Enviro World EWC-10 FreeGarden Rain Barrel, Beige

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Price: $127.53

Large 55 Gallon capacity

Sleek flat back square design fits naturally in any location around the home

High quality injection molded keeps it looking clean and new year after year

Comes complete with all brass standard size spigot, extension hose ,powder coated steel screen and child locking screws; No base required

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Brand: Enviro World


Enviro World EWC-10 FreeGarden Rain Barrel, Beige

Rain Barrel, Bin, Rain Catcher, Water conservation, water barrel, water bin, rainer, catcher, EWC-10FreeGarden Rain Barrel, Bin, Rain Catcher, Water conservation, water barrel, water bin, rainer, catcher, EWC-10

FreeGarden rain barrel

– Large 55 Gal. capacity.

– No cheap imitation that looks worn out after one season.

– Sleek flat back square design fits naturally in any location around the home.

– High quality injection molded easy to keep clean and look new year after year.

– Comes complete with all brass standard size spigot, extension hose, powder coated steel screen and child locking screws, no base required.

– Modern sleek flat back design.

– Mosquito proof stainless steel mesh screen.

– Overflow hose and hose clamp.

– No base required.

– All you need for years of use.

composter, compost bin, backyard compost bin, tumbler, EWC-30, composting, compost, trash composter
composter, compost bin, backyard compost bin, tumbler, EWC-30, composting, compost, trash composter

FreeGarden Earth compost bin

Compost Happens the FreeGarden Earth compost bin is an efficient, durable and economical tool

– Large 11 cu. ft. capacity.

– No assembly required FreeGarden Earth compost bin ready to use.

– Twist locking lid.

– Single body design virtually no maintenance with proper ventilation.

– Adjustable upper body vents to regulate airflow.

– FreeGarden Earth comes complete with metal grounding pegs, composting guide booklet.

– Single body.

– No assembly required.

– Made from 100% recycled material.

– Twist lock lid.

– Ample body vent.

– Includes composting guide.

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Product Dimensions

24 x 24 x 33 inches

Item Weight

18 pounds


Enviro World corporation



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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


10 reviews for Enviro World EWC-10 FreeGarden Rain Barrel, Beige

  1. Amazon Customer

    This is my third season with the Enviro rain barrels and today I am ordering my 5th barrel. This design suits my gutter/downspout configuration perfectly. The barrels are sturdy and well designed, especially the concave top which catches water well. Each barrel is propped up on two hollow concrete blocks. Our Florida downpours were causing issues with gutter overflow and fascia damage so we just cut the end caps off the gutters and let the water flow into the barrels like a waterfall. I have four barrels in a square and link them at the top with short pieces of the overflow pipe that comes with the barrel. A downpour will fill up these 4 barrels in 10 minutes so to quickly divert water to my garden, I purchased four Wayne 66000-WYN1 1.5″ x 25 ft sump pump hose kits to attach at the top of two barrel overflow outlets (one of the others was used to make a 50 foot run to the garden; the other is in reserve.) Each metal spigot has a 50 foot hose which slowly drains to various spots in the garden. I keep mosquito tabs in the barrels. Leaking is no problem because the barrels sit in a gravel water retention pit away from the house (part of my rain garden). The 5th barrel is for a similar “waterfall” at the other end of the 30 foot 6 inch gutter (we have 4 downspouts besides the two open ends.) When I need to water, I just pop the lid off the barrels (I did not screw them on, rather weigh them down with blocks) and scoop out water that remains below the spigots with a 2 gallon bucket. At the end of the rainy season, I am able to easily clean out these barrels and box them together for storage.

  2. ElectricBuddha

    This was a really great buy. 5 min assembly. I live in FL and it rains a lot, till August, then there is no rain. So I wanted to get something that I could store some water in to help ease back on the water bill in the off months. I figured it would fill up over time in the rainy season then I would have it for later. It was filled after the first big storm! Kid you not. I cant believe there is that much rain coming out of the gutter. So really thinking about getting another! Either way, works great. the overflow hose is an essential feature. well built and its nice the tap is up higher; this way I can put stuff under it without a stand and it keeps debris at the bottom from coming out the tap. Looks nice in my yard as well 🙂 Size wise its a good 2.5′ x 2.5′ and 3.5′ tall. Pretty light weight until its full of water, obviously.

