HiQuick AAA Rechargeable Batteries AAA Batteries 1100mAh High Capacity Performance 1.2V, Per-Charged Ni-MH AAA Battery Pack of 8

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Price: $9.99

HiQuick 8 packs 1.2V AAA 1100mAh Ni-MH rechargeable batteries. HiQuick AAA batteries, can be recharged for 1200 times when fully or partially drained, save money and protect environment.

Low self discharge, HiQuick AAA batteries maintain 80% of capacity after 36 months of non-use.

HiQuick AAA batteries can be used anywhere and can replace conventional batteries in all devices, ideal for digital cameras, toys, remote controls, hand held games, 2-way radios, PDAs, flashlights, alarm-clocks, LCD-TVs, toothbrushes, shavers and portable audio players etc.

Pre-Charge, HiQuick aaa battery is pre-charged with 20%-30% power, and you can use it immediately when you get the battery.

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Brand: HiQuick


HiQuick AAA Rechargeable Batteries AAA Batteries 1100mAh High Capacity Performance 1.2V, Per-Charged Ni-MH AAA Battery Pack of 8 Batteries

HiQuick AAA Rechargeable Batteries AAA Batteries 1100mAhHiQuick AAA Rechargeable Batteries AAA Batteries 1100mAh

About HiQuick

Q. Who is HiQuick?

A: HiQuick is one of the leading battery and charger manufacturing companies that are engaged in AA, AAA, C, D, 9Vbatteries and related battery chargers, it has more than 20 years of battery R & D and production history.

Q. How about the Qualification ?

A: HiQuick rechargeable batteries, are sold in many countries and are widely recognized for the high quality.

Additional information


Product Dimensions

3.94 x 2.17 x 0.71 inches

Item Weight

1.58 ounces



Item model number



8 AAA batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

June 13, 2020



Country of Origin


5 reviews for HiQuick AAA Rechargeable Batteries AAA Batteries 1100mAh High Capacity Performance 1.2V, Per-Charged Ni-MH AAA Battery Pack of 8

  1. Lindsay

    I like to have extras on hand, for when one is charging I can put the other in. And I like that it has a case I can store them in when they are charged, rather than just being on my shelf which I don’t think is safe. So I am happy with the packaging and the charge it seems to hold. Good battery

  2. Pure Bride

    Edit: 10/27/2021I changed from 1 star to 5 stars because of amazing customer service. I was reached out and they resolved the issue for me in timely manner. I may have gotten a defective units. Great customer service and they stand behind their productsCheap and seems like a good deal but these batteries don’t hold charges. It’s almost as if they are dead cells

  3. Edith C. Foley

    This is an update to a previous review of this item. I noted before that one of the batteries was DOA and this was the basis of my lower rating. The company subsequently reached out to me and sent a replacement for the defective battery. This was excellent customer service so I am am upping my review as all the batteries tested and performed quite well. I am very happy with my purchase and think it reflects excellent value for the money.Edith Foley

  4. Deadat57

    Wrote an unfavorable review after finding batteries didn’t hold a charge.Within a few days of posting the review, recieved an email from the company offering advice & if unsuccessful, a replacement for the order.Within a few days, received replacement batteries, which were functional, holding a charge, longer lasting & satisfactory.Great customer service with proof of a company that stands behind its product.

  5. BettyB

    Bought these for my daughter’s educational toy that she plays with every day for hours. Put the batteries in last week, fully charged, and each morning get out the toy and think, “Oh man, I forgot to charge the batteries last night.” So I give it to her ready to deal with the melt down when the batteries quit, then realize I am telling myself the same thing the next morning- the toy never quit! Now I know that I will need to recharge the batteries at some point. But I never expected rechargeable batteries to go this long between recharging. Very pleased with quality of product. Charger is easy to read and easy to use. You won’t regret this purchase.

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