Le Angelique 2021 HYdra – Hydrogen Rich Water Bottle Generator + Gas Inhaler

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REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR BODY: Hydrogen water keeps cells healthy and energized to control free radical damage that caused us to age rapidly with declining health. Drink this all day right out of the glass bottle wherever you are or share it by either pouring into a glass or taking turns on using it.

STATE OF THE ART TECHNOLOGY: Our affordable portable machines were specifically designed to make the highest levels of beneficial hydrogen concentrate dissolve in water. We use the best materials to give you the highest concentration of Hydrogen to produce the most benefit.

PORTABLE HYDROGEN WATER: Hydra is the most compact hydrogen water maker. With an inhaler adapter and self-cleaning mode this is the best performing portable H2 water generator on the market.

LIVE A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: Hydrogen water will help you boost your performance and prevent your body from aging, inflammatory illnesses, allergies and free radicals that damage your healthy cells. Use the Inhaler as a water substitute on car or plane trips and when relaxing in evenings when drinking water isn’t an option.

ENHANCED YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM: Hydrogen water is good for the body. It can continuously enhance human blood circulation, activate body cells, enhance immunity, promote digestion and excretion, improve gastrointestinal system, and effectively improve metabolism.

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Brand: Le Angelique


Le Angelique 2021 HYdra – Hydrogen Rich Water Bottle Generator + Gas Inhaler | 1.6 PPM Max Concentration Molecular H2 Maker Machine | PEM Membrane & SPE Technology Ionizer | USB Recharge (Black)

Le Angelique 2021 HYdra - Hydrogen Rich Water Bottle Generator


Free radicals are the molecules in the body that have unpaired electrons, which makes them chemically reactive and they take electrons from healthy cells. When the cell loses too many electrons, it dies and becomes a free radical itself, and that’s the cause of the majority of illnesses.

Worry no more because with this hydrogen-rich water bottle generator by Le Angelique this unhealthy process stops and it has an anti-aging effect. This hydrogen bottle acts as a selective antioxidant and neutralizes all harmful free radicals.

Le Angelique 2021 HYdra - Hydrogen Rich Water Bottle Generator


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B08DK9XFJ9-hydra-hydrogen-water-bottle-black-4th-bannerRECHARGEABLE HYDROGEN WATER GENERATOR

Hydra is anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic. Hydrogen makes our blood flowy. It splits clustered red blood cells, which helps with delivering Oxygen to all organs and muscles, even though very thin capillaries.

This Hydra hydrogen-rich water bottle stabilizes metabolism and eases out the overall functioning of the body, including anti-allergenic effects. This water generator comes with state-of-the-art technology.

Le Angelique 2021 HYdra - Hydrogen Rich Water Bottle Generator

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3 reviews for Le Angelique 2021 HYdra – Hydrogen Rich Water Bottle Generator + Gas Inhaler

  1. ChaseChase

    I had heard of hydrogen water from prior research and have wanted to try it for a while now but other hydrogen water products are so expensive. I discovered this product and saw the price and couldn’t say no. I have heard such great things about hydrogen water and let me tell you the hype is real! Within two weeks I have more energy, my sleep is better, my digestion is better, and I’m not so darn thirsty all the time. Two glasses in the morning and I won’t feel thirsty for the rest of the day! The product itself is sleek, compact, and really cool looking! All my friends are always asking me about it. Such an amazing product, thank you Hydra, you’ve changed my life!

  2. Israel

    Excellent quality hydrogen water bottle generator.First of all, it looks great and it’s really easy and simple to use. In just 7 minutes it turns your regular water in rich hydrogen water, which makes so much good for your mind and entire body.I’ve noticed that when I use the gas inhaler I sleep so much better, I have a deeper sleep and wake up more energetic and ready for my day. The hydrogenated water tastes a little different from your regular water, but does not taste bad at all.I am feeling healthier and with more energy for the last month since I’ve started drinking water from this bottle. Wife and I recommend it.

  3. Miranda

    This is a luxurious product but more importantly it is so beneficial I really don’t understand why these aren’t in everyone’s household making people’s blood healthier just does not make sense that this is a luxury item but nonetheless it’s awesome and your brain feels good after

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