POWER QUEEN 12.8V 200Ah LiFePO4 Battery, 2560Wh Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery, 4000+ Cycles, 10 Years Lifespan

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Price: $647.99

  • 【Automotive Grade Battery Cells & Upgrade 100A BMS】 Power Queen 12.8V 200Ah LiFePO4 battery has exceptional quality since it is manufactured by 8 Automotive Grade LiFePO4 Cells with higher energy density, more stable performance & greater power. With the built-in 100A BMS to protect lithium batteries from overcharge, over-discharge, over-current, over-voltage, overload, and short circuit unexpected situations. Highest-level safety, nontoxic, renewable energy, eco-friendly for environment.
  • 【100% DOD Lithium Power & Long Service Life】Power Queen 12.8V 200Ah LiFePO4 battery provides 100% depth of discharge (in 1C discharging). Low self-discharge rate and low-capacity loss. Providing sufficient energy for multi-application. Our Rechargeable 12.8V 200Ah lithium battery provides 4000+ cycles (10 times longer) & a 10-year lifetime compared to 200-500 cycles & a 3-year lifetime in lead-acid battery, and provides 2000 cycles longer than other LiFePO4 battery 200Ah on the market.
  • 【3 Times Higher Energy Density】Power Queen 12.8V 200Ah LiFePO4 battery is not only much lighter and more powerful than lead-acid battery on the market, but also provides 3 times higher energy density. For example, the energy density of Power Queen 12.8V 200Ah lithium battery is 53.02Wh/lb (2560Wh/48.28lb=53.02Wh/lb), While comparable 12V 200Ah lead-acid battery is 18.60Wh/lb (2400Wh/129lb=18.60Wh/lb), Which means our 200Ah lithium battery is great replacement of 200Ah lead-acid battery.
  • 【Eco-Friendly Energy & Save 1/2 Power Fees】Power Queen 12.8V 200Ah LiFePO4 battery provides 4000+ cycles times and 2560Wh energy, which means our 200Ah lithium battery produces 10240kWh (2560Wh*4000 cycles times=10240kWh) in its 10-year lifespan, which means you will save 1/2 of power fees compare with using the utility power. Our LiFePO4 batteries are widely use for solar system, RV trip and outdoors activities, you could enjoy self-reliant colorful life when using the battery in solar source.
  • 【5-Year Warranty & 24 Hours Timely Service】Power Queen provides a 5-year warranty for our batteries. We’re struggling to provide the safest batteries and the most professional service to every customer. If you have any questions, we’ll offer one-on-one technical support to analyze consumers’ problems within 24 hours. Note: The battery cannot be used as a starting battery. If you are not sure that, please contact customer service for relevant information.

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Brand: ‎Power queen


POWER QUEEN 12.8V 200Ah LiFePO4 Battery, 2560Wh Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery, 4000+ Cycles, 10 Years Lifespan, Used for Solar Off Grid, RV Camper, Home Energy Storage, Power Failure Supply

POWER QUEEN 12.8V 200Ah LiFePO4 Battery

POWER QUEEN 12.8V 200Ah LiFePO4 Battery

POWER QUEEN 12.8V 200Ah LiFePO4 Battery
12V200Ah Lifepo4 Battery
12V200Ah Lithium Battery

Additional information



‎Power Queen

Item Weight

‎48.3 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎20.5 x 9.37 x 8.54 inches

Country of Origin



‎1 Lithium ion batteries required.

Manufacturer Part Number



‎12.8 Volts (DC)



Date First Available

August 3, 2021

10 reviews for POWER QUEEN 12.8V 200Ah LiFePO4 Battery, 2560Wh Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery, 4000+ Cycles, 10 Years Lifespan

  1. Cat Martin

    I have a pair of 12V, 200watt solar panels joined together and attached to this battery plus three other 12V Lithium batteries. Granted, the Amp Hours (10) on this battery (and the others I have are similar) is not high, I am experimenting with building more of an emergency system that works better than the $300 power stations that are being sold. The reason is the watts those power stations are rated at – not one typical appliance in your home aside from say, a laptop, could be powered with a $300 power station as most are rated at 300watts or less. I even bought a small electric pot thinking I could use a power station with it to heat water, soup, etc. but then realized it is a 600watt electric pot! So, back to the batteries here, I hooked up my solar panels and a 30amp battery tender so I could see how fast I sucked the juice from the batteries when I used a 12V, 2000amp inverter to plug in my electric pot. Considering the pot is only 600watts, it really didn’t seem to suck too much power from the batteries before my soup was hot, so for my first test, this (and the other Lithium batteries) battery are helping me to figure out and refine my own emergency power on a budget.

