Portable Charger, ZONHOOD 38800mAh Solar Power Bank Fast Charging, 10W Wireless QC3.0 22.5W PD 20W, External Battery Pack

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Portable Charger with Large Capacity: 38800mAh Li polymer provides 9 full charges for iPhone 12, 8 full charges for Samsung Galaxy S8, 5 full charges for mini tablet. 1.05 lb weight, outdoor enthusiasts favorite camping supplies.

Fast Recharging: Type-c input & output support PD 20W bidirectional fast charge, fully recharge power bank in 6.5 hours with a 20W charger; Built-in USB-A input QC3.0, offers QC 22.5W to fully recharge power bank in 6.5 hours, the real on-the-go portable phone charger.

Wireless Charger: 10W wireless charge fits for iPhone, Android and other cell phones (qi enabled), makes your charging being so easy.

Built-in 3 Cables: USB-A 22.5W input cable, type-c 20W output cable, and PD 20W output cable, (Micro USB cable not embedded). Just need 40 minutes to full charge for iPhone 12, and you can charge 5 devices simultaneously, no worry about cables when go out.

Ultra Bright Led Flashlight: Installed 3 strong led beads, 9W 680 Lumen 50H working time, long range focusing lighting cup reach 350 FT clear range (strong/ soft/ SOS/ strobe four modes), helps you send emergency signals. Great for outdoor camping, hiking, fishing, cycling, machine tool and more.

Kindly Remind: The 1.76W (5.5V/320mA) 15.4×7.9 cm mono-crystalline solar panel as a backup power solution, it is influenced by geographic latitude, altitude, weather, season, atmospheric mass. So please charge your power bank with wall charger in daily.

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Portable Charger, ZONHOOD 38800mAh Solar Power Bank Fast Charging, 10W Wireless QC3.0 22.5W PD 20W, External Battery Pack with Built-in Type C and USB 3 Cables 5 Outputs, for iPhone Android

Power bank QC3.0 22.5W PD 20W

Portable Charger, ZONHOOD 38800mAh Solar Power Bank Fast Charging

Portable Charger, ZONHOOD 38800mAh Solar Power Bank Fast Charging

Only need 6H/ 6.5H to full charge

Portable Charger, ZONHOOD 38800mAh Solar Power Bank Fast Charging

Super bright 9W 680 lumen 350FT flashlight

Ultra Bright Led Flashlight

Built-in output Type-C cable

Installed Type-C cable


  • Built-in output Type-C cable, provide 5V/3A power delivery for Android cell phone and other smart phones.

Built-in output PD cable

Installed PD cable


  • Built-in output PD cable, provide 5V/3A, 9V/2.3A, 12V/1.5A(PD20W) power delivery for iPhone 12, iPhone XR etc.

Built-in USB-A input cable

Installed USB-A cable


  • Built-in USB-A input cable, compatible with 4.5V/5A, 5V/4.5A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A (22.5W) input power for this power bank.

Portable Charger, ZONHOOD 38800mAh Solar Power Bank Fast Charging

Power indicator


  • With wireless/ power remaining/ solar charging indicator, you can clearly know the status of the solar power bank, easy to use.

Wireless charging

Wireless charging


  • Put your phone (QI enabled) on the wireless charging area, 7.5W for iPhone series, 10W for Samsung series, quick charge your phone.

Waterproof solar panel

Waterproof solar panel


  • The 1.76W (5.5V/320mA) solar panel is IP65 waterproof, anti rain and dust, but please don’t immerse the solar charger in water.

Hang on the backpack, travel with you.

Portable Charger, ZONHOOD 38800mAh Solar Power Bank Fast Charging

Additional information


Product Dimensions

6.7 x 3.5 x 1.2 inches

Item Weight

1.05 pounds



Item model number



1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Other display features




Included Components

Built-in USB cable input, Port Type-C 20W MAX input and output, Built-in ios cable output, Built-in type-c cable output, Solar charging 4 modes LED light, Port USB A1 22.5W MAX output, 10W QI wireless


Dongguan Xionel Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

Country of Origin


Date First Available

August 17, 2021

10 reviews for Portable Charger, ZONHOOD 38800mAh Solar Power Bank Fast Charging, 10W Wireless QC3.0 22.5W PD 20W, External Battery Pack

  1. Sunny

    What I like most about the battery pack is its durability. We went out on our boat last weekend and ran into some heavy rain on the way and the power bank got wet. I was thinking that it has broken, but i was surprised it still worked perfectly after we drying it.I like that it has 2 USB charging output ports because i was able to connectmy phone and a speaker without using the boat’s battery!It is a good size, not too big or heavy, and since it can charge via usb or solar it easy to keep charged.The flashlight is very bright, so Im keeping this one on my boat for sure in case of emergencies as well.

  2. Thomas L. West III

    Build quality is outstanding. Extremely high quality case, buttons, cables, lights, etc.. It would surely pass mil-spec qualifications. I am amazed they can sell this device for this price. I haven’t used the solar recharge aspect yet, or the wireless charging.Note that the power cable to charge the portable power supply was NOT supplied, but I used my TYPE-C charger from my Amazon HD10 Tablet which plugged into the rubber covered TYPE-C connector on the right side of the unit.There were no written instructions included, but after a detailed inspection of the unit itself, it’s pretty self explanatory. To turn on the light, press and hold the orange button on the bottom side, then single-click the orange button for other ‘light’ modes (1:Bright Light, 2:Dim Light, 3:Fast Blink, 4:Slow Blink, 5:Light Off). Also, the only “input” is the charging power TYPE-C connecter noted above. The other ports/cables are outputs and/or bi-directional.

