Portable Charger 30,000mAh-Minrise Power Bank Solar Charger Solar Power Bank with 2 USB Outputs, External Battery Pack

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30,000mAh Large Capacity Power Bank: The heavy duty 30000mAh capacity power bank can charge for Phone 8 7 times, for samsung galaxy S9 5 times, for iPad Air 4 times, and for switch 3 times.

Dual inputs and Dual Outputs: Twin usb a output ports allow you to charge two devices simultaly, and detect all the connected devices and efficiently distributes the current output up to 5v 2.1a; dual input ports type c and micro usb can recharge itself in 11 hours with a 5v 2a charger and cable.

Certified Safe: The power bank passed ul, ce certification, solar charger is safe to use and has a strong endurance and large capacity; more surprise, it can automatically adjust the output to deliver the most appropriate current, it keep your devices from overcharging, over current, over voltage and short circuit.

Solar Portable Charger: Solar power bank is equipped with 1w solar panel bank which provide emergency power for travel, earthquakes, typhoons, other natural disasters, outdoors; it only weights as much as a 16oz bottle of water, easy to carry, fireproof, and low temperature resistant, which help you handle many harsh outdoor environments.

What You Get: 30000mAh portable charger solar power bank, micro usb cable, user manual.

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Portable Charger 30,000mAh-Minrise Power Bank Solar Charger Solar Power Bank with 2 USB Outputs, External Battery Pack for Outdoor Activities Compatible with Smartphones etc.

Portable Charger 30,000mAh-Minrise Power Bank Solar Charger Solar Power Bank

Portable Charger 30,000mAh-Minrise Power Bank Solar Charger Solar Power Bank

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3.94 x 2.76 x 1.97 inches

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1 pounds



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1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


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Battery pack power bank portable charger


DongGuan Xionel Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Date First Available

July 13, 2020

10 reviews for Portable Charger 30,000mAh-Minrise Power Bank Solar Charger Solar Power Bank with 2 USB Outputs, External Battery Pack

  1. ane howard

    I like how compact and solid it feels. I’m able to use to charge up battery operated ceiling fans when i have my outdoor markets and also to keep my phone charged the whole day even though, I’m using the fans and the phone non-stop for 8 hours. It is very sturdy too.

  2. Angie Bandujo

    My charger came almost all the way charged. I only had to charge about an hour to have it at full capacity. I’m so excited to be able to charge multiple devices also. It has enough juice and enough ports, including the USBC for newer phones like my iPhone 12. It’s pretty heavy, but love being able to have extra juice in my purse at a moment’s notice if needed. Great purchase.

  3. Danette Rivera

    I bought this mainly for camping. I’ve only used it one night so far. I used it while watching a downloaded movie, to charge a string of lights, and to charge my phone for the night. All of that took only one out of four bars. I can’t wait to use it again.

  4. Ayaz

    Due to the winter storm last week, I really needed a power bank. I’d try other products, but they would only last with one device. To my surprise, this product is awesome. It charged my iphone, samsung and ipad and only one dot was gone. Carrying this product while working remotely has been so easy. I sit next to a window, keep the power bank and then don’t need to worry. I guess the solar charge is what makes it the perfect choice. it would even charge in the cloudy and rainy weather.I would definitely recommend this product to someone stuck in a storm and need their phones charged at all times, one who travels a lot (don’t need to be crazy find a charging dock).

  5. Scott Carter

    Long lasting power and recharging. A bit thick, but i suppose it has to be for its long lasting power storage. Not so sure on sun charging, i will see on camping & trips in Summer. Very durable, ive dropped it and it hasn’t hurt it. Normally I keep it in a padded coozy for protection to it.All chargers require constant observation, if moving it, it may disrupt the charging, so check it from time to time. I charge tablets and phones only. Takes long time to recharge last blue light to be steady. Pricing is excellent for it.

  6. TL

    I’ve been “stress testing” it for a bit now. Charging the phone and headset off it for 2 weeks now. Not all the time, but it’s clearly shown that the 30k mAh rating is at least in the ballpark. The solar cell is probably no more than a gimmick, given it’s size and the battery rating, it’d take quite a long time (weeks?) to fully charge off the solar cell. But, if you leave it near a window or someplace that gets sunlight while you’re not using it, I’d imagine it would trickle charge at the least.Only downside would be it’s weight, if that’s a consideration for you. It’s solid. If you’re thinking about taking it backpacking or such, where weight is an issue, there might be better options out there. But if you don’t have to carry it for miles everyday, the weight isn’t really a factor then.If you’re looking for a household backup charger for your devices if you lose power, or going on a trip where you want reliable charging for multiple devices, this is pretty darn good.Edit: 5-6 months later, it’s still chugging along.

  7. Meme Marie

    This thing is awesome! I went to Vegas with this and since were always out on the strip taking pics , the 1st thing to die is the cellphone. Well all i had to do was hook it to my cell and BOOM!! I got juice. I even left it in the car window for it to recharge. Love this thing. Yes its a lil heavy but its worth it. Also my autistic son loves his tablet and Nintendo switch and when the battery dies he steals this gadget VS plugging his tablet into the wall outlet and sitting in one spot. Now he can run around holding this thing and still remain mobile. He loves to keep moving and it doesnt bother him that he has to hold it. Will definitely be getting another one since everyone in the house has took a liking to it!

  8. Effective

    After my other power charger broke I needed a new one. I wanted one that lasts longer since my old one would die after charging my phone to full capacity. I saw this one for a decent price and 30,000 seems like a lot of battery.Well, I love this charger. I can charge all of my devices iPhone, iPad, AirPods, and apple watch all at once, and it charges all of them and only uses maybe half the battery.It seems really well designed. I accidentally dropped it and it didn’t even have a scratch on it. It’s not too heavy and fits in my purse just fine. It is great never having to worry about my phone dying when I’m at work or on the bus.Pros:Long chargeMany PortsGood sizeConsA little heavy

  9. Youry Choi

    Holds a large charge and its sturdy. It survived my 7yr old using it to power up his iPad while playing roblox. I don’t know about the solar power part bc I haven’t tried charging it that way.

  10. Barby4321

    I bought this to be prepared for a camping trip for my daughter‘s Girl Scout troop, I was the coolest mom there!So easy to use! Battery stayed charged for the whole weekend with just one full day of sunlight!Kept the 6 of us powered for 3 days..It a solid little device, designed to last, rugged and durable.. it got a lot of abuse with the kids in the woods, took a few hard drops as well.. amazed by its endurance.. Extreme value!

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