Holikme Door Draft Stopper Under Door Draft Blocker Insulator Door Sweep Weather Stripping Noise Stopper Strong Adhesive

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Price: $8.95

🔶STRONG ADHESIVE : door draft stopper , extra strong adhesive non-degumming, stick firmly, Protect your doors long time. Please DO NOT open and close the doors within 24 hours after installed.

🔶 NOISE REDUCTION : The door bottom seal designed by special structural. Keep your room quiet, clean, suitable temperature. SAVE MONEY AND ENERGY : The most efficient solution to prevent the heat and cold from escaping during winter and summer. Reduce electric cost.

🔶 ONE SIZE FIT DOORS AND EASY TO INSTALL : Size: 1.9” W x 39″ L. Can be used on interior and exterior doors. Fast and easy to install within 2 minutes.

🔶 HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL : Practical gap sealer is made of non-toxic material, homogeneity of color, the same interior and exterior; Heat and cold resistant.

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Brand: Holikme


Holikme Door Draft Stopper Under Door Draft Blocker Insulator Door Sweep Weather Stripping Noise Stopper Strong Adhesive White 39″ Length, White

Holikme Door Draft Stopper Under Door Draft Blocker

Holikme Door Draft Stopper Under Door Draft Blocker

Holikme Door Draft Stopper Under Door Draft Blocker



Holikme is committed to household products, Holikme products focus on family life quality, practicality.

The biggest hope of Holikme is to bring convenience and comfort to people’s life, and the biggest wish is to improve people’s happiness.

Have you met this kind of problems?


  • 1. air condition can’t keep your room cold or warm
  • 2. Always have dust on your surface.
  • 3.Noise reduces your sleep quality.
  • 4. Your floor usually gets soaked after winding and raining

This is the reason we need these under door seals .

With this door seal, you can say goodbye to these situations. After installing on the door, it is very tight to keep warm and cold air out of the room to create a comfortable environment.

  • Note : Choosing dark color of our products can have better light blocking effect.

Holikme Door Draft Stopper Under Door Draft Blocker

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4 steps of installation:

  • Cut the appropriate size according to the length of the door
  • Clean the door
  • Stick it on the door
  • Please DO NOT open and close the doors within 12 hours after installed.


Best install solution in winter:

  • Heat the adhesive 2 minutes by Hair Dryer before install
  • Not turn on/off the door frequently within first 12hours


Packing list:

  • Quantity: 1 pack
  • Size: 1.9” W x 39” L
  • Suitable Gap: 0 to 1″
  • Material: Silicone

Additional information


Part Number


Item Weight

‎5.3 ounces

Package Dimensions

‎5 x 4.33 x 2.36 inches

Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer





‎Wood, Silicone, Glass, Plastic, Metal

Item Package Quantity


Batteries Included?


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Date First Available

January 10, 2019

10 reviews for Holikme Door Draft Stopper Under Door Draft Blocker Insulator Door Sweep Weather Stripping Noise Stopper Strong Adhesive

  1. Brittany HessBrittany Hess

    I did not end up using this product due to the swing of my door. My floor under my door is uneven slightly so as I swing the door the door gap gets smaller. Due to the amount this occurs on my door, I wasn’t able to block nearly as much of my gap as I wanted to without the product dragging on my floor, which I didn’t want. I suggest anyone interested check this on their own door first. I ended up going with a more pillow-like that can mold more to these changes.With that being said, I really liked this product. The color of the brown is a bit more on the red side for those interested. I have attached photos of it against my flooring and a white wall for reference. My product did in fact come with 3M tape and it adhered very well. I would definitely still recommend this product, as I think it is great, it just wasn’t the right fit for my situation!

  2. AdrianneAdrianne

    I purchased the brown and it matches my front door beautifully. You can barely even tell that it’s even on the door. I have included pictures for your reference. I really love this door draft stopper. It was so easy to apply. I just cleaned the bottom of the door with some soap and water. Then, measured the bottom of the door and cut the stopper to my desired length. Pulled the adhesive off and stuck it to the door. Just be careful not to misalign it because you can’t remove the piece too many times. If you do then you might have to apply some other type of adhesive. The material is thick and sturdy. It works great on my front door. The bottom of it has a little sweeper so it just slides easily across the floor when. The door is open or closed. This was a GREAT BUY. Highly recommend this product.

  3. SaraSara

    I bought this for two reasons: (1) I live in an apartment complex and there is about a half inch gap under my door where the hallway light shines through and my cat knocks hair ties and other small items under the door; and (2) speaking of my cat, she also knocks her toys under the stove.I purchased the 2 pack so I could use one for the front door and the other for the stove. It took a matter of minutes to install, both were easy to trim to fit and adhered beautifully. I will say that it is a tight fit on my front door that has a laminate floor, and I imagine might be too tight a fit for someone with carpet.They are heavy duty, easy to install, strong adhesive so far (about two weeks in), the black looks good in my opinion, and is multi-functional–keeping light out and cat toys/hair ties in.Came quick, well packaged, and good value for money. I highly recommend.

