HOMCOM Ethanol Fireplace, 43.25 Wall-Mounted 0.73 Gal Stainless Steel Max 323 Sq. Ft., Burns up to 4 Hours, Black Home & Kitchen

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Price: $196.99

  • AFFORDABLE AMBIENCE: Creating an inviting room starts with comfort, and there’s nothing more comforting on a cold day than a nice roaring fire.
  • LIGHT IT UP: There’s really no substitute for a real flame, right? This real flame fireplace uses clean-burning bioethanol fuel that gives off no harmful emissions.
  • LET’S GET COZY: Our ethanol fireplace gives off a generous amount of heat for the space it occupies, clocking in at an area of 270-323 sq. ft. While that’s probably not your whole room, it’s definitely enough to keep you warm when you need it.
  • AS ALWAYS, SAFETY FIRST: Efficiency and safety are our mottos when it comes to fireplaces. All our fireplaces are designed specifically to keep your home safe and maximize the energy output for the lowest amount of input, saving money and resources.
  • ETHANOL FIREPLACE INFORMATION: Overall Dimensions: 43.25″ W x 5.5″ D x 21.25″ H. Max Square Footage: 323. Burn Time: 4 hours.

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HOMCOM Ethanol Fireplace, 43.25 Wall-Mounted 0.73 Gal Stainless Steel Max 323 Sq. Ft., Burns up to 4 Hours, Black Home & Kitchen

HOMCOM Ethanol Fireplace, 43.25 Wall-Mounted 0.73 Gal Stainless Steel

HOMCOM Ethanol Fireplace, 43.25 Wall-Mounted 0.73 Gal Stainless Steel

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Product Dimensions

43.25 x 5.5 x 21.25 inches

Item Weight

36 pounds


Aosom LLC



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Form Factor


Finish Types

Stainless Steel

10 reviews for HOMCOM Ethanol Fireplace, 43.25 Wall-Mounted 0.73 Gal Stainless Steel Max 323 Sq. Ft., Burns up to 4 Hours, Black Home & Kitchen

  1. Shannon Rooks

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     This is the easiest way to add a fireplace to your room. Hangs on the wall like a picture frame. I added the reflective fire rocks and I’m burning regal flame ethanol fuel. I was able to install it by myself, but it would have been much easier with another person to help hold it for leveling. Loving it.

  2. Alex

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     Given the price I was a bit skeptical as it was significant cheaper than other similar models. Overall I am pleasantly surprised and expect this to look very nice once I build the fireplace surround to mount it to. The reservoir that holds the ethanol and produces the flame seems robust and well built. The rest of the unit is single layer steel, presumably. The included mounting brackets allow very little air gap between the firebox and whatever material it’s attached to. The included directions are minimalistic. This is definitely meant to be a wall mounted unit for most applications rather than recessed given the single layer steel and vent holes within each side of the unit.

  3. CC86CC86

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     Omg I love it 😻. I’m so happy that I made this purchase . Once I re-arrange my room I’ll send some pics. Bio-fuel is expensive so I decided to use denatured alcohol , it works just the same as bio-fuel and it’s not that expensive. I bought a faux fireplace for 35 bucks on Facebook and I re-build it and designed my self. I’m so proud on how my project turned out.

  4. Marta moskal

    It is a very nice fireplace. Worth the money. Gives nice warmth and ambience minus the wires of electrical fire place. We hanged it on the wall above our couch and it looks great!

  5. UrbanUrban

    Very nice modern design with solid quality feel. The burner box is a very solid welded and polished stainless steel unit. The instructions are very limited and you have to figure out the limited assembly from the pictures. If you want to build it in to a wall like we did you will need to build a 3″ deep 16″ x 29″ opening lined with non combustible materials. The end result looks fantastic with nice dancing flames. Also, we could not find the required bioethanol fuel anywhere locally but it’s easy to find online.

  6. Jackson

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     It’s perfect and I love it. I’ve told two family members to buy it.The trick is the fuel. I use Everclear. You can buy it in a local liquor store. It burns longer and has no smell at all.Buy this now. You won’t regret it!

  7. Joseph GJoseph G

    I bought this fireplace to use seasonally without having to run a gas hookup, and to have emergency supplemental heat. Installation was a breeze. I was able to hit a stud on the left hand side, and use one hundred pound anchors for the right hand side. It looks good, and it actually gives off heat. It isn’t enough to heat my entire home, but it could easily keep me from freezing in case I lost power in the winter here in GA. My Nest thermostat is right off the den in the hallway where this mounted, and it reads 73F after two hours of burning while being set at 69F with an outside temp in the low 40s. I’m able to get just over two hours from one quart of fuel.Install tip: I attached the mounting brackets to the back of the fireplace, ran a piece of painters tape between the brackets, marked the holes on the painters tape, and then just stuck the tape on the wall so that I knew exactly where my holes would go. Remove the brackets from the back of the fireplace once your holes/anchors are in place and the rest is simple.

  8. Asi

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     Best purchase of 2020! I absolutely love it. It was easy to install, and I really love how it looks. It’s not bulky, so you can install it anywhere you want.The fireplace is truly beautiful on its own, with or without the flames. Highly recommend.

  9. C Ricketts

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     Love my new fireplace now that I FINALLY got it up on a wall! Didn’t want a messy liquid, so I bought Jelly Fish Gel cans. Totally am NOT sorry! The two tiny flames on the right & left are chafing wick tins. The middle is Jelly Fish. And the heat coming off this combo (fireplace & JF) is very cozy.

  10. Betty

    It didn’t come with instructions and I couldn’t find a manual online, so for first-time use, I took it outside in the driveway to light. Fuel is EXPENSIVE but I knew going into this purchase it was a luxury item. You need to have a heat shield between the fireplace and any combustible wall. Use a long-neck lighter, make sure you are well-ventilated or you’ll have a flash fire for half a second before normal burning. Flame length is about a foot at most, but it’s a great little warmer if you’re within a few feet and the ambience is nice. When I want to save money, I give the fireplace a night off and stack it with small glass votives. You could burn through a liter/quart a night, and at about $15 a bottle, I am using this in measured lengths of time. Overall, it’s a nice product and Amazon had the best price for it.

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