Hydrogen Water Bottle | Portable 4-in-1 Hydrogen Generator | 15 Ounce Capacity | Premium Borosilicate Glass

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Multipurpose, Hydrogen-Rich Water Bottle, Hydrogen Generator for Bottled Water, Ozone Water Maker, Low-Flow Hydrogen Inhaler (Limited to 5ml/min, 10 minutes)

15 Ounce / 450ml Large Capacity with Borosilicate Glass Body

5 Minutes Standard Mode and 10 Minutes Enhancement Mode

NO CHANGE TO PH – Latest Generation Dupont 117 SPE Technology Ensures High Purity and Long Lifetime. Battery Rechargeable, 2 Hours Charge for 10 Runs, Low Battery Indicated by Red Light. Bottle Adaptor and Inhalation Cannula Accessories Included

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Brand: Plafnio


Hydrogen Water Bottle | Portable 4-in-1 Hydrogen Generator | 15 Ounce Capacity | Premium Borosilicate Glass

Hydrogen water bottle generatorINTRODUCTION

This hydrogen water bottle has a large capacity of 15 ounces. Its body is made of high quality borosilicate glass that bring the benefits of temperature resistance, material safety and durability. It can be easily transformed between bottle and hydrogen base (for bottled water). It’s designed as rechargeable with a micro-USB port.


1) Fill in distilled, purified or mineral water. NOT for juice or drinks.

2) DOUBLE-CLICK or TRIPLE-CLICK the button for a 5 minutes /10 minutes hydrogen infusing session.

Note: long-press the button will bring the generator to ozone making mode. Ozone water is not for drink, it’s for clean.

3) If you want, install the bottled water to the base by using the bottle adapter, to make your own hydrogen-rich bottled water.

4) Charge the bottle by USB cable when the red light flashes. The charge will take 2 hours and one charge can support approximate 10 sessions.

hydrogen water bottle

This product is made with the latest DuPont 117 membrane and platinum coating electrodes. This technology bring you chlorine-free 99.9% purity hydrogen and has a working lifetime of 8000 hours.

hydrogen water bottle

Thanks to the latest membrane ion exchange technology, only pure hydrogen molecules are dissolved in water, which will not affect the pH of water.


This hydrogen bottle is suitable for a wide range of water quality, including mineral water, purified water, distilled water, RO water or warm boiled water(<200F). To install your bottle water onto, Please take the glass body off and then put the bottle adaptor on.

What’s in box:

Generator base, glass bottle body with lid, bottle adaptor, inhalation cannula, USB charging cable

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  • PRESSURE – High hydrogen concentration requires high pressure. When adding water, maintain a relatively high water level, so as to reduce the volume of residual air
  • TIME – The longer the electrolysis time, the more hydrogen will be produced. 10 minutes (triple-click) will produce more hydrogen than 5 minutes (double-click), resulting in a higher concentration.
  • TEMPERATURE – If the water temperature is too low (for example, iced water), the activity of ion exchange will decrease, resulting in less hydrogen production. The test data is based on a water temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • CLEANING & MAINTENANCE – Over time, impurities will accumulate on the electrode, thus reducing the hydrogen production. We recommend cleaning once a month. You can perform the standard ‘clean’ procedure once, or add light citric acid solution for 30 minutes(POWER OFF). Using purified water or distilled water as much as possible can also reduce the deposition of impurities.

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hydrogen water into cup



  • This bottle is mainly for hydrogen water generation. The performance of inhalation and ozone production function is limited, so it’s not intended to substitute regular hydrogen inhaler or ozone generator.
  • Before the first use, have a ‘clean’ procedure to wake up the SPE module for max performance.
  • clean procedure(same as ozone making): add hot water in, long-press the button until red light, wait until finished, and pour out the water
  • DON NOT use juice, cola, sugar, or soda water. They will be harmful to the SPE module. Purified, distilled, mineral/spring, and RO water are recommended.
  • Drink out the water within 30 minutes since hydrogen molecules are very easy to escape. Always tighten the lip to keep the hydrogen in.
  • Pour the hydrogen water into a cup for drinking, to keep bacteria from building up.
  • AVOID using nasal cannula in ozone water making mode (after long-press the button).

