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Photovoltaic (or PV, Solar Cells ) systems convert light energy into electricity. The term “photo” is from the
Greek “phos” which means light. “Volt” is named from Alessandro Volta (1745-1827, He was a pioneer in
the study of electricity.

So you could say that” Photo-voltaics is basically light electricity! And is most commonly known as Solar Cells. Solar cell systems are already a very important part of our lives. The simplest systems power many of the small calculators and wrist watches we use everyday.

PV power is the cheapest form of electricity for powering these small devices. There are many ways to make solar cells, and one of the cheapest ways is to screen print them. There are many companies in the USA that are doing this.

Many US Patents have been issued for screen printing solar cells and there are many different chemical inks that can be used. The Japanese Patent is one of many.

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Homemade Solar Cells PDF Download

Included is 3 different ways to make a home made solar cell:

The 1996 japan Patent is by far the best and the most powerful. The japan patent uses a simple process that has
been used for centuries, You simply screen print the negative and positive layers and the contact layers on to a
piece of glass plate, it does not matter how thick the glass is. The layers can be sprayed on with a spray gun
and a air compressor, but it is best to Screen print it. Screen printing each layer will make your solar cells last
longer and they will be more efficient

If you do not know what screen printing is, you can learn about this very simple process from the Library.
Also lots of info and supplies can be purchased at your local hobby store or art supply store. You can also buy
supply’s such as screens and such at a local Screen printing shop. or they can screen print it for you. Screen
printing is very simple and cheap to do for you self right in your own home. It may take a little studying but it
will be worth it. you can print up as many Solar Cells as you want for just pennies. ( Cover your entire roof
with them. You will have more energy than you will ever need. You can then make money selling electricity
back to the electric company which should pay for it self in one to two years. The most expensive part is the
deep cycle marine batteries and your inverters. Many are making a nice income every year from this, just by
selling electricity back to the electric company, ask to see if your electric company has that type of program in
your area. most states I heard do.

The Japan method is new and it is not limited to just a glass surface, you can also apply it right onto
aluminum or copper sheeting. Look at the 1 st page, see the N type layer #2 this is what the Patent says to
Print first. But if you want to print onto a metal surface the metal surface would be #5 then the 1 st print would
be #4 then let it air dry and then bake at 600 degrees for 3 to 5 minutes.

(Each printed layer can be done this way.) Then your 2nd print would be #3, then you let air dry, then bake,
then Print #2 Air dry/bake. Then you must print a Metal grid over #2 then let air dry, (you don’t have to bake
the metal print. ) This will be your negative contact, #5 will be your Positive Contact, so what your doing is
just simply reversing the printing layer steps. If you have never seen a solar cell the metal grid is like a metal
door screen but with bigger spacing. You can buy a special metal printing ink or mix it your self as the patent
says. The ink is simply made up of nickel or silver. Nickel is the cheapest and will work just fine.

The chemicals that are mentioned in the patent are very easy to get. You can buy them in any QTY from any
Chemical supply company look one up in your yellow page phone book. Or check online, search for Chemical
Supply Shops or companies.

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