OUTXE 25000mAh Wireless Solar Power Bank IP67 Waterproof Solar Phone Charger with Flashlight Dual Input Type C & Micro USB

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Price: $49.99

Adventure-Ready: Rubberized military shell and sealed ports; IP67 waterproof, dustproof, dirtproof, crushproof and drop-tested to withstand the abuses of the wild; the perfect partner for your favorite outdoor adventures

Power For Days: 25,000mAh provide enough juice to charge your phone for a week! Keep your gadgets (phones, cameras, headlamps, and GPS devices) powered up on road trips, hikes, and travel adventures. No more worries about staying connected

Truly Cable-free and Tangle-free: Frees you from messing cables, recharge your Qi-enabled smartphone on the go without a power cord; Charge up to three devices at the same time 50%

Faster Recharge: 4A Double input (Type C and Micro USB) provides the fastest overnight re-charge time; 8 hours for a full charge; Also support quick charging, charge your phone with max 9V=2A/12V=1.5A/18W charging power

2W Solar Powered Charger: Clip the unit to the outside of a backpack to get charging on the go. It’s perfect as back-up power or in emergencies, but is not a primary charging source. Please plug your micro and type-c cord into an electrical outlet for 8-hours of faster recharging ( Dual Input Design )

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Brand: OUTXE


OUTXE 25000mAh Wireless Solar Power Bank IP67 Waterproof Solar Phone Charger with Flashlight Dual Input Type C & Micro USB

Built for Serious Outdoor Adventurers

outxe wireless power bank solar 25000mah wateproof solar charger

OUTXE 25000mAh Wireless Solar Power Bank Solar Phone Charger

outxe wireless power bank solar 25000mah wateproof solar charger

A Reliable and Useful Gadget for Camping, Hiking, and Long Family Trips

outxe solar phone charger wireless power bank 25000mAh

2W Solar Panel

Easily hang it on your backpack with carabiner and hands-free on the go. It could recharge the battery itself under sunlight for emergency purpose while outdoor

outxe solar phone charger wireless power bank 25000mAh

25000mAh High Capacity

Over a week’s worth of power that goes everywhere you do. Keep your phones, camera and other devices charged and never worrying about running out of batteries

outxe solar phone charger wireless power bank 25000mAh


Rugged construction protects against rigors of the outdoors

Preparing For an Outdoor Adventure

✔Its rugged, rubberized finish is waterproof, drop-proof, and dirt-proof. Ridges provide a better grip.

✔Every USB port is usually covered by an IP67 rubber cap that protects your battery from complete immersion (up to 1 meter underwater) and against dust.

✔The built-in nylon strap allows you to clip the charger to anything and travel anywhere. Stay hands-free when you’re on the go!

✔25000mAh battery is ideal for extending the life of devices such as smartphones, tablets, e-readers, gaming devices, music players, etc.

✔Charge 3 devices simultaneously via 1 USB QC3.0 output; 1 USB output 2.4A; and 1 wireless charging pad for wireless charging enabled devices.

✔Faster Recharge: 4A Double input (Type C and Micro USB) provides the fastest overnight re-charge time; 8 hours for a full charge; also supports quick charging.

✔18W Quick Charge: Charge your phone with max 9V=2A/12V=1.5A/18W charging power. The charger will match your devices with the most appropriate charging levels to greatly shorten charging times.

✔Smart charging technology optimizes output to match what’s plugged in and prevents overcharging.

✔Pass-through charging allows you to recharge your power bank via a wall outlet while simultaneously charging your connected devices.

✔The lithium-polymer battery can be recharged more than 500 times, supplying you with the power equivalent of 1,742 AA batteries. High-yield lithium cells keep wasteful alkaline batteries out of landfills.

We believe that outdoor products should be designed to be Durable and Rugged. Today’s “poor quality” mentality really bugs us. That’s why our goal is to make outdoor products that are both durable and dependable in all outdoor conditions.

You’ll be proud to own an OUTXE product.

Ideal for outdoor activities like camping, road trips, hiking, mountaineering, and exploring, survival, prepping.


1. Please do not take solar as the primary recharge source, as the charging speed will subject to sunlight intensity and panel conversion rate, which may take a long time (about 100 hours) to recharge. We highly recommend charging the battery pack from the electricity source.

2. Do not charge the power bank in a car, or put it on the dash of your car, as the high temperature may cause potential hazards.

Wireless Solar Power Bank Specifications


  • Capacity: 25000mAh(25Ah*3.7V=92.5Wh)
  • Battery Type: Li-polymer Rechargeable Battery
  • Solar Panel: 2W, 400mA




  • Micro USB Input 1: DC 5V / 2A (max)
  • Type-C Input 2: DC 5V / 3A (max)
  • Double-input supports the fastest possible recharging in around 8 hours.