  4. Rose Miami lakes fl

    I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first because a lot of products advertised do not live up to there name. However after applying this product to our front room door I was so impressed with how well the product works!!! And also how affordable it is!!! I am extremely impressed! No noise, no wind drafts and adhesion durable, very sturdy!!This if definitely a MUST BUY, that’s if you have the problems listed in my review..Two thumbs up to the product maker/designer!!👍👍

  5. Amazon Customer

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     This trims and goes on really easy. I made sure amd cleaned the door and used a little heat to apply as per instructions. It blocks drafts really well, there’s just one problem…view the video.

  6. Andrew Walton GrayAndrew Walton Gray

    The strips are easy to cut and the adhesive holds well. It was easy to cut into the right shape to keep the air out. The color is a bit shiny for most whites and it would need a special primer to paint. The drag on the floor keeps bugs out. Other than aesthetics it works well.

  7. J Powell

    I attached this to a wood door and it works perfectly….an excellent seal that has completely blocked the draft. One thing to note about all these door seals is how they affix to the door itself. If the seal is affixed so that it actually touches the ground rather than juuuuuuust a little above it, then every time you open and close the door you will exert a shear force on where the door and seal attach. I suspect that to overcome this — especially if the seal rubs firmly against the ground — you would need some very very strong adhesive.On my wood door, I complemented the 3M adhesive that comes with the seal with the 5 included white tacks. By pressing these through the seal and into the door, the seal is now absolutely fixed in place. However, this obviously isn’t possible with a metal door. My guess is that with a metal door, I would have either needed to be more careful and precise and placed the seal ever so slightly above the ground, or I would have needed to apply some silicone glue to where the seal attaches to the door to make something more durable over the long haul.So….why doesn’t the seal come with this in the first place? Probably because this would make removal more destructive, so that choice is left to the user.Overall, a great seal for the money.

  8. Sandra Johnson

    My house was built in 1950. Even though the house was remodeled, there are gaps between the doors and the door frames. There are storm doors too but I can see daylight with the doors shut. I bought this insulating strip not just for the bottom of the doors but for the side that opens. I only bought one just to try it and this morning I attached the strip to my back door. I like the way the strip fits and if the adhesion holds up it will block any hot air from getting in and any cold air from getting in too. Problem is though, the strip isn’t very long so now I have to buy more. I’m buying some for my front door too. It gets pretty cold here in the Winter and I don’t need a high heating bill. In fact, it’s cold this morning.This insulation was really easy to install. If you make a mistake you can remove it but do it quickly. It will take the paint off of your door.I will update this review if the strips continue to hold up.Update May 11I just received more of these strips and attached them to my front door on the side where it opens and at the top. If you are going to attach a strip to the top of your door (if it opens IN), be sure to turn the strip upside down with the sticky side on the door and not on the frame. I almost made that mistake but caught it. If you don’t do it this way then you won’t be able to open the door. Of course if your door opens outward then you will want to apply the adhesive strip to the inside frame and not on the door.As soon as I had the strips attached to my front door (it was closed), everything got really quiet all of a sudden. It’s quite in my neighborhood anyway but I didn’t hear birds or the breeze blowing. These strips work very well.It will be interesting to see how long they hold up especially when winter comes and I have the heat on.

  9. MBA SquaredMBA Squared

    I have provided a before and after picture of an interior door that badly needed something. I had to remove a piece of trim from the bottom a while ago because the door kept sticking to the bottom when opening. It was sticking to the trim so removing it worked but it left an unsightly appearance when the door was closed. I always planned on painting it, but I’ve lived in this house for five years and as you can see that never got done. I do hate painting so that could be the reason. Anyway, I have used these before for other purposes and it occurred to me recently that this would be a great solution here also. Hopefully it will provide a little insulation in the room also as it does get colder in the winter near the door. Installation took all of five minutes, and it definitely looks a whole lot better. The adhesive is very strong but still adjustable when installing, so if you put it on a little crooked you can fix it without any consequences.

  10. G. Hearn

    This item is silicone, so it has nice flex to it. Several things to remember. . .• Make sure your door is clean and dry.• Though you want it to touch the bottom. . .you want to make sure that it’s not “dragging”, as it will cause it to come loose.• After you apply, you need to wait 24-hours before you start opening and closing the door. You may wish to press on the strip every now-and-then during this 24-hour period.• If your door has a rough texture to it, then the adhesive may not work, and you’ll need to use screws / nails.Though the listing shows that it’s 39” long by 1.9” tall. . . I find it to be more like 1.75” tall.I’m actually using this one an outdoor patio closet door which was too short when it was installed. I’ve had some issues with “critters” getting into the closet. So far, this has done a good job of keeping them out.

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