Niagara Conservation N2912 3-Spray White Earth Spa 1.25 GPM Showerhead

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Price: $13.96

  • 1.25 GALLONS PER MINUTE – This shower head provides a single-rate function that produces 1.25 gallons of water per minute. This pressure level allows for a great shower while still conserving water.
  • VARIABLE FLOW TYPE – Our Earth Showerhead features three spray functions that work for any situation. Simply twist the energy-saving showerhead to match the desired task, including needle, massage, and combination.
  • CONSISTENT FLOW – Unlike other shower heads, the Niagara’s Conservation’s patented flow compensator gives smooth flow regardless of available water pressure. This provides a consistent shower even when water pressure is inconsistent.
  • SLEEK, MODERN FINISH – The low flow shower head has a sleek, white finish that looks great in any shower. The maintenance-free design is both sophisticated and simple, featuring a corrosion-resistant high-impact ABS thermoplastic body.
  • WATERSENSE CERTIFIED – The Earth non-handheld showerhead produces a luxurious shower with an even, vacillating spray that requires less water usage. This saver shower sprayer meets or exceeds ANSI specifications and will save you 50% more than other low flow showerheads.

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Brand: Niagara Conservation


Niagara Conservation N2912 3-Spray White Earth Spa 1.25 GPM Showerhead

Additional information



‎AM Conservation Group

Part Number


Item Weight

‎4.8 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎4 x 2.75 x 2.75 inches

Country of Origin


Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer





‎ABS Thermoplastic

Installation Method

‎Wall Mounted

Item Package Quantity


Flow Rate

‎1.25 Gallons Per Minute

Water Consumption

‎1.25 Gallons per Minute

Included Components

‎1 showerhead

Batteries Included?


Batteries Required?


Warranty Description

‎10-year limited warranty



Date First Available

October 3, 2016

10 reviews for Niagara Conservation N2912 3-Spray White Earth Spa 1.25 GPM Showerhead

  1. CamDaddy

    This is an amazing shower head. I’ve lived off grid for 25+yrs and have an on demand water heater. It wasn’t keeping up and I got used to warm (not hot) showers. I installed this and it choked down the water flow through the heater. This resulted in the cold water staying in the water heater LONGER and thereby getting really HOT. Mind blown. And the adjustable stream was plenty forceful. I am totally stoked! I just ordered a second one for the other bathroom.

  2. Keith F.

    This showerhead is good quality and durable. It came at a good price as well It does the job and saves water by reducing total water pressure and only dispensing 1.25 gallons per minute. I am very pleased with my purchase and recommend this product. The showerhead is adjustable and you can adjust the stream.

  3. Amazon Customer

    We purchased this brand of shower head in March of 2020 for our master bathroom. We’ve enjoyed it so much that now we are purchasing another one for a second bathroom! So often, people jump to write negative reviews on products when things go wrong yet don’t think to write positive ones when the product is easy to install, performs well, and works as advertised (in this case, using less water while still providing a satisfying shower). If purchasing a second “Niagara Earth Massage 1.25GPM Low Flow” showerhead isn’t a positive review, then I don’t know what is. 🙂

  4. crew4

    This is a terrific showerhead for our basement shower. We have a well and really need to watch our water consumption. Now I am not constantly telling the kids to turn off the water when they take a shower. At this water rate, I dont mind if they take a few extra minutes to shower. Great product. We added the water softener attachment as we have very hard water. Makes a nice combo.

  5. Michael

    The coverage area is wide, and that matters with low flo, or it makes for a cold shower. The best thing I find about it is that it is quieter than any of the others I have tried. Some of them try to mix air in to make them feel stronger, but they are very loud.

  6. Joe

    With a sensitive septic system, I needed a shower head that was low flow. This fit the ticket. Solid construction, easy to put on and then I checked the flow rate by holding a 5 gallon bucket under the shower head and timed it for one minute. The results were perfect. The rate was just slightly over one gallon per minute. The next test was to use the shower. The results, plenty of water to rinse.

  7. KJ

    I have to give 5 stars for this shower head for the water savings and performance. I had to give this a 3 month trial period before I wrote a review.I purchased this shower head to try and save some money. I am on a well with a pressure tank. My water is free but I pay for electricity to run the pump at 220 volts. I also have to pay electricity to run a lift pump to pump the waste water to the septic system. (The shower is located in the basement) My other costs are natural gas to heat the water and electricity to run the power vent on the hot water heater. Now if you are paying for water with an off-the-shelf shower head at 2.5 gallons a minute, the costs all add up.This item is very easy to install. All you need is a pliers and just tighten it a little over hand tight.Now the most important is how does the head actually function and how much water is actually being used.The shower head has an adjustable flow pattern from a fine stream to a coarse pattern. As I indicated, I am on a well with a pressure tank. The tank is at 60 psi and drops to 40 psi when it refills. There is no change in the flow pattern with the change in pressure. It works great for a well, so if you are on city water with no change in water pressure this head will work great.Now the question is how much water does the head actually use. I decided to actually measure the flow rate. I got bucket and a 2 quart measuring cup. I filled the bucket for exactly 1 minute on the fine patter and 1 minute on the coarse pattern. I then poured the water into the measure cup. Both patterns use less than 1 gallon per minute.The fine pattern was measured at 3 quarts and 1 cup and the coarse pattern was at 3 quarts and 2 cups per minute.I couldn’t be happier.The only other concern would be if you have hard water. In that case, I could just see the minor maintenance of having to remove the shower head occasionally and soaking it in vinegar to dissolve the hard water deposits once you notice a change in the flow pattern.If you are looking to save water and money and want a shower head that also performs, this is the one to purchase.

  8. john H

    It’s almost miraculous in its ability to turn a trickle of water into a satisfying shower. I’ve owned a number of cabins and properties with water limitations, and this is far and away the best showerhead I’ve ever found for those situations. Also excellent for anyone on city water who wants to conserve.

  9. Fred

    If you are looking for a reduction in water usage, this is for you. It is more like a continuous spray bottle being directed toward you. It lets you get your shower completed but don’t think you will relax while having water massage you as it comes out of the shower head because it won’t. I have used it for two weeks now and I am beginning to get accustomed to how little of an amount of water that it actual sprays out. Like I said, it really reduces the amount of water being used.

  10. Marissa

    I’m super happy with this shower head! The installation could not be easier- just screw it on. The pressure is great, I do not miss the old more wasteful one whatsoever. I live in a very small town where the water happens to be very expensive. I’m a woman who loves long showers, and needs long showers to just rinse shampoo because my hair is so thick. When calling the local Utilities Authority, the woman I usually speak to actually congratulated me on how much my usage decreased! I said thank you, all I did was buy a new shower head on Amazon! Would definitely recommend.

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