  • Output 1: DC 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A (max), compatible with QC2.0, QC 3.0, and other quick charge protocols with 9V output.
  • Output 2: DC 5V/2.4A (max)
  • Support smart charging
  • When using both outputs, the power bank will limit the maximum power within 24W to control the temperature.
  • Wireless Charging Output:5W(max)
  • Dimensions: 170 × 86 × 32.5 mm / 6.7 × 3.4 × 1.28 in
  • Weight: 585g/20.6oz


What you get OUTXE 25000mAh Wireless Solar Power Bank


  • OUTXE 25000mAh Wireless Solar Power Bank
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Type-C charging cable
  • 2*Carabiners
  • User manual

Additional information


Product Dimensions

7.09 x 3.5 x 1.18 inches

Item Weight

1.52 pounds



Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Connectivity technologies


Other display features



25000mAh, Black+Red


Dongguan DBK Energy Technology Co., Ltd

Date First Available

May 6, 2019

10 reviews for OUTXE 25000mAh Wireless Solar Power Bank IP67 Waterproof Solar Phone Charger with Flashlight Dual Input Type C & Micro USB

  1. NC Amazon customer

    I bought this product last fall right before Hurricane Florence hit North Carolina (where I live). We were predicted to lose power and we did. I had charged this thing up ahead of time (by the way, I had questions about it as soon as I received it, and emailed their customer service. They answered it ASAP, and I was able to use it quite successfully.) Their customer service people are PERFECTION. They conversed with me as if they knew me, and seemed genuinely interested in helping me out. What a nice change from most other customer service folks! Thank you OUTXE!!! I was able to charge my phone all through the week, so was my husband, and we also charged an Ipad, and my son’s phone as well. It still had power to give! It is very intuitive to use and the flashlight is an extra little bonus, in my opinion. Oh, and I also had another chance to use it when we got hit with another hurricane later in the season, – Matthew. Enough for hurricanes for a while! We also go the mountains quite a bit because we have a little cabin up there, and hike. We will ALWAYS take this along with us “just in case” something happens and we couldn’t get back to civilization in time. I feel completely secure that we would be able to charge our phones as long as we needed to charge them. The OUTXE 24000mAH is a wonderful product to own, it has been very well engineered and thought out to last forever. Having their customer service people within easy reach makes this a company that I will be glad to return to again and again. That is RARE these days. 🙂 Nice to find this company and their product.

  2. Lonnie

    IMPRESSIVE! The one word that sums up my thoughts on the OUTXE 24000mAh Power Bank.I am what some would call a ‘”High-Quality-Gadget” Geek’. As with all of my toys, I take the time to research the item specs as well as the reviews from random users. I do not base my idea of quality on price. To me, quality is a perfect union of performance, construction, durability and design.As I unpacked the OUTXE 24000mAh Power Bank for the first time, it was obvious that this unit was of superior design and solid construction. From the tightly sealed water resistant covers that protect the USB ports, to the hardened impact resistant corner guards, one can tell that this is definitely the upper echelon of this class of power bank.The built in 3-mode light (Lamp – SOS – Strobe) is a great addition to this unit.At 19.3oz (548g), some have mentioned this as a minor drawback. I however see that as a plus. For me, the heft reminds me that this power bank is the ‘Real Deal’. Not a ‘Pretty Shell’ covering a wimpy battery pack.I must admit the one feature that first grabbed my attention was the 2 Watt 2.5″ X 6″ solar panel. Okay, it looks cool. It also helps to keep the power bank ‘topped off’ when exposed to sunlight. There is a built in lug to attach a carabiner that can be conveniently clasped to your backpack, belt loop, tent stake, tackle box, tool kit, saddle, duffle bag, tripod, fishing shelter, hammock…you get the picture.Whether you’re an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy user (like me), the OUTXE 24000mAh Power Bank comes with a Micro USB and a Type-C USB charging cable to accommodate your power-up needs.Finally, and maybe most importantly, the amount of power this unit stores is fantastic. I charged my power bank the day I received it and put to use once the full charge was reached. That was September 13, 2018. Today on October 12, 2018, 1 month later, I’m still getting 3 out of 4 dots on the power meter. I use this unit every day for my phone, smart watch and mp3 player. NO JOKE!!I give the OUTXE 24000mAh Power Bank a solid 5 Stars for providing all of the features that I need in a portable power supply.Lonnie P

  3. Jacob Tubbs

    A+Outxe Wireless 2500mAh Power BankThis power bank is amazing. It’s slightly larger than their previous power bank but you get more mAh and you get the wireless charging capability. If you loose your phone cable or it breaks the wireless charging will definitely come in handy.Test:I tested all three ways to charge your phone. Port 1 and 2 along with the wireless dock. (Please note: I used an iPhone Xs, and put the phone into airplane mode to be consistent)Port 1: 10 minute charge brought the phone from 64% to 71%Port 2: 10 minute charge brought the phone from 71% to 78%Wireless dock (no cable) 10 minute charge brought the phone from 78% to 85%The power bank comes with two charging cables to help decrease time to charge/recharge your bank. Outxe states with one cable it will take 14hrs to fully charge but with both cables only 8hrs.Lastly this has an white LED light. Three different modes high and low with an SOS. Which is very easy to get to by turning the device on and quick pressing the on button twice.I highly recommended OUTXE power banks. Rugged and practical. They are great bang for your buck. Customer service is also amazing. They are great to work with.

