Power Strip Tower Surge Protector, SUPERDANNY Desktop Charging Station, 10 Ft Extension Cord, 9 Outlets, 4 USB Ports, 1080 Joules

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【Multi-Outlets】This worldwide voltage outlet extender features 9 AC outlets and 4 smart-charging USB ports (max 2.4A/port, 4.5A shared) to power multiple devices like for iPhone, iPad, Kindle, AirPods, and more.

【Guardian of Valued Devices】To protect you and your valuable electronic devices, this universal power socket has advanced multifunctional protection technologies including surge protection (1080J)/over-current/over-voltage/overload/overheat/short-circuit protection, plus an ABS + PC fire-resistant casing, rating: UL94 V-0, the highest fire resistance level, safe to use.

【Master Switch】This energy-saving power strip tower with USB ports has a master switch (wireless charging not compatible) on the top, easier for you to manage all connected devices, no more plugging & unplugging hassle!

【Space Saving】With the vertical design, this compact surge protector tower can fit in limited spaces and has a small footprint, perfect for desktop use to help reduce cord clutter.

【Power Anywhere】Our heavy-duty charging tower features a 10 ft extension cord to offer you more charging flexibility, powering your devices anywhere.

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Power Strip Tower Surge Protector, SUPERDANNY Desktop Charging Station, 10 Ft Extension Cord, 9 Outlets, 4 USB Ports, 1080 Joules, 3-Prong, Grounded, Multiple Protections for Home, Office, Black

super danny power strip

Power Strip Tower Surge Protector, SUPERDANNY Charging Station

dual voltage power strip

surge protector with USB port


power strip with 9.8ft extension cord

Power Strip Tower Surge Protector, SUPERDANNY Charging Station

It is a busy afternoon, you are burying yourself in work. And, suddenly you are interrupted by a rumbling thunder, you ‘wake up’ from work and feel anxious. You worry about your valuable electronic devices might be damaged by such a horrible thunder since you didn’t unplug them. But, you can’t go home and check and you’re in no mood to work again.

  • Surge Protection
  • Lighting Protection

Safety Ensured by Multiple Protection

YES, You Need a SUPERDANNY Surge Protector Power Strip.

  • Reset Button

A red reset switch is built in the base of this power tower, which will automatically cut off power when overloaded or shorted. Press the reset switch after it cools down to restore power.

  • LED Indicator

The LED indicator will flash if the USB ports are overloaded. When it happens, please disconnect some of the devices and relocate them to the AC outlets with their adapters to restore the USB ports.

  • Over-current Protection
  • Over-voltage Protection
  • Overload Protection
  • Overheat Protection
  • Short-circuit Protection

USB power strip

1382℉ Fire-resistant Material

To safeguard you and your electronic devices, this Multi plug USB surge protector is made of fireproof material ABS + PC, rating: UL94 V-0.

power socket with USB

Master Switch

To save your effort of plugging & unplugging power cords, this surge protector power socket has an energy-saving master switch to turn it on/off at an easy press.

Also, the applied voltage of this vertical power outlet with a 9.8ft extension cord is 110-240V. You can travel to various countries and regions without worrying about voltage issues. It’s OK to use in America, Europe, Australia, and most of Asia. (Please note that the top button of the power tower is just a master switch, NOT a wireless charger.)

surge protector power outlet

Built-in Circuit Breaker

There is a reset switch for short-circuit/surge/overload protection, and up to 1080 Joule lightning protection to protect you, your devices, and your home. When this 9-outlet multi-plug is overloaded, it will automatically power-off, so that your expensive devices will not be damaged. After that, you just need to re-set the red button, the power strip will instantly turn on again!

power strip tower with USB

Cable Tie & Skidproof Feet

We care about the needs of our customers! We specially offer a hook & loop fastener as a gift to help you organize this 9.8 ft extension cord better.

Moreover, this power strip with high-speed USB ports has 5 thicker skidproof mats made of high-quality material. Their anti-skid effect is much better than other thin sponge pads. With these, this worldwide voltage extension cord would not slide around or scratch the furniture.

A Wide Range of Application

surge protector with high speed USB


The most useful office power station ever! With 9 AC outlets and 4 high-speed USB ports, you will worry no more about not having enough sockets. This 10A surge protector tower with USB ports can power up your computer, laptop, printer, fax machine, phone, and other electronic devices in your office without taking up much space.

extension cord with high speed USB

Living Room

Multifunctional desktop charging hub! This 9.8ft USB surge protector with multiple sockets would be a great helper in the living room. When friends visit, no one’s going to look around for an outlet to charge their devices. Everybody can have fun without low-battery anxiety. Also, you can power up your lamp, humidifier, air purifier, sweeping robot, etc.

outlet extender with high speed USB


With multiple sockets, this fireproof power outlet is ideal for the kitchen! Plus, it’s made of heavy-duty cord, 10 Amps high current carrying capacity, you can power your toaster, juice machine, coffee machine and so on in the kitchen. Also, you can charge and enjoy your video time on your phone or tablet in the kitchen while cooking.

power socket with high speed USB


Perfect nightstand power strip! You can place this extension cord with USB on your bedside table to charge your phone, tablet, night lamp, or any other device you may have. This compact power strip doesn’t take up much space but makes your desktop tidier.

