KYEKIO Upgraded 12Pack Torches, Solar Lights Outdoor, 12LED Solar Torch Lights with Dancing Flickering Flames, Waterproof

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Gorgeous Flickering Flames: Solar Torches flicker a gorgeous dancing flames, a safe alternative to the real “flames”. Through Upgraded 12LEDs, it casts a safe, soft and mood-enhancing glow. These are small torches with the total length 20.6 inches and diameter 3 inches.

Broad Decoration Scenarios: Torch Light is a prefect choice for Home, Garden, Yard, Pathway, Walkway’s Landscape Decorations and garden party, camping, barbecue, wedding, Christmas, Halloween festival, which could provide a perfect campfire ambience.

Weatherproof and Durable: Made of high-strength ABS, the solar light is IP65 waterproof, dustproof, heatproof and frost proof. No matter how hot or cold it is, they work excellently as long as they get enough sunlight. The only Torch Mode benefits their lifespans.

Solar Charging & Auto Lighting: With 300mAh Built-In Rechargeable Battery, it lights up 6-8 hours in summer and 4-6 hours in winter after fully solar charged. It contains a Photosensitive control Switch on the solar panel, so that it can automatically turn on/off based on the outdoor light.

Customer Support & Warm Tips: KYEKIO offers a No-Worry 45-Day Return and 365-Day Exchange Product Policy for any product problems. Please feel free to contact us by Email or Amazon Store, we will respond you within 24hrs. When firstly using, Please turn on switch and charge the lights by direct Sunlight for at least 8 hrs.

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KYEKIO Upgraded 12Pack Torches, Solar Lights Outdoor, 12LED Solar Torch Lights with Dancing Flickering Flames, Waterproof Landscape Decoration Flame Lights for Garden Pathway Yard-Auto On/Off

KYEKIO Upgraded 12Pack Torches, Solar Lights Outdoor, 12LED Solar Torch Lights

KYEKIO Upgraded 12Pack Torches, Solar Lights Outdoor, 12LED Solar Torch Lights with Dancing Flickering Flames

Solar Torch Lights

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KYEKIO Upgraded 12Pack Torches, Solar Lights Outdoor, 12LED Solar Torch Lights

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Solar Torch Light

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Package Dimensions

10 x 8.8 x 7.5 inches

Item Weight

3.34 pounds


KERUN Technology




1 AA batteries required. (included)

10 reviews for KYEKIO Upgraded 12Pack Torches, Solar Lights Outdoor, 12LED Solar Torch Lights with Dancing Flickering Flames, Waterproof

  1. EagleMaster1245

    They have made quite the conversation piece where I live. using the two sets of 12 I was able to enhance the beauty to my home, especially at night. I have received numerous “I love what you’ve added to the front of the house’ comments.Thank you, thank you , and of course thank you.

  2. Linda Ross

    Our torch lights arrived yesterday morning. I was glad that several people had mentioned that there was a small on/off switch inside the top of the torch. I have had lights with a switch before but it has been a while and I don’t know if I would have remembered. We were anxious to see how they looked, so we went ahead and put them out even though they did not have a whole day to charge. We knew they were a smaller version of the big torch lights that we had put at the entrance to our gazebo. They were all set up in our ”shade” garden. I was afraid that we might have to move them to a sunnier location in order for them to fully charge. We went out about sunset, and were happily surprised to see that the lights soon started to come on. Soon, they were all lit. They gave a beautiful look to our shady garden area. After all the comments I had read about them not staying on all night, we were happily surprised to see them all still on when we got up this morning. Of course, we are nearing the shortest night of the year where I live, but I would not expect any solar light to last more than the 9 hours that ours did. They are so attractive, very well built for the cost, and at least so far, work perfectly. Definitely worth the money, and we will soon be buying a new set or two. Don’t let the negative reviews scare you off.I wonder if the negative people read the card included that told how to get quick help with a problem.

  3. GloriousSausages

    Holy bananas while I was going to write this review my hammock outside I think caught some weird wind and was making a weird humming squeaking sound as it swayed. Man it scared the bananas out of me holy heck haha. Note to self; I need to quit on writing this review and go buy a new hammock stand is what I need to do! Wow that will get the heart rate up fast.Also these LED torch lights are awesome and a total steal for the bajillion of them that you get. I forgot how many I ordered but there were a lot and they are great.They are smaller than what you are envisioning right now I guarantee itYou will be saying ‘heh, that dude was right they are smaller than I envisioned’ when you open these up. but they are epic nonetheless. Thanks again and enjoy the day.

  4. Karen Smink

    I love the lights! They are perfect for my new landscaping. I did have a small problem. I contacted Kerun Technology US to explain the problem. They answered my email within an hour, resolved the problem, and the new part is already on its way!! The email was sincere and showed concern for me, the customer, that they would make sure I was happy with their product. Not only am I very happy with the product, I will look at other lighting for my garden through this company. Thank you Kerun Technology for showing the Christmas Spirit!!

  5. Lundy Wilder

    I had a question about one of the lights in my multi-pack and I emailed to the address that was included on a card in the box. Within hours I had a reply. And BAM, a replacement arrived in 2 days , and I didn’t even ask for a replacement. !! These sellers are great. The lights work as stated and are a fun feature on a balcony or deck, makes you feel like a Tiki Party is starting any minute. If you use them along a driveway, etc, I am sure they would look great. Be aware that these lights a a little bit smaller than some others, ck the image on this page for dimensions. The larger ones do look a little more flame like, but I love these lights. There is a tiny slide switch under the cap which has to be moved from OFF to ON. Hard to see in low light but it is there. I just leave mine ON all the time. Maybe if I stored them for a while, I’d turn them all off. Buy them, you will love them !

  6. christopher green

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     The product came in perfect. Set up was very easy. As you can see in my video, the lights were an outstanding addition to my Halloween and Thanksgiving light project for the house. This is a great product. Just make sure you place in a position where it can absorb plenty of sunlight.

  7. MyThAi4u

    Loved it so much I bought another set….and may buy one more…I just love the orange glow and flickering without having to worry about my electric bill or starting a fire. All of them worked straight out of the box, but I did charge it in the sun for the day before sticking them in the ground. They were so easy to assemble…:just pull the top off and make sure you turn the tiny switch on. The plastic isn’t too heavy duty so if you have hard dirt, it’s best you dig the hole first or wait till after rain to stick it into the ground. We had heavy rains after I put them in the ground and they’re all still working great. Highly recommend.

  8. Devin

    We just received these last night, they came charged and still glowing at 5 am. I’m impressed so far. They really do look like little fires burning I’m already thinking about purchasing another pack of 12.

  9. Kim S.

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     These aren’t the bigger torches but they are still great! I show the size comparison in the video and the value is great for 12 of them

  10. Demeta and WILLIE Barrington

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     I received the lights on Saturday and they all worked perfectly. Thanks so much for your quick response and making everything work for me.I was starting to believe good customer service was a thing of the past. But your company gave me hope for the future.🙏

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