High Pressure Filter Shower Head With Replacement Hose And Bracket, 3 Mode Function Spray, Water Saving shower For Best Shower Experience

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🚿 DOUBLE FILTRATION SYSTEM HIGH PRESSURE SHOWER HEAD: Our filter showerhead is specially made with a transparent, see through design and a high density filter with filtration beads that act as a double filter system, to remove access impurities, giving you the utmost refreshing and pleasant experience.

🚿 HIGH PRESSURE & ECO-FRIENDLY: “High Pressure Shower Head Ideal for Low Water Pressure Home”. Our thorough micro nozzle technology, mineral beads with shower head makes the hole denser, increasing the water pressure and flow, saving about 30% water than using any ordinary shower head, effective for removing fatigue and easing your body.

🚿 SPECIFIED AND ADJUSTABLE: The 3 specifications include, Rainfall, Jetting and Massage, so you can adjust your spray setting as per your need. The luxury shower heads, Handheld Shower Head Comes with 60-Inch Stretchable Hose. All three modes are perfect for all ages. Additionally, the strong Jetting water creates pressure that helps you clean better.

🚿 EASY INSTALLATION: Extremely convenient and handy to install, it’s generally sized to G1/2, a standard size that fits into any shower arm. With no professional help needed for the fitting as the pack is giving NPT 1/2″ Universal Attachment (Standard for US and EU) for easy and long lasting fittings. It allows you to install the filter shower head easily and freely.

🚿 EXTRA FILTRATION BEADS: The packaging includes extra beads, which can be utilized for a refill, as mineral ceramic beads need to be replaced every 4 months, with 2 sets inside. Moreover, we provide all the necessary specifications, we offer a Spa like experience in the shower and leaves your body with a mesmerizing freshness.

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High Pressure Filter Shower Head With Replacement Hose And Bracket, 3 Mode Function Spray, Water Saving shower For Best Shower Experience, All Metal Rain Handheld Showerhead For Dry Hair & Skin

Besititli Shower Head, Filter Filtration High Pressure Water Saving 3 Mode Function Spray Handheld Showerheads for Dry Skin and Hair

High Pressure Filter Shower Head With Replacement Hose And BracketHigh Pressure Filter Shower Head With Replacement Hose And Bracket


The solidly structured filter showerhead is carefully constructed with a transparent see through design, and high density filtration with balls that works as double filtration

  • DOUBLE FILTRATION: Besititli Filtration Shower Head built-in pure natural mineral beads, the beads can bring you softer skin and smoother hair.
  • 3 SPRAY MODES: Rainfall, Jetting, Massage, three shower modes bring you the best shower experience in your bathroom and make you and your family enjoy a natural SPA at home!
  • 200% HIGH PRESSURE: The micro nozzle technology makes the outlet holes smaller and denser, increasing the speed of the water flow, thereby increasing 200% water pressure.
  • 30% WATER SAVING: The micro nozzle technology makes the outlet holes smaller and denser, steadying the water flow. 1.46 GPM, up to 30% water saving than ordinary shower head.
200% increased pressure


The maximum pressure of freshness gives spa-like relaxation, ideal for low water pressure homes. The head’s holes are denser which increases the water pressure and saves about 30% of water usage.

Shower head

Ultra Premium Design

Our product ensures durability, with a 3-way switch button that makes the showerhead extremely adjustable. The material is hard and high-temperature resistant, with high transparency.



Our filter showerhead is carefully constructed with a transparent see through design, and high-density filtration with balls that works as double filtration, to give you a better shower.


Easy Installation & No tools required


  • The shower comes in the general size of G/12, which easily fits in any shower arm.
  • STEP1: Remove your old shower and wrap the Teflon tape. Hand tighten the bracket onto the shower arm
  • Note: Make sure a washer(pre-installed) is inside the connection nut of the shower bracket
  • STEP2: Use the nut (hexagonal nut) of the short hose to connect to the shower bracket.
  • STEP3: Make sure to put washers into the two connection nuts of the shower hose, and connect them to the handheld shower head and shower bracket.
  • Note: Long hose nut(conical nut) should be connected to showerhead
  • Finish the installation

The complete accessorized package with a removable filter shower head, shower hose, shower arm bracket, PTFE tape, and 3 extra beads packets.

