Google Nest Thermostat – Smart Thermostat for Home – Programmable Wifi Thermostat – Charcoal

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ENERGY STAR certified smart thermostat for home that helps you save energy and stay comfortable

The Nest Thermostat is designed to work without a C wire in most homes, but for some systems, including heating only, cooling only, zone controlled, and heat pump systems, you’ll need a C wire or other compatible power accessory

Nest Thermostat turns itself down when you leave, so you don’t waste energy heating or cooling an empty home

Programmable thermostat that lets you create an energy efficient schedule in the Google Home app on your Android or iPhone

Remote control lets family members change the thermostat temperature from anywhere on a phone, laptop, or tablet

Savings Finder looks for more ways your thermostat can help you save, and suggests tweaks to your schedule in the app; check with your energy provider to learn more about rebates and more ways to save on a Nest thermostat

Smart thermostat with HVAC monitoring, which looks out for your heating and cooling systems; sends an alert if something doesn’t seem right, along with helpful reminders to make maintenance easier.

It’s easy to install your thermostat, typically in 30 minutes or less, with everything you need included in the box; it’s compatible with 85% of heating and cooling systems

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Brand: Google


Google Nest Thermostat – Smart Thermostat for Home – Programmable Wifi Thermostat – Charcoal

Google Nest Thermostat - Smart Thermostat for Home - Programmable

Google Nest Thermostat

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So many ways to save.

Meet the helpful Nest Thermostat. It can turn itself down to save energy when you leave the house. You can control it from anywhere on your phone – whether you’re on an errand or in bed. And it looks after your heating and cooling system.


Google Nest Thermostat Easy to install and use.

It’s designed so you can install it yourself – usually in 30 minutes or less. Just follow the simple steps in the Google Home app to quickly create a schedule that’s right for you. Or get help from a qualified pro.


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‎5 ounces

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‎3.31 x 3.31 x 1.07 inches

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‎2 AAA batteries required. (included)




‎Programmable Wifi Thermostat – Charcoal

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‎Mounting screws, Steel plate, Nest Thermostat, Documentation bundle

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‎1 year.

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October 12, 2020

10 reviews for Google Nest Thermostat – Smart Thermostat for Home – Programmable Wifi Thermostat – Charcoal

  1. ROY

    Over all we’re very happy with the Nest, I did the installation myself, it only took about 30 minutes.I got the trim plate just to be safe and I ended up needing it, so if you’re not sure it’s worth the extra few dollars to get it. The only problem I had with the install was I had 2 wires reversed but I figured it out before I was finished. The only problem was I got an error when I tried to get it to work, after a quick Google search I found out I had to reset it to factory and start over, this solved the problem. Total time involved was still less then an hour.Pros: Easy set up and controls, it monitors energy use and warns about potential problems (with the furnace and filters) Voice control for heating and cooling along with the phone app.Cons: So far after a month there really aren’t any cons except one small one. Google has a Nest commercial where it asks Nest to increase the temperature and our home hub heard it. My wife was watching something on tv and that commercial showed a few times and it increased our temperature by 6 degrees before she realized what was happening.It’s well worth buying if your thinking about a smart thermostat, price, ease of use, it’s hard to go wrong.

  2. Jennie D.

    Love it! Pay attention to the app when setting up…. I purchased this for my “new” home that had an old, non-schedule thermostat that kept the A/C or heater on all the time. After being fed up with excess bills to warm or cool my home, I selected this nest due to the simplicity and price.CONS:My two complaints have to deal with the google home set up but fortunately could be corrected. First, make sure you pay attention to the installation part (wires, etc) in the app. I blew through those because I wired and installed before I opened the app. All night long, the a/c was trying to run but only blew the fan. It was miserable!! I “removed” the device and started over, paying close attention in “naming” my wires in the app. Second, and this one upsets me the most, be very mindful when setting eco, comfort, and sleep modes. To my knowledge they can NEVER be adjusted temperature wise again without removing and resetting the device. Huge pain as my needs change through the seasons.PROs: I’ve been impressed with my ability to track how many hours or minutes my Nest runs. It is a significant difference now that I have worked the kinks out. I absolutely love I can control my temp from homeAdvice: very easy to set up. Will need a trim kit due to my old thermostat. I wanted to buy them at once but couldn’t since it was out of stock. Unfortunately, when I install the trim kit I will have to completely remove the wiring, ugh. I doesn’t NEED. A C-wire although I am grateful my archaic system had one because I don’t have to worry about battery life.Overall, so cool to finally own a nest. Such a great price and high quality!

  3. Ian

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     I made a video to show some of the functions and how well this works in our upstairs room. We replaced the thermostat that the a/c guy put in. We have the learning thermostat in the rest of the house and they are so nice to use and look great on the wall other than the holes from the previous one.To install you have to download the google home app and it gives you step by step instructions and tests the connection to see if there are any issues. It is so simple and takes very little effort to complete all the steps for install. It is worth it. You ca set a schedule on the app for what temp you want it set throughout the day and while you sleep. It geofences your location and will turn temp up when you leave the house if you want it to. It really is a must have for busy people like my wife and I. We both work full time and live in southern Louisiana where it gives hell a run for its money.The thermostat definitely has made a noticeable change on our electric bill and it is not difficult to use or set up. If your on the fence go for it, I did and I am so happy. That’s all!! Good luck.