Additional information


Product Dimensions

5.5 x 5.5 x 6.1 inches

Item Weight

1.62 pounds



Date First Available

April 30, 2019



10 reviews for Power Strip Tower Surge Protector, SUPERDANNY Desktop Charging Station, 10 Ft Extension Cord, 9 Outlets, 4 USB Ports, 1080 Joules

  1. Jason

    Pros:1) switched power helps avoid vampire energy draw2) provides more than enough outlets (9)3) integrated USB power4) compact design allows unit to be placed out of the way but in an accessible area such as on the corner of a deskCons:1) feels cheapI have an electrical outlet behind a workstation I would use for several purposes which would require me to plug an unplug different devices on a routine basis. I ran a power strip on the floor to the plug but this is only convenient for items that will remain plugged in, so this power strip allows me to keep power accessible on my workstation but out of the way of actual work. The only drawback, which doesn’t affect the product’s purpose, is the cheap feeling plastic. It’s like a lower grade plastic than a typical power strip but not an issue for me.

  2. Maria Buelo

    I wanted something that was more convenient and was less bulky than a power strip. Plus I could easily have access to. So I went searching on Amazon as I came across this product and liked what I read about it. It has a lot more usb ports (it has 4) than a power strip, more outlets (9 of them), it’s small and portable, it’s fire proof, and it’s easy to turn on and off simply pushing the button down on top. Oh it even has a feature of a built-in circuit breaker. There is a reset switch for short-circuit/surge/overload protection. This device will automatic power-off if it is overloaded. I could go on and on the it. Talk about a great convenient device. I am happy to say that I am glad I found it and purchased it. Packaging was superb and fast delivery.

  3. D P

    I had started researching tower power strips once I came across them searching for a new power strip. There are a lot of different brands to choose from and prices. I wanted to stay around the $20 range and get what I thought was a quality item. During my research I saw a review for a brands tower strip mentioning ant eggs(I think it was ant) inside, that was an automatic No! When I stumbled upon SuperDanny brand I thought it looked similar to some other brands (Beva) thinking maybe it’s a generic model that brands put their stamp on it to make it their own. That’s not important to me so long as it works. SuperDanny didn’t have many reviews but they were all positive. When I got the tower strip, it came in a plain white box with an image of the tower and specs with a barcode sticker and SuperDanny name. It’s not a very heavy item but it has a dense enough base to prevent it from tipping over. I have been using it since late December and have had no problems with it. Have seen reviews from other brands stating that the the tower they bought from that brand had fried their electronics. That was a fear of mine when I bought this. Thankfully that has not happened. I tested the tower on devices that were not expensive to see if that would happen, and it did not.I highly recommend this tower power strip.

  4. Shauna Miller

    I haven’t been using this long, but so far, so good. My daughter is on a lot of medical machines and I need something that can handle it all. Plus, her bed is set up in the living room, right next to the kitchen, and with only two outlets and one being taken by the a/c unit, I need it to handle kitchen stuff too. There’s currently a ventilator, vent heater, suction machine, pulse ox, and oxygen concentrator (not running currently) plugged into it, plus a toaster, microwave, and toaster oven. It’s handling all of it just fine!

  5. Johnny Thompson

    Works great at my desk at work. Didn’t need all of the outlets but 4 charging USB ports is a great feature. I’ll charge my personal laptop, work laptop, phone, watch and high capacity backup battery (uses two charging cables) all at my desk. Have not had any issues so far and the product has never felt warmer than cool to the touch in use.Bottom line, I’m happy I found it, price was great and the product has been a welcome change to a power strip. Highly recommended for anyone who uses a lot of mobile devices.

  6. Bob Lewis

    There’s really not a lot to say about a power outlet. Either it works or it doesn’t. This one does. I particularly like that it has 9 outlets and 4 USB outlets and the long cord, allowing me to power one of my entertainment centers by routine the cord behind some bookcases to a distant wall plug. Otherwise, there’s not much to set this apart from other outlets, but it gets the job done and the longer-than-average cord is a definite plus.

  7. Stephanie Anderson

    This is a great charging station and all the options for plugging in are wonderful! If it quits working there is a little red reset button that should be pressed before thinking that there is something wrong with it. This company was very understanding with my concern and went above and beyond to ensure that I had a tower that would work properly. The error I made was 100% my fault so I am truly grateful that they took the time to reach out to me and help. This is the kind of customer service that will earn my loyalty and future business!

  8. Mary H.

    It’s way more convenient and I really like the usb since almost all small fans are usb now.I had a health mate jr. Air purifier plugged into it but it got a little warm so I plugged the health mate directly into outlet…that’s what u r supposed to do anyway lol.Now I have Bose CD radio, electric Fan, small holmesair purifier, 2 lights plugged into it and it doesnt get warm.It comes in a cute box with rope handles that I don’t want to throw away.It’s pretty sturdy but hey…plastic body.The outlets are a harder material.Got it bc copper. Blue is pretty.

  9. Amazon Customer

    I really like this product because I can attach a lot of the computers and accompanying hardware in one location without adding more cords. I do wish the cord were longer so I could “hide” it elsewhere on my work area. I like the thickness of the cord because it seems like it’d be a great protection against electrical surges, but it is so thick that I can easily put it into a small area because the cord doesn’t bend. But that’s okay because the good far outweighs the “meh” parts.

  10. MamaMMamaM

    I just wrote a big flattering review about this thing and went back to take pictures and review did not save >:|Anyway, long story short:1. Nice long cord2. Plenty of plugs/ports3. Nice color4. Doesn’t take up much space5. Would get some for family next Christmas6. Even the box it came in was nice!!

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