LOSSIGY 12 Volt 100AH Deep Cycle Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery, The Perfect Replacement for golf cart, Trolling Motor, RV, Marine, Solar system

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Price: $319.99

【Value for money】: LOSSIGY’s lithium iron phosphate batteries have excellent 4000~7000 cycles and up to 10 years service life. Compared with AGM / SLA batteries on the market, our batteries have higher energy density, more stable performance and higher power, and works well in various applications.

【Lightweight】: Weighting only 25 lb for one module, our 12V 100Ah battery weighs in at only 1/3 the weight of AGM/SLA batteries! It doesn’t contain any heavy metals and rare metals, no pollution.

【Excellent safety】:All types of batteries produced by LOSSIGY can be used in series or in parallel, and will not overheat not burn not explode under high temperature or overcharge. The built-in BMS system can perfectly protect the internal structure of the battery.

【Wide Applications】: As such an excellent lithium battery, you can safely install it in any position. Such as Solar system, Marine, RV, Campers, Golf cart, Medical devices, Electric mobility scooter, Off-road, Off-grid Applications Etc.

【What You Get】: 12V 100Ah Lifepo4 battery, Positive and negative copper core cable, Product parameter guide, and our 5 years worry-free warranty and friendly customer service.

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LOSSIGY 12 Volt 100AH Deep Cycle Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery, The Perfect Replacement for golf cart, Trolling Motor, RV, Marine, Solar system Battery, Built in 50A BMS, 4000-7000 Cycles

The Best Choice For Battery Replacement

LOSSIGY 12 Volt 100AH Deep Cycle Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery

The lithium chemistry of the battery cuts the weight of the traditional lead-acid battery to less than half while providing a massive boost to performance capacity.
Designed for more than just storing power easily, they’re here for you to provide long-lasting peace of mind with their immense durability making it easy to use them in your home, your job or for your outdoor needs where trust, safety.

The integrated battery management system (BMS) protects the battery from various conditions during the charging/discharging process. And with high temp automatic cut off
The state-of-the-art battery cells ensure longer service life, exceptional discharge performance and we have a professional R & D team and have been committed to providing customers with the perfect power solutions.

The MPPT and Inverter setting method of 12.8V LiFePO4 battery pack is as follows

Charging voltage: 14.2-14.6V
Overvoltage disconnect voltage: 15V
Overvoltage reconnection voltage: 14.2V
Low voltage disconnection voltage: 10.8V
Low voltage reconnection voltage: 10.6V
Undervoltage warning voltage: 12.4V

Product Parameters

Can be connected in series (up to 4)/ in parallel (up to 10)
Nominal Capacity: 100Ah
Nominal Voltage: 12.8V
Maximum Continuous Charging Current: 50A
Maximum Continuous Discharging Current: 50A
Protection Rate: IP68
Operating temperature range
Charge: 32℉–113℉
Discharge: -4℉–140℉
Storage temperature: 10℉-122℉
Charging state: low temperature cut-off is 32 ° F, high temperature cut-off is 113 ° F
Discharge state: low temperature cut-off is – 4 ° F, high temperature cut-off is 140 ° F
Product size: L * W * H 10.2 * 6.7 * 8.2 inches
Maintenance free

Additional information




Item Weight

‎25 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎10.25 x 6.61 x 8.23 inches


‎4 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

Manufacturer Part Number



‎12.8 Volts



Date First Available

June 12, 2021

10 reviews for LOSSIGY 12 Volt 100AH Deep Cycle Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery, The Perfect Replacement for golf cart, Trolling Motor, RV, Marine, Solar system

  1. F. Templeton

    b I ordered and received 3 of these batteries. Arrived much sooner the Amazon predicted. Charged them each with LiFePO4 20 Amp charger before installing them in my primary solar system that powers my house refrigerator, Internet, furnace blower, computers, and other items as needed. I’m ready for any extended commercial power outage. With any luck they should be good for ten years. So far no problems.July, 2021: Bought two more, for my secondary solar system to replace another brand that was much larger. The two new are just narrow enough to fit two in the space. This gives me 400 Amps of power replacing a 200 Amp battery, at the same time I upgraded to two new 175 Watt panels for 75% increase. With the changes I now have plenty of power even on cloudy/rainy days. Due to drought in California there is an expectation that there could be additional power outages as hydro power generators will not have water to run. Have now set up the older panels and battery in a third system for emergency power needs by deploying an extra 1000 Watt inverter that I had in storage. I’m ready for the BIG ONE if my house doesn’t come down.