  3. Jing

    This 38800 mah portable charger is really awesome The battery life is Takes 5 days run out. I had got this for 3 days camping with my kids , charge device while charging the bank too😊With wireless/ power remaining/ solar charging indicator, I can clearly know the status of the solar power bank, easy to use.Fast Recharging: Type-c input & output support PD 20W bidirectional fast charge.

  4. Bee Rad

    This is a surprisingly robust charger. I took it on a weekend trip and it basically charged itself by just sitting in the sun. Charged my phone multiple times as well as a portable speaker twice without even going down past 90% according to the LEDs on the side. Comes with a little strap and instructions.I had two of the people I was with ask where I got it and how much it was because they liked it so much.Pros:-PD output and input for quick charging-Solar to top up the battery pack for long days or camping-Wireless charging if you set your phone on the solar panelLOTS of ports and the cables built in is awesome. It has a Type A USB port in case your cable is older or proprietary.-Easy to read LEDs on the side.-Nice form factor and seems durable.-Huge capacity.-Has a very bright flashlight (you have to hold the button for 3 sec to prevent accidental operation).Cons:-Not much really….I mean in a perfect world it would be able to jump your car also but that is probably asking too much.

  5. Amanda S.

    I have been investing in power banks and solar power banks for a little bit so I finally decided to get one that was a little bit more expensive. This thing is amazing. It has plugs to be charged by a USB-C. It has a nice out port port where you can put any USB plug-in. But it also has built-in ports for a iPhone 8 and call me a USB, and another one I’m not quite sure what it’s for. It also has a built-in flashlight. It also has a solar panel so it can be charged multiple ways. It came 3/4 charged already. So I finished charging it and put it in my hurricane/disaster been. I am absolutely happy with it. The flashlight is nice and bright. I tried to take a picture of it but it messed up the camera. It is a little heavier than the other ones but other than that I actually like it

  6. Jonathan G.

    I’ve been switching back and forth on these two. Using them for 12 hours at a time connected to my phone through C-Usb on a Note 20 Ultra phone. I DO A LOT OF GPS and graphic map extensively for work. My Newdery case actually last a little longer. This battery charger cannot be 38800mah. If it is, the seller/manufacturer needs to send me a replacement.UPDATEProduct was defective and the seller resolved the problem quickly. A+ CUSTOMER SERVICE.

  7. EWT

    I buy a lot on Amazon. I’m an older person. When I was a kid, everything in the nick-nack stores we would pick up and look on the bottom or back of it for a little sticker that said, “Made in Japan”. If the sticker was there, we would put it right back down on the shelf and look for something else because it meant that it wouldn’t last long, or would probably break after a few uses, or wouldn’t do very well what it was supposed to do. Well those days are gone and most stuff made in Japan is pretty high quality these days. But yesteryear’s Japan of today is now China. If it has a sticker that says made in China, it’s usually junk. Not so with this charger. It is very well made and the materials used are high quality. It is versatile, powerful and convenient. The designers put a lot of thought into this charger. I have already seen some knockoffs on Amazon that are trying to duplicate this charger for less money, but if you look at the pictures real close you can tell they’re typical Chinese quality. My initial thoughts when I ordered this were that it was overpriced and I would probably be disappointed. But I don’t mind paying the extra cost if the quality is there. I was very impressed with this item and it is well worth the money if you are looking for a compact, portable charger for situations where you will not have electricity or a car charger available. I have only had it a few days so I can’t give you an idea of how much life I’ll get out of this but in a year or so I will revisit this review with an update.

  8. Sam

    Awesome solar power bank. It has large capacity 38800 mAh. I can charge multiple times my iPhone and my iPad through the day. I really like that thus power bank has wireless charging option for my phone. It has 3 types of cables built in usb-c, usb-A and mini usb. It provides very fast 20W charging and it takes about 40 – 50 min to fully charge my iPhone X. It also has super bright flashlight with 3 LED lamps. It’s a little bit heavy 1.05 lb but it understandable with this large capacity.

  9. Vicknike

    I like the fact that after changing this power-bank charger overnight I don’t have torecharge it after every use. And I get to use it for four days and four charging sections for my iPhone; to test its efficiency, I allowed my iPhone to be almost battery drained before charging and it takes an hour 30 minutes to charge my phone fully. My teenage son loves it and carries it on his backpack when going for games and practices; no worries of finding a place to charge his phone on the go anymore.This product is durable and it also has a flashlight on it and three charging cords for different types of phones and laptops. I will recommend it to anyone looking for a portable charger.

  10. Isaac Semaj

    The first impression I had when I first received the charger is that, its heavier than I thought. It took awhile to be fully charged though (via the attached USB wire). It has 3 attached wires, type-C connector and lightning-cable for output and the USB A connector for charging the unit. In addition, it has another input/output Type-C female connector on the side (I have not tried to charge the unit with it, nor charging other device through it). One can also charge the unit via sun light, and inductively charging those devices that are enabled for inductive charging. And to top it off, there are 3 modes flashlight built in. All in all, it is a very versatile and useful gadget to have around, if you don’t mind hauling the extra weight around…

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