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Additional information




Item Weight

‎2.14 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎8.7 x 8.7 x 3.5 inches

Country of Origin


Item model number





‎Glass, Borosilicate Glass



Power Source

‎Battery Powered

Flow Rate

‎10 Cubic Centimeters Per Minute

Included Components

‎Bottle main unit, accessories



Date First Available

September 13, 2021

2 reviews for Hydrogen Water Bottle | Portable 4-in-1 Hydrogen Generator | 15 Ounce Capacity | Premium Borosilicate Glass

  1. Duane A. Priest

    OK… I’m not all up with the entire concept of using Hydrogenated water to improve the quality of life, but the bit I’ve read made it sound interesting enough that I thought I would give it a try.I have no experience with other similar products, but I can tell you that this is extremely easy to assemble and use. I did follow the recommendations to “prep” the bottle for regular use by using warmer, salinated water.Charging the bottle is simple… it’s powered by a standard USB power adapter and Micro-USB cable. The bottle shows red while charging, and green when fully charged. To use the bottle, simply fill it with cold, filtered water, put on the cap, and press the front button twice. When operating, the leds within the bottle glow blue. When the cycle is finished, the bottle beeps and the lights go out. It’s recommended to run the bottle through 2 cycles to obtain optimal hydrogenation.I’ve been drinking bottles of the hydrogenated water a few times a day in lieu of normal filtered water, and I have noticed an improvement in my overall level of acuity and concentration. I’m a programmer, and I find that in the afternoon’s I typically hit a slump where I feel exhausted and it’s difficult to concentrate. Since I’ve been using this product, I’m amazed to find that I no longer experience that performance drop. Nothing else has changed in my routine or diet, so this has to have something to do with this product.While I came to try this product with sincere doubt, I’m now convinced that there’s value here. From a personal performance perspective, the bottle has already paid for itself several times over. I can’t swear that this will work for everyone, but I can attest that it works for me and based upon these experiences, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it or to order it again in the future.

  2. example

    Everything this advertises in this listing is correct, surprisingly. I have no leaks at all, the container is glass, this does produce a fair amount of H2 on a 5 minute cycle. If you choose to run it for another cycle or a longer cycle, this will NOT double the amount of H2 in the water. It barely increases at all. I would say to save the battery instead. I have no idea why all of these listing for H2 bottles suggest to double the cycle….It does NOT work that way!This does come with an adapter so you can use a regular plastic water bottle. I will try that as soon as I buy some. I have read that this may give a higher H2 reading by using a water bottle. I will update this part! For now, I use purified water from my home (reverse osmosis) and it does produce larger H2 bubbles. This does NOT require the use of regular tap water, but if that is all you have, you can use that. Eventually, you will get mineral build up on it so I do not suggest that. This H2 bottle will work with any kind of water you have though. There are cheaper generators here that you MUST use tap water with as it will only work if there are minerals in the water. They also make the water taste like ozone. This generator is a much better quality and the one you want with the SPE/PEM. My H2 meter is acting a bit funny ATM, so I will say that the reading after 1 cycle is over 1200 and ORP is -500.If you are young and healthy, you will not notice a benefit to drinking H2 water other than your hydration levels. It does taste “wetter” and you will remain hydrated.If you are in your 40’s and older, this is for you as it helps with energy, memory, aches-pains-stiffness….. age related degeneration and some illnesses. I have about 8 of these H2 generators and I LOVE them. I would never want to be without it!This also comes with the breathing tube. I have not tried that from this bottle yet but I do like that it is an included option. This also has an ozone producing cycle. I use this for gargling and cleaning my toothbrush. If there is any funk growing in the H2 bottle, the ozone will take care of that. DO NOT drink from the glass H2 bottle ever!! You want to pour the hydrogen or ozone water into a glass and then drink or use it. You don’t want bacteria getting into this bottle or the generator!I like this bottle, its’ features and options. It comes with a micro usb charging cord and it does charge quickly. I would buy this again

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