  2. Luke Orem

    Works great in Solar setup for my work van

  3. LungMei

    I have another lead acid battery that is only 9 amp hours, and it weighs at least DOUBLE what this one does. This is a little bigger in width than that battery, but not by much. I got this for one of my kayaks to power the fish finder, and it’s perfect. I like that it’s waterproof, because it will get wet, even being inside the kayak. Sometimes water gets in, and I need this to be sealed so that’s a plus. I’m very happy with this battery’s output for it’s size and weight. Absolutely perfect for my needs. It’s not cheap, about 4x the price of the lead acid battery, but for the extra power, being waterproof, and so light, it’s worth every penny. I think the price is very comparable to others in it’s class.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Hooked two battery together 100 amps total of 200 amps to a2500 Watt inverter with 2 have wire battery’s trip atz10 volts. Any way to stop this problum

  5. Striderking

    Much better life than old lead cells and way lighter.

  6. David Rocks

    This is a very modern and compact high energy rechargeable 12V 12.0 Ah Sealed Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Deep Cycle long life battery. I loved the light weight (~3.5 lbs) which is unbeatable versus other battery types. The built in “Battery Management System” (BMS) will according to the seller “protect it from overcharge, deep discharge, overloading, overheating and short circuit, and excessive low self-discharge rate ensuring up to 1 year maintenance-free storage.” That’s way better than a standard Lithium rechargeable cell or any lead acid sealed or wet cell type deep cycle battery. Plus this type of lithium rechargeable battery can be deeply discharged without harm as the built in circuitry of the BMS cuts off the current flow when the voltage reaches a low cutoff limit.This has a great deal of usefulness for my devices needing a lot of 12V power as it has a big 12 Ah capacity with very low self discharge ( seller says about 2% a month) and can be depended upon to hold a charge and maintain 12V output over most of its power range until it has 95% of its charge depleted. I can use this for emergency power for lighting that can function on 12V when the mains (110V AC) are off. It will fit many 12V battery powered devices, check size and fit first of course. Superb!The 12.0 Ah capacity can be extended if I wish by adding a same cell in parallel (or series to an extent to double the voltage – 2 is usually ok). The BMS features I cannot get using sealed lead acid batteries of any style or brand. This has up to a 10 Year life expectancy and uses top quality LiFePO4 cells per the seller. They state this can be cycled (discharge-recharge) as many as 4000 times which is amazing!I Recommend this Power Queen Brand 12.8V 12Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate LiFePO4 Battery, IP65 Waterproof, Deep Cycle Battery with Built-in 12A BMS & 4000+ Long Cycle Life Perfect for Kid Scooters, Power Tools, Marine Boats. This is a professionally engineered and manufactured deep cycle battery at a good price for my uses.I hope you’ve found the information and my review helpful.

  7. Jason Ford

    I purchased one of these batteries when they were having a 25% off sale. $599 for a LiFePo4 100ah battery is a great deal. The battery shipped quickly and the seller provided shipping status updates to let me know that they were encountering some logistics delays. Despite this it still arrived before the estimated arrival date and in pristine condition.I ran a capacity test and this battery actually came back at 110ah and a steady 13.13v! I’ve been using this for the past several months as part of a 300ah solar charging system for my RV and the battery has been rock solid. I would gladly purchase another one of these batteries for future projects.

  8. Jeff & Wendy S

    I’ve got several of these, all with different names on them, but I suspect they all came from the same factory as they are identical – two of them even use the same instruction manual.I use these with little inverters to run small devices and applicances and also carry a lightweight bank of them as a back-up in case my RV batteries go dead.While it would take several of these to replace a standard lead-acid car battery, they are very compact and lightweight. You can connect up to four in parallel or series to get more voltage or capacity. They can be discharged deeper than lead-acid, and can be recharged many times more over their lifetimes.Just be aware that you need a charger that’s specifically designed for LiFePO4 batteries. Without it, you could damage them, and you will get no more power out of them than you would with a lead-acid.

  9. trbizwiz

    My daughter has a Barbie camper, made by powerwheels. She drives it around our neighborhood, like a little mommy with a pink minivan. She picks up her girlfriends, and they go back and forth to each others homes. I get a chuckle every time I lookout our back door, and see her minivan across the alley in a neighbors driveway. Our neighborhood has a unique design, that puts our garages in the back of our house, and there is a common private alley, between us and the neighbors behind us. Everyone has a very long driveway in their back yard. It makes for very safe riding for little kiddos. All of this means we need a couple of strong batteries, so one can be charging while the other is running the minivan. This 10aH battery has great run time, and fits the battery box well. It is a bit longer than the OEM battery, but still fits in there. This battery has the power to run our powerwheels at max speed capacity for a 12 volt. I did have to put a Powerwheels wiring harness on it. But those can be sourced here on Amazon for under $10, and they clip on this battery with no modification.Lithium batteries do not like to be over charged, or stored at 100% charge. this will reduce the life of a lithium battery. lithium iron batteries can tolerate this more than other types or Lithium batteries. But You might consider getting a battery tender, rather than using the included powerwheels charger.

  10. D. Thomas

    Bought this battery to use in my office and protect my computer and keep modem and router running. I used the RV techonology (converter, inverter and large LIPO battery). The battery is so light it’s hard to imagine its power. I’ve tested it, and it runs perfectly. No more ICE STORM rolling blackouts for my Computer!

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