    Instead of hooking the rain barrel up to my gutters, I instead had it hooked up to the drip outlet of the air conditioning system. My plants love that purified water. I felt this was better than hooking up my gutters because my gutters get filled with leaves and little pebbles from my shingles.

  9. Warren A. Spence

    I had a similar rain barrel at my former house. The barrel is very durable compared to either wood or thin plastic barrels, so it will outlast the others. Also, in winter, it can better withstand damage from freezing, as long as it is not full. I particularly like the overflow spigot that you can insert near the top of the barrel, to direct any overflow back into the garden in a heavy storm rather than having it flood back out of the top of the barrel. The spigot near the bottom is convenient for draining off water from the barrel to water my garden when it is dry. This saves money compared to paying for expensive city water to keep my garden blooming. My only criticism is that I had trouble tracking the shipment to know when it would arrive.

  10. Strummer4Jesus

    We love these rain barrels. Even after being frozen solid, the rain barrel had no issues with leaks. We installed three of these with Oatey Mystic Water Collection System using very fine screen for hole on the top. No bugs, no issues. I used a brass hose elbow for overflow on two. One has never overflowed. Depends if Oatey is installed correctly.

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