HOPOPRO High Pressure Shower Head 5 Settings Fixed Showerhead 4.1 Inch High Flow Bathroom Showerhead with Adjustable Brass Ball Joint

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Upgraded 5 Different Functions High Pressure Shower Head: This is a high flow fixed showerhead with 5 spray modes. You can switch and choose a spray mode you like by adjusting the controller on the panel of the showerhead

Superior Material and Exquisite Craft Details: This high flow rain shower head is made of ABS chrome, the exquisite chrome plated surface makes it lightweight, durable and rust-proof. The adjustable shower head has 4.1 inch panel, on which 47 self-cleaning nozzles and 19 abs nozzles are easy to clean, therefore, the water outlets of the head won’t be blocked easily

360°Adjustable Metal Ball Connection Joint Design: Adjustable ball connection joint design makes this shower head flexible to adjust angles or directions for a more comfortable shower

Easy to Install: No plumber needed, you can install it manually and it can work in minutes; Extra practical accessories are included in the package, such as teflon tape; An ideal replacement choice for your old showerhead

Brand Professionalism and Advantage: we are a brand specialized in providing comfortable shower solutions and bringing luxury shower experience for different customers. Any suggestions or help please feel free to message us on Amazon

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HOPOPRO High Pressure Shower Head 5 Settings Fixed Showerhead 4.1 Inch High Flow Bathroom Showerhead with Adjustable Brass Ball Joint for Luxury Shower Experience Even at Low Water Pressure

High Pressure Shower Head

HOPOPRO High Pressure Shower Head 5 Settings Fixed Showerhead

High Pressure Shower HeadHopopro 5 Functions Fixed Shower Head brings you & your family a pleasant shower experience.

Key Features


  • High Pressure and Powerful Flow
  • 360° Rotatable Metal Ball Joint
  • 5 Different Spray Patterns
  • Self-cleaning Nozzles
  • Durable Material
  • Anti-clog & Anti-leak
  • Install in Minutes
  • Extra Practical Accessories

high pressure shower head

Adjustable Metal Swivel Ball Joint

G1/2″ metal connection (360° Rotatable) prevents cracking or leaking.

high pressure shower head

Superior ABS Chrome

Made of high quality ABS chrome, exquisite chrome plated surface.

high pressure shower head

Self-cleaning Silicone Jet Nozzles

4.1 Inch panel with 47 self-cleaning silicone jet nozzles and 19 ABS nozzles.

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high pressure shower head

Additional information



‎Shen Zhen Shi Shu Yuan Science and Technology Ltd. Hopopro

Part Number


Item Weight

‎3.2 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎4.13 x 4.13 x 3.35 inches

Item model number



‎4.13*4.13*3.35 inch








‎Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene



Installation Method

‎Wall Mounted

Item Package Quantity


Cutting Diameter

‎4.13 Inches


‎Inside; Professional

Included Components

‎Wrench, Teflon tap, 5 modes fixed shower head, Instructions

Batteries Included?


Batteries Required?


Warranty Description

‎Lifetime warranty

Assembled Diameter

‎4.13 Inches



Date First Available

July 1, 2019

10 reviews for HOPOPRO High Pressure Shower Head 5 Settings Fixed Showerhead 4.1 Inch High Flow Bathroom Showerhead with Adjustable Brass Ball Joint

  1. G. Patrick

    If you’ve seen the Seinfeld episode “the Shower Head” and can relate with the characters after their building Superintendent installs low-flow showerheads, this is the solution you’ve been looking for. And, thankfully, you can order it right off Amazon instead of having to deal with some shady black marketeer selling out of the back of a cargo van in the alley behind the Market Diner. I doubt the flow rate of this thing complies with any municipal, county, state, or provincial code in the U.S. or Canada, and that’s what makes it great. It feels like showers used to. If feels like a shower should. Designed originally to be used by the circus to clean elephants, this thing will practically blow you out of the shower enclosure on the highest setting. If you’re delicate and can’t handle the power, you can install the included flow reducer, but you’d probably be better served by a lesser Cyclone F-series, Hydra Jet Flow, or Stockholm Superstream. This head is for folks who are as fanatical about their showers as the Serbs.On a serious note, this showerhead arrived quickly and included thoughtful extras in the package like a roll of Teflon tape (to seal the threads), a small spanner wrench so you can snug it tighter than hand-tight without marring the nice chrome finish, and a charmingly whimsical shower cap. Other than possibly needing a different wrench or a set of channel lock pliers to remove your old shower head, everything you need to install the new one in a couple of minutes is right in the box. Kudos to the seller for going the extra mile.The first time you feel the firm water pressure on your back, then rinse a thick lather of shampoo out of your hair in a matter of a few seconds, you’ll be disappointed that you didn’t buy this showerhead sooner. At this price, I’m tempted to order a couple more to put in storage just in case this model is no longer available the next time I need a new showerhead. I might even consider having an extra one to bring with while traveling. It’s that satisfying.

