Newpowa 210W Solar Panel Monocrystalline 12V High Efficiency Module for RV Marine Boat Trailer Camper Green House Off Grid System

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New Design: Higher cells efficiency, better light converting rate

Dimension: 64.5726.571.38inch, high winds (2400PA) and snow loads (5400PA)

Maximum Power: 210W, voltage at Pmax: 17.0V, current at Pmax: 12.35A

Installation: Diodes are pre-installed in the junction box, with a pair of pre-attached 3ft MC4 cables

Warranty: 25-year transferable power output warranty

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Newpowa 210W Solar Panel Monocrystalline 12V High Efficiency Module for RV Marine Boat Trailer Camper Green House Off Grid System

newpowa 210w solar panel Monocrystalline

Newpowa 210W Solar Panel Monocrystalline 12V High Efficiency Module

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Newpowa 210W Solar Panel Monocrystalline 12V High Efficiency Module Key Features

newpowa 210w solar panel Mono


  • Heavy-duty anodized frame that provides strong protection for the panel structure
  • Multi-layered sheet laminations enhance cell performance and ensure a long service life.

Newpowa 210W Solar Panel Monocrystalline 12V High Efficiency Module


  • Supported by a wide range of mounting options including flat surface, pole and wall installation
  • Common applications includes RV, camper, SUV, marine, residential rooftop, remote farm, disaster relief, traffic signs, etc.

Newpowa 210W Solar Panel Monocrystalline 12V High Efficiency Module


  • Uses Newest high efficient mono cells encapsulated in EVA (ethylene-vinyl-acetate)
  • Pre-installed bypass diodes inside junction box that minimize power drops caused by shading

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newpowa 210w solar panel Monocrystalline dimensions


  • Dimension: 64.57*26.57*1.38 inches
  • Weight: 27.56lbs
  • Max Power Output(W): 210W
  • Voltage MPP Vmp(V): 16.77V
  • Current MPP Imp(A): 12.48A
  • Voltage Open Circuit Voc(V): 19.83V
  • Short Circuit Current Isc(A): 13.09A

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Additional information


Product Dimensions

64.57 x 26.57 x 1.38 inches

Item Weight

24.4 pounds



Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

June 12, 2015



Country of Origin


10 reviews for Newpowa 210W Solar Panel Monocrystalline 12V High Efficiency Module for RV Marine Boat Trailer Camper Green House Off Grid System

  1. Jerry Tusch

    UPS delivered panel. Arrived in perfect condition. Couldn’t wait to try it out. Set it up in a shady place, late afternoon, and watched as it started to charge my Lifepo4 batteries. In the shade, voc was 18.1 volts. Current from the panel was 1.1 amps. Current going in to the batteries w was 1.3 amp. How do you charge with more amps than the panel outputs? Enter MPPT! Built a frame for the panel and set it up in sun. 19.3 volts but only 2 amps. Took a reading at the panel and got over 9 amps short circuited. Checked amps at end of my 30′ set of solar cables, 10AWG. and only got 2 amps. Panel works as advertised or even better. I will be buying another one soon. Definitely need to try some #6 wire to get more power to the charge controller, Panel was generating 3 volts in moonlight a few nights ago. Nothing wrong with this panel!!!! Definitely recommend!Update 9/2 Received a second 210 Watt panel and paralleled it with my first. My yard is very shaded with a large tree, so panels only get full sunlight in the afternoon. Panels provide energy from before sunup to after sundown, albeit only an ampere or so. It still charges! This afternoon I noticed my charge controller had stopped charging in full sunlight. Quick troubleshooting determined that the solar input fuse had blown. Replaced fuse and controller started charging again. I had a 20A fuse inline with the first panel and never had any problem.. With 2 panels, input current was 23 amps in full sun. What a happy problem!! 25 Amp fuses handle the new configuration very nicely and batteries really charge quickly. Very pleased with Newpowa panels and highly recommend for less than perfect situations.

  2. Mark S

    I gotta say something about this vendor. First, the 210W panels I purchased, 4 each over three orders, thanks to my screw up, were all shipped to me in two days time. They were well packaged, and undamaged. When connected in series in full sun here in SE AZ I got about 71% of rated output, or about normal given the very high temperatures that day. I’ll re-run this test on a cooler day. Very rarely does any panel put out 100% but on a very cold day. Anyway, all was well, but I did have an issue in that, thanks to my different orders, one panel was of a different lot and the cell design was even different. I contacted NewPowa through the chat box on their web site and then contacted Linette via the phone number given in the chat. After emailing a couple photos, they immediately shipped out a replacement panel to exchange out the one different design. I’ve always said that you only know your vendor’s true colors when things go wrong, then you find out what they are made of. In this particular, even though one could not say they actually did anything wrong, NewPowa stepped right up to the plate to address my needs. FYI, these panels I received were manufactured in Vietnam. If you’ve ever had the privilege to work with the Vietnamese people, it is a pleasure.