High Pressure Filter Shower Head With Replacement Hose And Bracket

Additional information




Item Weight

‎1.41 pounds

Package Dimensions

‎10.31 x 3.66 x 3.39 inches


‎White Clear (Shower Head With Hose And Bracket)


‎Shower Head With Hose And Bracket


‎Stainless Steel



Installation Method

‎Wall Mounted

Batteries Included?


Batteries Required?




Date First Available

November 2, 2020

10 reviews for High Pressure Filter Shower Head With Replacement Hose And Bracket, 3 Mode Function Spray, Water Saving shower For Best Shower Experience

  1. Jai

    While it’s great it does leak a littleBut not too much that’ll make me put on a traditional shower head . I suffer from eczema and my hard water was contributing to my skin condition. I recommend you to get it if you suffer from an autoimmune disorder such as myself

  2. MTBthePRO

    The media could not be loaded.  This showerhead surpassed my expectations! It looks super clean! The water goes through these filtered balls, making the water clean and feeling fresh! The three pressure modes help a lot depending on how you want to use them. The pressure is perfect! Not too strong and not too weak. I love how I am able to lift the showerhead and use it however I want it! I am to clean the shower with it easily! I RECOMMEND!

  3. Deborah Brush

    This was easy for me to install and came with everything I needed to put it in. It is wonderful! I have a well and so don’t have really a lot of pressure like those living in town so this was great for me and it makes my hair and skin soooo much softer so WIN! I am so glad I ordered this!

  4. Alece

    I was a little skeptical buying this since the price was very low, but I decided to buy it on prime day to try it out. It’s amazing! It doesn’t feel like I paid under $20 for it, and it has awesome water pressure. It makes my super dry skin so soft, and my hair feels clean. I live in an area that has really hard water and when I use this shower head it doesn’t feel like the same water I was using before. The hose option is great too.

  5. Mia

    This gives you better water pressure if yours is bad. The water quality is amazing. I have softer cleaner hair, and seldom use lotions anymore for dry skin. I have this shower head and another small filtering system (it’s attaches to the pipe coming outta the wall) so I now have THE BEST water in town.

  6. bonita gray

    Rub a dub dubI don’t have a tubSo my shower is important to me.I want soft, clean waterAnd good pressure tooThis gives you all that. You will see!P.s. at this price, I bought a second to have in reserve..

  7. Rubi10a

    Had a fixed place shower head that had the beads and really liked it but the wife wanted one with a hose. This fit the bill. The casing is all plastic so not sure how long it will last but so far so good. Seems to get better water pressure than the old one.

  8. Christina K.

    Love this!! The water pressure is perfect and works wonderfully. After reading reviews about it leaking at the attachment, you cannot use the attachment that they sent. We had a older handheld and just used that one. The shower head is too heavy for the attachment that was sent for it and thus causes it to leak somehow

  9. ♡ Z ♡

    I needed better pressure – mine is OK – but wishing for a tad more. Saw this, read a lot of comments and figured, OMG – it is under $12! Why not?! My 1st installation with Teflon tape, water came out in all directions, still determined, took off Teflon tape and used rubber O rings I have handy for my garden hose. Amazing Showers!! Pressure is AWESOME, no drips, no leaks! Pressure is so good that I feel guilty thinking I use more water than necessary, and now have a habit of turning it off while soaping! lolRinsing my hair takes only seconds!! Shower time is way shorter which is great especially on work days!!I LOVE IT!!! for those that say this leaks and it is cheaply made – be patient and creative – cause this product DOES deliver their promise – and showerhead IS plastic but c’mon, it’s under $12!! Plus you can buy an extra showerhead if you don’t want to clean it – that is only under $6! Amazing Amazon Bargain – Ever!!

  10. sylvia russell

    Our water had been turning our bath/shower orange for months before we got this thing. It still leaves a tiny hint of orange residue, but not nearly as much as it did before the new shower head. I love that there are two spraying modes, and switching between them is really easy with the toggle on the side. Also, I know absolutely nothing about plumbing, but I installed this myself in maybe 10 minutes with no issues. You just have to be careful with the tape that comes with it, as it’s really finicky and any twists/breaks in it could compromise the watertight seal between the shower head and your shower’s water spout. 10/10 overall!

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