  2. C. Smith

    I was skeptical about such a low cost shower head but the other reviews convinced me to give it a try.We recently moved into a rental house and the master bath has a huge walk in shower, but the shower head was very funky from the hard water in Florida and the landlord does not replace anything unless it is totally broken.I was about to pay a ton more at a big box store and then found this one and decided to give it a shot.1. It literally took about 5 minutes to install! It took more time to find our vice grips to remove the old one than it did to put in the new one.. easy and no leaking!!2. I thought we had poor water pressure, but we don’t! Wow, I can actually rinse shampoo from my long hair quickly instead of struggling with a drizzly, old big name shower head.3. I was so impressed that I bought (2) more for the other showers in the house. At this price, why not!

  3. OnlineShopping RocksOnlineShopping Rocks

    We bought this shower head to replace “Delta Faucet 4-Spray In2ition 2-in-1 Dual Hand Held Shower Head with Hose” (5″ dia) which turned out to be way too big for our shower room. Our shower pan is only 30″x40″, so, with the Delta one, water hit the opposite wall instead of hitting downward to the pan. We could not change the water direction because the handheld shower designed to attach right beneath the head was hitting the wall and prevented it from happening. With a new HOPOPRO shower head, instead, we can freely change the water direction. We use it with its restrictor in it, and we find the pressure totally fine. We tried all the 5 spray settings, and so far, they are all working GREAT. We recommend this shower head to anyone who has a small shower room like we do.

  4. SC Short

    We purchased a new home in a development with low water pressure. We have been in search for a couple of years for the perfect shower head that would give us more than a trickle of water. We have purchased quite a few and even traded ideas with neighbors. Nothing. I stumbled across this shower head during the ‘Daily Deals’ and took a chance with a purchase. After an easy installation with proper instructions, I turned the water on and to my surprise….wow! So, I decided to purchase them for the rest of the house and one for our neighbor friends. Time will tell if it keeps up with the surprising pressure, but we are very satisfied. Thanks.

  5. Bmfesq

    Ok I am on a well which sucks. I bought an oxygenics shower head installed it to replace the plain showerhead in the shower. I thought for $40.00 and the fact that the one in my travel trailer by oxygenics works so awesome that it would work for the house. Well it didn’t the pressure was awful. So I after a year saw this one on amazon and thought well its only $15.00 if it doesn’t work any better at least it will not be filled with hard water like the year old head. Ok so enough background. THIS SHOWER HEAD IS AWESOME!!!! I can not wait to take a shower in the morning now. Normally the lawn is being watered and the pressure that already sucks is worse when its my turn to shower but not anymore. The shower head blasts out water at a high rate and I love it. Now I just wish they made a kitchen faucet so that the spray handle in the kitchen could clean the plates

  6. RobioneW

    The media could not be loaded.

     Day 1: of receiving this product. This is amazing! I love the different nozzle settings and pressure of this shower head! I took forever trying to find a good shower head and took my chance on this one and it was the right one!

  7. R B W

    WOW! I’ve been buying products on Amazon for several years now, but I have never been so compelled to write such a favourable review, as I want to give this company and their excellent product. This shower head was already excellent value for money, but it even came with a very useful gift, with full fitting equipment and tools all making for a super fast, easy fitting. Furthermore it arrived within 24 hours of my ordering it. Using the well designed and well made shower head, was a real pleasure, with lots of different spray settings and far more power than any other head that I have used. Bravo, Hopopro, you deserve every success.

  8. WinterArcher

    Simply wow!Ordered this as a replacement for the old showerhead that had sprung a leak.Arrived this morning and 7.5 minutes after opening it it was installed. No trips to the gargae for teflon tape, a wrench or anything else.In the box there is the showerhead, tiny roll of teflon tape to take care of the installation, a small stamped steel wrench that for both the old shower head and the new one, a larger roll of tape sent as a “bonus”, a discount card and a funny showercap.Used the included wrench to remove the old shower headRemoved the old teflon tapeInstalled new teflon tape (thansk folks)Installed new shower headTightened it with the included wrenchTested and satisfied!!What a an easy job thanks to these folks.

  9. frankjfusa

    It’s a shower head, OK, so what? First, it’s good, works well, and was easy to install. 1. In the box and I totally didn’t even think about it when browsing and ordering… the nylon pipe tape to wrap the threads so it doesn’t leak. 2. Included a small wrench to tighten it, so short you probably couldn’t magilla it hard enough to break anything. There was also a little water restrictor if your local pressure is low or you just want to save water. 3. In the box was a “gift”, a cheap plastic shower cap with a lion on it, stupid, silly, and gave me a chuckle, maybe the highlight of an SSDD kind of day. Well done HOPOPRO!!!!

  10. Lee

    I needed a new shower head. Didn’t need the valve handle. Didn’t want a hand held. Just a shower head. This one had better reviews than the ones at the big box hardware stores so I got it. Came with plumbers tape and a wrench to tighten it. Had the old one off and this one installed in less than 5 minutes. Doesn’t leak. Has 5 different sprays. Truthfully 3 of the sprays are so similar they weren’t necessary but the regular shower spray is nice and the much harder massage spray is nice on your neck at the end of a long day. I’m very satisfied with it. My wife has already told me to get another to replace the shower head in our 2nd bathroom.

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