  4. J.wal-J.wal-

    I use this to run the 5 ton unit I have for my shop. I am very happy with the setup, the Google Home app and the information the app provides. I did learn that I can not use this thermostat with the “nest” app. You must use google home. I ran it on heat using a 100 lb propane tank and with the app, I was able to figure out I use about 1 tank every 30 hours of heat. This will help meKeep an eye on it and make sure to swap tanks when needed.I didn’t learn till today that it has a “safety temperature” setting that will turn the unit on at a preset minimum and maximum temp. I had been running it at 50° due to that’s the lowest temp setting when on heat…. but safety temps will turn the unit on even when it’s set to “off”. So I now have my safety temp set to 37° to prevent freezing pipes. This made it 5 starts for me. I didn’t like being stuck at 50° and burning way more propane than needed as I am not in the shop often through the week.I will say the setup is 100% through the home app. Unlike the regular (more expensive) nest thermostat like I have in my house. This one directs you to the app soon as it has power.I now control both my nest thermostats through the Google Home app.The ability to know how much it has ran in a day, week or month, is invaluable to me!


    Amazing, this device knows when to turn the heater / AC on and off. I love how it knows when we leave the house and it goes into eco mode to save gas and electricity. When no one is at the house, and we get close to the house, which I think it’s a mile radius. The Nest knows when to turn on by GPS location.Update – I did have issues when I first installed it. The heater was not turning on. I doubled checked the common wire and everything look good. However, the nest was not picking it up. After an hour of troubleshooting. I went to the attic and checked the common wire on the Heater / AC circuit board. I took out the common wire restriped it and went back to the Nest settings. Everything started to work.

  6. Matt

    I bought this when it went on sale and also discovered that PG&E offers a $50 rebate. This made it a no brainer to replace the lousy Honeywell thermostat I’ve been wanting to replace for a while.It’s works good, was easy to install, and does a better job than the Honeywell it replaced. No issues with WiFi connection or app servers being flaky or down. I like that it also has trends showing how long it runs during each day, a nice addition would be temperature and humidity trends too.Some things to be aware of:1. Google owns Nest, so this “Nest” thermostat will only work with the Google Home app and not the Nest app. I have another Nest device that only works on the Nest app. It is annoying as I would prefer they work in either one app or the other or have the option to move both into one app, but it’s not world ending. I found the Home app to be just fine, but a couple of things like where to access and edit the schedules could be more intuitive.2. You can remove your existing thermostat, note the way it is wired, and check to make sure this is compatible with what you have on their website before you buy it.3. This will only support 2-stage heat OR 2-stage cooling, not both. If your system has both this isn’t going to provide you with ideal results and I suggest buying something else.4. The installation manual is using the Home app to scan the QR code on the thermostat. It does a decent job stepping through the installation process and will even connect the thermostat to your WiFi for you. However I did run into an issue with the wiring diagram it provided with my 2-stage gas heating, I answered “yes” to “does your thermostat have two sets of labels” or something along those words, and it mismatched the labeling on the 2-stage heat wire. I went back to the question and said “no” and the wire label was then correct. This was more of an annoyance to me, but I could see this potentially causing unnecessary headaches for someone unfamiliar with thermostat wiring.5. Make sure you have the C-wire, or if you don’t have it get the C-wire adapter kit they offer. From some of the reviews if you don’t you’re going to have a bad time. Mine has the C-wire as most newer HVAC units do so wasn’t a concern for me.6. It was actually very easy to add other household members in to allow them access to the thermostat in the Home app and have it track if they are home or not for it to automatically go into Eco Mode if it detects everyone is gone. I haven’t yet enabled this feature so I can’t say how well it works yet.

  7. JessJess

    Our house was built in 2003 and still has the original furnace. The Google compatibility test stated we were good to go. I pre-ordered the Nest and received it 2 days after it launched. I was so excited to get rid of our ancient thermostat. I installed it the same day! The Google Home app was really easy to use and walks you step by step through the install. I ran into an issue when I saw that our old thermostat wasn’t using a C (common) wire. There were three wires that weren’t hooked up. I went to the garage and opened up the furnace so I could look at the electrical panel. The same 3 wires were not hooked up to anything in there. I hooked one of the unused wires to the C wire on both ends (Nest & furnace). Boom! The C wire was recognized and we had constant power going to the Nest. Overall I love the look, the Home Screen displays the date, time, indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity. It’s easy to use with my Alexa Dot and does everything that we needed. We’re happy with it and would recommend it. Tip: check with your gas/electric provider they may have a rebate for buying a smart thermostat. We got $75 back!

  8. Shukero

    I just installed this today – and I was PETRIFIED due to all of the bad reviews below about the “C” / “Common” wire issues people have been having. WITH THAT SAID – if those people would have taken 5 minutes to look at their old thermostat, go to AND READ the details within the configurator, and then watch 1-2 videos on how to install this thermostat, they would have realized what the “signs” are for needing a “C” (IE: common) cable. Luckily, since my apartment was new in 2017 – I have a new(er) A/C and heating system which didn’t have and doesn’t require a “C” cable to be setup in order to use this thermostat. HOWEVER, the one thing I did have to “google” / do homework on was whether or not an RH cable could be used within the “R” terminal. Luckily, RH / RC are really just “power” cables, and as long as you don’t have two interacting within your old / original thermostat, you can plug in either an Rc or Rh plug into the “R” terminal without issue 🙂

  9. zachuszachus

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     I was so excited that Nest finally came out with an update that I had to grab it up to replace my E. Love the new look. Super easy to install and setup. Really easy to use too.

  10. MitchMitch

    Within about 2 weeks of installation, this thermostat has already saved me big! I got a notice from it stating that my furnace had turned off unexpectedly many times and that I should check the unit for function. When I checked the furnace, I found that the previous owner of my house (purchased home in summer 2020 and had not used the heat until now) had never bothered to change the filter on the unit. This was causing a major airflow issue that could easily have caused premature furnace failure if left unattended. Thanks to the warning from this thermostat, I was able to fix the problem for the price of a new filter. Highly recommended!

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