H2 Life Hydrogen Water Generator, Professional BPA Free Water Bottle – Dual Mode Portable Reusable Water Ionizer with SPE and PEM

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Healthy Drinking: Hydrogen water bottle offers rich-hydrogen water that can neutralize the active oxygen (free radicals) in the blood and cells of the human body, prevent metabolism and aging

Detachable And Portable: This ionized water generator bottles with caps and base can be detached into different parts and is very easy to wash. USB powered and lightweight with 10.8OZ/320ml capacity makes the water bottle convenient to take anywhere like travel, hiking, swimming, fitness, outdoor sports

Professional Technology: H2 life hydrogen-rich water bottle embodies one of the most advanced PEM SPE and micro Nanobubble techs. It electrolyzes water into H2 and O2 to make ordinary drinking hydrogen-rich water

Premium Quality: Our USB hydrogen water bottle adopts US DuPont 117 membrane platinum coating with no harmful gas. Top food-grade materials assure safe drinking for babies and pregnant women Two

Ways to Use: One-piece type, used the hydrogen water machine with original cup body, more suitable for home, office, and travel; split type, used hydrogen water bottle with an ordinary mineral water bottle, suitable for outdoor sports like hiking, running, swimming

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Brand: ‎H2 Life


H2 Life Hydrogen Water Generator, Professional BPA Free Water Bottle – Dual Mode Portable Reusable Water Ionizer with SPE and PEM Hydrogen Water Bottle for Sports Hiking Travel Fitness

H2 Life Hydrogen Water GeneratorWHY YOU NEED HYDROGEN?

Scientifically, there were 6000+ research papers published in the world, stating many healthcare benefits, including but not limited to:

  • For pregnant women: safely reduce pain and discomfort. No allergic or side-effect causing properties.
  • For beauty lover: anti-oxidation, anti-aging, and improves skin’s health.
  • For athletes: speed up muscle recovery, and help collagen production.
  • For general health: increase immunity, fight off inflammation, adjust blood sugar and cholesterol level, and improve sleeping quality.
  • For hard worker: increase energy level, and increase metabolism.

65465465Super high concentration brings quicker effects to health

We were one of the first to reach 3000+ ppb since 2017.

With the most up-to-date technology, now we can make it up to 4500 ppb with two 9-min cycles, which is one of the highest in the market.

Higher concentration brings better results. We strive to constantly seek for safer, better, healthier for our customers.

Why Should You Choose Our H2 Life Hydrogen Water Generator?


Cutting Edge Technology


  • Most unique: both membrane and electrodes are coated with platinum, making it the most unique feature compare to other products
  • DuPont 117 membrane, SPE/PEM technology
  • Oxygen and other harmful gasses are separated thoroughly, producing pure and healthy hydrogen water


Premium Material

  • BPA free – The body of the bottle and the part in contact with the water are all food-grade materials
  • High pressure resistance – The cup is designed with super tightness, and there is no leakage of water or air. It can withstand super-strong pressure of 0.2 MPa.



  1. Use with original cup body–convenient for indoor using
  2. Use with regular water bottle–when the body part is detached, the generator with cap is very light and small, so to make it convenient to carry even in a purse

Why Should You Choose Our H2 Life Hydrogen Water Generator?


USB Charging

  • Type-C charge port
  • Internal battery 1500mAh
  • Silicone Plug (prevents water to get into charging port)
  • make hydrogen water 16-18 times in 3mins mode with fully charged battery
  • make hydrogen water 5-7 times in 9mins mode with fully charged battery


Indicator light

  • The switch is a touch switch
  • Green light – 3 minutes mode
  • Blue light – 9 minutes mode
  • Red light – charging reminder


Unique Impurity Gas Emission

  • The internal structure of the bottle has a direct exhaust design to exhaust impurity gases such as ozone and chlorine. There is no waste water cavity, no water leakage, and the service life of the hydrogen water bottle is improved.


h2 beautyWhy can Hydrogen affect human health?

  • The basic principle is that hydrogen can clear the harmful malignant free radicals in the body and removes Harmful Chemicals, maximize your health benefits with pure, refreshing hydrogen water made via H2 life water bottle.
  • Hydrogen as a selective antioxidant, hydrogen water has been shown to improve mental clarity, prevent cognitive diseases, reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, improve mental concentration and clarity, and help treat mental illness.
  • The human intestine contains 80% of the immune system. Work and study stress, poor diet and lifestyle habits can weaken your intestinal function. Drinking hydrogen water can relieve and restore the intestines to a certain extent and improve food intolerance.
  • By neutralizing harmful free radicals and oxidative stress, hydrogen water can help regulate heart disease, diabetes, reduce wrinkles and skin problems, and speed up wound healing.
  • Hydrogen water acts as a signal regulator, reduces lactic acid, increases metabolism, and supports weight loss. It also allows you to exercise longer and more frequently, reducing fatigue, stiffness, and hangover.

Additional information


Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎

2.28 x 2.28 x 8.86 inches; 1.74 Pounds

Item model number ‏ : ‎


Date First Available ‏ : ‎

July 27, 2021

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎

H2 Life

ASIN ‏ : ‎


3 reviews for H2 Life Hydrogen Water Generator, Professional BPA Free Water Bottle – Dual Mode Portable Reusable Water Ionizer with SPE and PEM

  1. Anonymous

    This is my daily go to machine for all my water intake . Bottled water into filter then into the hydro generator . Highly recommend

  2. Michael S Curry

    I absolutely love my H2 Life Hydrogen Sport Water Bottle. It’s easy to use and actually soothing to watch during the electrolysis process. It’s durable – I’ve knocked it over a few times and even dropped it once. But the best part is how I feel after two days of drinking the hydrogen water; Which seems to give me an increase in energy and a better frame of mind.

  3. V.A.B. Little

    I have tried other hydrogen bottles and tested them with blue drops to check what level of hydrogen they were making. Sadly, one I tested made none at all. This one however makes the strongest hydrogen water I have come across in a bottle device at over 3.4 parts per million. I would like a sturdier lid but this is such a minor point for such a good device that I have still given it 5 stars.

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