  4. Travis M.

    This battery bank is just what I was looking for. It can handle my not so gentle treatment, can charge multiple devices before needing a recharge, and has a rapid charge port. My first one had a small problem and they sent me a new one right away. They have some of the best customer service I have ever seen. 5/5 would buy from them again.

  5. Steve Schafer

    I absolutely love this unit. I have quite a few battery packs of all different sizes which meet the different needs at the moment. Bought this one as I was needing a bigger battery size to run a fan for work where there is no electricity. The fan is a USB small type fan but I am able to run it off this battery pack pretty much all day with no problem. Makes a very versatile and useful pack. This pack however is by no means small or light. It is a good size pack with some weight to it. That’s not a problem at all for what I’m using it for. However if I’m looking for one to stick in my pockets to travel with me all day long this is not my first choice. Got a find the right pack for what you’re using it for. That being said however, out of all the different once I have this one by far is my absolute favorite. Very well constructed. Works like a charm. Would buy another one in a heartbeat. As the description says solar panel is for basically emergency use only. It works but it is very very slow. But it’s nice to know in an emergency I can still get a little charge out of it. You won’t be disappointed with this one.

  6. David

    I bought this as replacement for another brand of solar charger that stopped working. This unit was heavier than expected but seems to deliver a good fast charge. With the fast charging cable, this unit charges very fast. I recently used it on an international trip where I did not want to use wall chargers and I kept 2 cell phones and an ipad charged all week and still did not drain this battery totally. It seems to charge well in the sun only much slower but will be great for longer camping trips where I need to keep it topped off with a charge using the sun. I am very happy with this product.

  7. Gary Randal McGee

    This is an outstanding charger for outdoor activities. I use it for backpacking and I can keep my phone, watch, headlamp, atomic lighter, and any other devices charged for days! I charge it before I go out, and with both USB C and micro USB inputs, you can charge it twice as fast. The solar panel helps to keep it charged, and with two USB outputs, you can charge two things at once!

  8. Jeff Carson

    After a two week 1300 mile bike journey, I can’t tell you have much I used this. The first two days I charged it at home,And never needed to again. It charged three IPhones, one IPad, and kept my Bluetooth speaker going all day – everyday.I took this and the carabiner clips and hooked it to the bag the the sun hit the best. . It did on two occasions fall from my bags (when I forgot to clip it) and skidded across the road. I scratched it up more than I would have liked, but it kept on working. Even with the solar side scuffed up I didn’t see an issue.I was very happy with everything about how this worked. Just remember that the first charge will take about 15 to 20 hours, my experience. I tried not to charge anything back to back rather stagger them.I hope this helps you out. Don’t even think about it, it rocks.

  9. Lucky Lee

    I bought this power bank because I needed a new one went with this one because it fit my needs of durability. It has a nice weight and it is a very sturdy construction. The charge lasts longer than I was expecting and the quick charge works really well.Unfortunately my micro USB port broke and you can hear it rattling when you shake it. I went to their website and sent them a message saying what happened, and later that day I got an email asking me to further explain the problem and to provide the order number. They then proceeded to ship another.Their customer service is EXTREMELY fast and EXTREMELY friendly and helpful.I would definitely recommend this company for their great quality and great customer service!!

  10. Gerald Reed

    Rugged fast charging battery pack works perfect with my s10 plus and wifes s7 edge tons of backup power on demand with an light in the bottom.U can charge this one with output one for fast charging or output 2 for regular charging or 3rd option is use the usb c on the side to fast charge i prefer wireless charging this does not fast charge wirelessly it is 2020 of course lol.Holds a long very long charge 25000mAh huge capacity for a battery pack this can charge alot of devices before needing recharging it can also be paired with one of their solar panels for faster off grid charging because the built in one is only for emergencies not really for charging.One feature i love about this is wireless charging and the fast recharge of the battery pack itself u can plug the micro usb and usb c in side of bank for a very fast recharge.This is pretty stout pack you would not need to worry about where you take this thing water resistant also just fells like quality i will be using this in places i would not take a few of my other ones fishing camping hiking etc and not worry about how its being treated like i do some of my other packs.PS If cant figure out how to turn wireless charging on just hold the button in on back between the battery light status lights till turns blue turn off same way

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