Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater, Fogatti Indoor 7.5 GPM, 170000 BTU Black Instant Hot Water Heater Everything Else

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Price: $699.00

We recommend that all installations of units must be done in accordance with the local building and plumbing codes of the installation location and installation be done by a licensed professional.

The tankless design means you don’t have to wait 30 minutes for preheating and unlimited use of hot water.

170,000 BTU high heating capacity and maximum 7.5 GPM. It is suitable for 3-4 outlet points, which can satisfy whole family. UEF over 0.82, the high energy conversion rate can effectively reduce energy loss.

Excellent quality CSA certified in the United States and Canada. Adopting the world’s most advanced technology, superior safety and durability.

Using built in forced exhaust fan at the bottom ensures stable combustion and eliminates the influence of external wind. Compact design for easy installation.

Fogatti provide free replacement within 60 days, and 5 years warranty on heat exchanger and 2 years warranty on other parts. The above-mentioned labor costs extra from 61 days.

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Brand: Fogatti


Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater, Fogatti Indoor 7.5 GPM, 170000 BTU Black Instant Hot Water Heater Everything Else

Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater, Fogatti Black Instant Hot Water Heater

Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater, Fogatti Black Instant Hot Water Heater

Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater, Fogatti Black Instant Hot Water Heater

Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater, Fogatti Black Instant Hot Water Heater



Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater, Fogatti Black Instant Hot Water HeaterReminder

Antifreeze protection needs your cooperation, please keep your water heater staying plugged in a 120v 60HZ power supply to make sure the anti-freeze system automatically ignites; And while if the temperature is below 3°C (37.4°F), or the machine is not in use for a considerable time period, the water heater must be drained to avoid freezing damages. Please note damages caused by freezing are NOT covered under the tankless water heater war ran ty as an industry standard.

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Additional information




Item Weight

‎46.8 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎26.2 x 17.1 x 7.3 inches

Item model number



‎170,000 BTU, Maximum 7.5 GPM




‎Indoor 7.5GPM Natural Gas


‎Cold Rolled Steel Shell, Cooper Heat Exchanger

Power Source

‎Only Natural Gas


‎120 Volts

Installation Method


Maximum Pressure

‎150 Pound per Square Inch

Mounting Type

‎Licensed plumber recommended



Included Components

‎Tankless water heater x 1, user's manual x 1, fittings bag x 1(Wood screw x 2,Expansion bolt x 2,plastic wall plug x 2)

Batteries Included?


Batteries Required?




Date First Available

July 20, 2021

10 reviews for Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater, Fogatti Indoor 7.5 GPM, 170000 BTU Black Instant Hot Water Heater Everything Else

  1. Shannon

    Shopped around, did lots of research and although the name is not familiar … FOGATTI is the manufacturing factory for all those popular names but with factory direct pricing and equal quality. Had a professional install and now saving $50-100 per month on energy consumption compared to our builder grade original water tank.

  2. camping31620

    Hot Water heater for my 95 year old Dad, after 4 months of use, had an issue. Amazon and the Shipper responded timely and has taken care of our problem.Thanks so much, we’re currently waiting on the arrival of a replacement water heater.

  3. Mike Dutton

    Great product. Easy to install & great digital display on front of unit. Heats up to 145 – perfect for my application.

  4. Karissa Connelly/ pete connelly [dad]Karissa Connelly/ pete connelly [dad]

    Replaced my old 9 year! That was over 14 years old! Way over due on the possibility of the flooding of my house! Drain started to leak so looked into going tankless! Glad I did! I took a chance on the name but glad I did! Way easier to install than any name brand out there! I didn’t have to change my exhaust either! No special water line hook up! Got the flush valves separately to flush out unit! Excellent product! And did it myself!

  5. JustinJustin

    You have to sacrafice washing your hands with warm water in a timely fashion. It takes longer for you to recieve hot water.You gain endless hot water. You can go from showering, to laundry, and dishes seamlessly.Plus you save the gas that would be used keeping a tank of water constantly hot.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Fantastic Unit… ! sounds and looks also great !

  7. Sam

    My old water heater stopped working all of a sudden, so I have to replace it. we decided to go tankless this time after a few days of research. this tankless water heater has been working great since installed. it heats up quickly. I can’t tell how much gas it will save yet before I saw the next gas bill, but I can easily tell it saved lots of space. I installed it in my garage, very close to where my old heater was, so I can re-use those water pipes and gas pipes, which made the installation fairly easy. I did ask my buddy to help dig a hole on the wall and put the vent pipe in it. I also brought a tankless water heater service kit and a pressure relief valve, which is required by the city. overall it’s a good heater, no complain so far.


    So far so good. Had it install in about in 30 minutes on my food truck. Heats up very fast with a large digital display. Gotta give it 5 stars!

  9. J-KoneezyJ-Koneezy

    The unit was an easy conversion from a 40 gallon gas tank water heater. Installed it in a 2×4 plywood for better support mounted easy with the template provided. Pros of the unit is that it uses a 3” b vent so no modification on the exhaust was needed.Did not need to rip up roof or run extra pipe for intake and exhaust. There is no need for an intake vent, it just needs a lot of space air available. Running Pex from the top was simple and easy with an additional purchase of an isolation valve kit. Only major change needed was running a 3/4 gas csst line to the unit and installing an electrical plug. Once it was up and running, it kicked on immediately and quickly reached the desired 140 degrees. Some say it takes a few minutes to get hot but with my house having extra far bathrooms, I didn’t see a noticeable change in time taken to get hot water over, about 20 seconds. When showering , it did take 1 min to get to full temperature and maintained that for the time of the shower. Ran a test intake water temp was 80 degrees and ran two showers and 2 sinks and there was no drop in temp. Works great so far. When the unit is on for a shower, the blower fan kicks on and you can hear it pretty loud, it’s in the garage so I can’t hear it in the house. have a water softener so I’m not to worried about build up in the heater.

  10. DoubleA@CHHDoubleA@CHH

    This was my 3rd purchase of Fogatti products, as i started with a portable water heater for the backyard and outdoor camping, that worked out well for me. So when my plumber wanted to charge me a few hundreds for flushing my 15+ year tank water heater, i was like why not upgrade to a tankless water heater? It’s a heavy(duty) machine i have to say, and it took me quite some time to flush out the water from the old tank heater and remove it from the “closet”, but worth all of the efforts. So many hard water sediments inside the tank than i had expected, i can’t believe we’ve been using hot water from the tank water heater for so long, and that also explains why sometimes the hot water seemed to be white rather than transparent. Installation of the new one was straightforward for me as a handyman, keep in mind there’s extra costs for vent pipe, service kits and other accessories needed. This tankless one heats up only when hot water is needed, look like my gas bill of last month did go down by a few dollars. Lastly, one more thing to mention, the tank i received had a dent on the side, probably the shipper or someone hit the box too hard. I contacted their customer service and a lady in FL responded immediately and took care of my case. Good customer service… so i actually referred to (showed off) my neighbor/buddy and he ended up buying one too. It’s gonna be our DIY project(aka fun) for this weekend or next.

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