Pikasola Wind Turbine Generator 12V 400W with a 30A Hybrid Charge Controller, Add 500W Solar Panel

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Price: $318.99

★ Feature: Starting with Low Speed; high wind energy utilization; low vibration on operation, high efficiency.

★ Wind Blade: 23.4inch in length, made of nylon carbon fiber. The longer the blades are, the more kinetic energy generate and more power they produce. Nylon material waterproof, corrosion resistant, lightweight.

★Wind Generator: Three-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor. Efficient and compact ac generator with high performance NdFeB permanent magnet.

★Rotating Body: With yaw adjustment system, the wind direction position is automatically read and the rotor position is adjusted to capture the maximum wind energy. The tail fin is designed according to the aerodynamic principle.

★Solar & Wind Charge Controller: Match a 30A Hybrid Charge Controller which can extend Max 500W solar panel for 12V wind and solar power system. The controller can help to charge battery intelligently and protect automatically.

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Brand: Pikasola


Pikasola Wind Turbine Generator 12V 400W with a 30A Hybrid Charge Controller. As Solar and Wind Charge Controller which can Add Max 500W Solar Panel for 12V Battery

Pikasola Wind Turbine Generator 12V 400W 30A Hybrid Charge Controller


1. Convenient to extend Solar panel with our Hybrid charge controller if you want in latter. Just need one Solar and Wind hybrid controller can use 500W Solar panel + 400W Wind turbine together for 12V battery.

2. Wind Turbine starting with low speed; high wind energy utilization; beautiful appearance; low vibration on operation.

3. Wind Turbine Blade adopt reinforced fiber nylon which more durable and strong ability of Anti-wind. With optimized aerodynamic shape and structural design, has a High wind energy utilization.

4. Our wind turbine adopting patented permanent magnet rotor alternator, with a special kind of stator design, decrease resistance torque of the generators efficiently.

Installation instruction:

1. The wind turbine should be installed where there is strong wind or no tall buildings and obstacles, If installing the wind turbines near the obstacles, the position is better as far as possible from obstructions, or the installation height should be 20Ft higher than the top of obstructions(As show), which can make full use of the wind power.

2. We can make use of the growth effect on the hills (As show). It’s a good place to set up

3. It’s should avoid the cliff, the turbulent region.

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Package Dimensions

28 x 11.4 x 8.4 inches

Item Weight

18.71 pounds





10 reviews for Pikasola Wind Turbine Generator 12V 400W with a 30A Hybrid Charge Controller, Add 500W Solar Panel

  1. Bob H.

    At first I was not happy when I bench tested the turbine. The controller was defective on voltage output and the brake was coming on way too soon. I notified Pikasola and instead of me having to send the whole turbine back they sent me an UPGRADED ($188.99) controller at no cost. I installed it on my RV and am a very happy camper! Thanks Pikasola.

  2. mike

    Works excellent, generates rated power , I love the electronic braking feature, no worries about overspeed !

  3. Amazon Customer

    I purchased this unit to back up my Solar Panel but after several weeks I realized my batteries wasn’t charging, no sun or wind. I contacted customer service and Pikaosla contacted me back. He walked me through several tests over several days and we determined that the turbine was bad so Pikaosla informed Amazon to send me new Generator and I received the new one in 3 days. Installed and it’s working as advertised. Even tough it’s rated as low wind you need a steady 25 to 30 mph wind to get 13vdc output.I am very happy with their customer service and Pikaosla was excellent to work with.I was also impressed that the turbine was bad but they sent everything not just the turbine.Brian

  4. Marlon Azore

    I’m using it as a part of my home backup power system

  5. sandboard san pedro Sebastian Opazo Guzman EIRL

    Aun no los veo funcionando pero el contenido de la cajas es lo prometido y demoro muy poco tiempo en llegar muy buena experiencia comprar en Amazon

  6. David Twyver

    Well Packaged. Very Well Made. Easy to Install, but documentation could be better. Fantastic Customer Service via email! Takes a bit of a breeze to produce power. Good complement to my 300 Watt solar array: when the sun goes away there is usually some wind!

  7. RickRick

    Easy to assemble. Attractive and quiet operation. Customer service was excellent. Returned message very quickly and very knowledgeable. Only concern was instructions for controller and installation of blades not specific enough. I put blades on backwards first then realized my mistake before erecting on pole. Again customer service excellent. They even sent me a replacement controller no charge to help me solve a low wind problem. Five star!!

  8. Roberta Schmidt

    Easy to assemble. Good price.

  9. clint luce

    Wind mill was easy to install and customer service was great

  10. Wemyss Lassie

    With son, built a solar/battery system as an emergency power supply vice a noisy, gas driven and carbon monoxide producing generator. A month of more clouds and wind vice sun prompted the search for a wind turbine generator to keep the batteries charged. Easy to assemble and set up.

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