  2. Phoenix1969

    Ordered May 11th, had in my hands by 7pm on the 15th. Very fast shipping for batteries.Upon arrival each battery had between 13.23 and 13.25 volts and appeared to be well constructed.Packaging was very professional. Each battery comes with 2 cables and extra bolts, but I used my own cables.I charged each one seperately a bit so each cell had exactly 13.51v open circuit.Then connected them in series and replaced my aging weak 415Ah AGM’s.I set the charger to 40amp bulk, 10 amp Absorb, and they charged for another 4 hours at 55.2v untill hitting float at 2 amps. The voltage settled down to 53.1 after dusk.During charging, there was no noticable heat or warmth from the terminals at all.Overnight I left on my desktop gaming computer, 65inch TV, a 3d printer printing overnight, a large Kenmore refrigerator, ran the water pump, and I microwaved large cup of coffee a few times, including predawn hours. I around 400-450 watt draw average all nightpredawn readings before recharge are 52.2 overall, and individually 13.13–13.14v each showing.Summary:I’m extremely happy with the performance. They seem to deliver as advertised.Seller was very helpful in email correspondance.I definately recommend this seller RcLithium and product Lossigy; thumbs up!Update: Second set arrived, now they are in parallel/series 48v 400ah see last photo

  3. Matt’s Guide Service

    Ok, so I researched lithium batteries for months. I needed three 12v 100ah batteries wired in series to run a 36v trolling motor on my boat. I bought these on Prime Day, got a great deal, and they have performed great. I run charters six days a week and these batteries have been put to work. Zero problems so far.

  4. TASJR

    The two 300AH batteries arrived early by UPS, shipping time was very fast within 4 days of order (paid 70.00 faster shipping) product was very well packed. I replaced 6ea 235ah 6v AGM golf cart batteries with two of these. They are installed on a Magnum MS2812 inverter that supports a fiber network system when local power is out.. Now we are getting about 3 times more life than the old batteries provided. Testing the AGM cells we nornlly would get about 8 hrs run time. Now with two 300AH I tested for 28 hours and batteries still had over 80% left. When ordered I was not totally sure it was going to work out but I am very happy with the entire purchase. This is a very good buy for us. Looking foward to many years of trouble free service. Thank You Junson!!

  5. Neil

    Just returned from a week of boondocking with 200ah battery, and it performed as expected. Had a couple days with very limited sun and it kept us powered. Had a slight problem when the battery arrived with a little case damage from shipping. Customer service was great. I decided to make a repair to the case and give it a try. After a week, so far so good. When I got home I found a 10amp charger on my doorstep sent by Customer service for my trouble. Call me a Happy Camper.

  6. Mark D. Jones

    First off, in the first month, these batteries have been AWESOME. I can make water with them for about 8 hours (according to the battery monitor). I did make water for 4.5 hours but then I had to return to port and the water quality there precludes water making.They shipped them to Mexico for me, yay! The got the paperwork wrong, aye carumba!The product is good, I use less than 10% of their capacity (900Ah) each night running 2 refrigerators and 1 freezer and they are completely recharged in a few hours with ~900W of solar panels. Even under heavy load the batteries remain cool to the touch.The small cables they send with the batteries are not particularly useful. They are 18″ long and 25mm thick, I’d rather get the discount for the cables and make my own but I don’t think it would be much of a discount.I bought these because a friend has 600Ah of them and they have been in his boat for 6 months and work well. Glad I bought them.

  7. Abdul achour

    This battery is awsome, i used it for my trolling motor on my kayak, lots of run time, but you have to by a lthium battery charger because i did not know at first and couldn’t get the battery to fully charge then i contacted the seller and he was so responsive and helpful and even sent me a free charger after that the battery was amazing at full charge. I coud not even drain it in one whole day of fishing like 8-10 hours, fully recommended and well worth the money.

  8. E.Stacy

    These arrived yesterday just in time to save the day teaching online today from home, keeping the router & modem going (~23W) for about an hour. The last lead acid batteries in my UPS were 2 years old and lasting only 20 minutes. These should run the modem & router for about 2X 12V*8Ah = 192Wh / 23W = 8.3 hrs and hopefully the BMS will protect them over the years if they become fully run down during unattended outages.Before buying these, I’d read about someone needing to charge them to match the voltages for use in a UPS, but both my batteries arrived at 13.10 V each. THANK YOU to the seller/manufacturer.I have an unboxing impression of a company with integrity considering these are returnable and have a 5 year warranty. THANK YOU again to the manufacturer and seller for making what seems to be a quality product.I’ll update this after the next significant power outage or after some months or hopefully years of use.NOTE to UPS users — learn from my experience and mistake. Typical lead-acid UPS batteries are NOT meant to be used for any significant length of time. If left running, the UPS will drain them down too low and ruin them (since there’s no BMS built in to the battery itself). Also, with these LiFePO4 batteries, I don’t expect the UPS to give an accurate readout of time remaining since the voltage/discharge curve will be very different.

  9. Tyson Estes

    Wow!, I’m very impressed with the costumer service. I needed this LiFePO4 200ah battery to run my ac, since there are power outages in my area. It was about to get over 100 in 3days. I was worried that it would take 3 to 4 weeks for the battery to arrive. I contacted the seller with my concerns and they really set me at ease. The battery arrived the next day just as the temperature hit 108. Hooked it up and got everything purring to cool down the house. The battery is a beast. I’ll update as time rolls on. Right now the battery is performing perfectly.

  10. Curt Volkman

    Hi Quality battery for a low price. Appears to be solidly constructed. Size is smaller than other brands for same rating capacity. But I think battery does have the capacity because it weighs as much, even though it has a smaller footprint. Customer service was very responsive to my questions. Battery comes with cables and terminal screws. Working well so far.

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