  3. ped

    DO NOT LISTEN TO THESE NEG REVIEWS. THEY DO NOT KNOW HOW SOLAR ACTUALLY WORKS. Rarely are you going to get full wattage from any panel. Plus the battery has to be very low or lithium to get full charge power. If its near full the controller limits the input wattage. Then you have to factor sun angle, wire runs, junction resistance, etc. I have 5 doffere t brands and theure all the same. Expect 60-80% rated wattage based on all these factors.If you think getting some other brand like renogy made on the same chinese assembly line with a different sticker on it will get you 30% more wattage, you’re in for a disappointment.Writing negative reviews due to uninformed and unrealistic expectations is unfortunate.

  4. Koert

    After a bunch of research and reading a thousand reviews, I decided that the 210W Newpowa was not only the best value available, but also the best solution for our limited roof space.I’m not an expert, but I’ve installed and tested at least 15 solar panels over the last ten years. For an RV application, shade is an important factor and these panels are as good as the best brand names at handling low sun and shading.(I had to laugh – right after I ordered my Newpowa panels, I called up a friend who’s upgrading his large Class A motorhome. This guy is an electronics fanatic, a retired communications engineer who now lives and breathes solar power. When I told him I had ordered the Newpowa 210W panel – I hadn’t even told him that I was shopping for new panels – he said that he had also just ordered a bunch for his Class A. There’s no better feeling than knowing that others, especially experts, have independently come to the same conclusion.)The narrow width of the Newpowa panels is allowing me to easily install 840 watts (four panels) on our 2021 Navion and I may even find room for one or two more. The new RV’s are much more dependent on battery power than prior models, and I refuse to run the noisy generator or be dependent on finding a campground with electrical outlets.And great customer support from Newpowa. When my Amazon shipment was lost, Amazon was quick to make things right and Newpowa stepped in and made sure I got a replacement order fulfilled immediately. You won’t get that kind of support (or these prices) from any of the popular consumer-oriented companies. And I didn’t even mention that I would be writing an Amazon review.

  5. Gary

    The tiny little Juice Pack at 50w was not enough in my new Wolf Pup travel trailer. I would be out of power in 1.5 days and have to charge up via generator or plug-in.After adding a second deep cycle battery, I mounted this solar panel on the roof and a Newpowa 30A MPPT Solar Charge Controller inside. It was a bit of a project, but now I can boondock indefinitely. In the California sun, my batteries are always registering >13 volts with the refrigerator running 24hrs. I have tested it for 14 days straight – never needed to plug in.Don’t forget mounts, cables, polymer Epdm self-leveling lap sealant for the roof, and a cable entry gland.

  6. James R. Bull

    The panel was easy to mount with predrilled mounting holes on the panel frame. I installed the panel on the roof of a toy hauler trailer, using homemade aluminum adapter brackets. This keeps the batteries fully charged during sunny and cloudy days. I use the panel with a 12V/20Amp charge controller.

  7. Don Foley

    I hung these on the davits of my sailboat about 1.5 years ago. They work great keeping my house bank charged. I don’t even pay for dock electric anymore. At $35 a month for dock electric, they have already paid for themselves a couple times over. This is in Central Florida, high humidity, high heat and a salt water environment.

  8. Ross4

    My first experience with solar so this comes from a newbie. So far the panel seems to work great, I can watch the Sun come and go while monitoring my battery state. Full Sun my battery is at 13.7 typically. I’m also using the Newpowa 30 amp mppt controller. At the moment with full Sun the controller shows 18.3 volts from the panel. The photo shows morning arriving and at 10:15 started the diesel heater then right back up to 13.8.

  9. GreenLantern

    I am an RVer that mostly boondocks and rely on having the largest “12 volt” panel I can find. I purchased this one because of its specs-and the 210 watt rated output. It delivers. I have seen upwards of close to 13 amps charging input per my Bogart Engineering reading on a sunny summer day. And thats with my panel on a 25 foot 8ga tether. Even on semi cloudy days this panel delivers some respectful charging. I’m a happy camper (Ha!) having traded up to this big guy…until Newpowa rolls out a bigger one.

  10. Samssisters

    I bought 3 of these for my 5th wheel RV and installed myself. They seem well made, durable. They perform as described from what I can tell. Let’s see how they hold up and operate when I get an MPPT charge controller instead of PWM, which is not efficient at extracting wattage/amperage from the panels.

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