  3. Bluebirdie

    I purchased the Enviro World rain barrel in late spring at a sale price on Amazon. Went through a heavy storm. Everything worked as designed. Very pleased with its performance so I purchased another one.Like all other reviewers already stated, the top cover design is well done and promote little to no spilling during the heavy rain storm. The overflow works well. I redirected the overflow to fill two large clean trash cans before redirect it back to the down sprout. The faucet would not allow a bucket at its original height, so we raised it up with blocks before the rain. After the first rain, we use the spigot . Since that, the spigot leaked a little. When we used up the water, we caulked the spigot from the inside. There’s been no leak after that. Overall, very pleased with its performance and quality.I should also mention before purchasing this rain barrel, I reviewed the requirement of our local water district’s rain barrel program. The design of the barrels satisfy that of the rain barrel rebate program. We submitted the rebate application after installation and was approved. I am sure there are other barrels on the market that also qualify. But this is the one I personally preferred.

  4. Justyne

    After months of research I finally settled on this particular barrel. It’s not as aesthetically pleasing as some of the wood-look barrels, but if you’re looking for functionality and the ability to catch a lot of rainwater, this is your barrel. I had the barrel set up and ready to use in about 10 minutes, including installation of the overflow hose and connecting this barrel to another one I had for overflow. I have a metal roof and just had new larger gutters and downspouts installed, and I’m now ordering a third collection barrel. If you place the barrel on a couple of concrete blocks, the spout will be high enough for a bucket or watering can to fit underneath.I have not tried it with a hose, but assume the pressure will not be great — but that’s okay for my use. Holds enough to water my 14 raised garden beds (4′ x 3′ each) as well as various planting beds around my property. Very happy with this product and I highly recommend it.

  5. Dana Fields

    These barrels work well. I have three of them and have ordered another one. All of mine came with brass spigots and none have leaked. I don’t have gutters but I place them under the drip line of my metal roof and they collect water just fine. I live in Florida so it rains a lot but I also worry about needing water during power outages after a storm or hurricane. (I have a well so — no electricity means no water.) I also see no reason to pump water out of the ground if I can use rain water to keep my tomatoes and flowers happy. It’s better for the plants and the environment and doesn’t deplete valuable water resources.

  6. JSM

    The barrel was very easy to set up and is performing extremely well. I would like the color to be a bit darker…more like the color of mature leaves. However, mine is located behind my azalea bushes and is hardly noticeable since they do not lose their leaves in winter. I have the overflow hose in a large bucket and so have extra water during dry times. It certainly helps to keep my water/sewer bill manageable while allowing me to supplement watering needs especially for new plantings when Mother Nature does not cooperate..

  7. Gotta Have It

    Only rain barrel I found that had a slanted top and a fine mesh screen in the center to filter out even the tiniest debris. I purchased two barrels. I received the barrels and got them both set up right before some rain fall. They were very easy to set up. I live in a high drought area and am pleased that I am able to water my ornamental flowers and some grass without using city water. I am planning on purchasing two more and starting a food garden. Thank you Enviro World!

  8. JBI

    I set up this rain barrel as a pond filter and I could not be more please. It is a solid design that should last for years. It came with a brass spigot but I will not be using it, so I plugged off the hole intended for mounting it. Instead, I drilled two holes near the bottom, one on the right side to use as an inlet, and one on the left side to use as a backwash outlet drain. Thankfully, the barrel was designed with flat spots near the bottom on each side to facilitate drilling holes and mounting well sealed bulkhead connectors. About six inches down from the front center I drilled a hole and mounted a two inch PVC bulkhead connector for the filtered outlet.The only suggestion for improvement I can think of for this barrel would be to offer it in several more colors; perhaps, black, beige, and a light green. On the other hand, it would not be difficult for the owner to paint it any color they desire.

  9. Alysha Nicholas

    The best feature of this Environ World Rain Barrel is that it has a removable lid. That’s right, the entire top is pressure fit and comes off so you can easily clean out the barrel. For those with concerns about animals or children falling in, the lid can be screwed down (screws provided) for safety. I took off one star because we have a 3×4 downspout and do not think the overflow hose will be able to accommodate the extra water. This is not a problem for us because the diverter is on a downspout that drains underground so when the barrel is full, I will flip the switch. Those without that option might have a problem. I will test it this season and upgrade my rating if appropriate. The spigot is rather high on the barrel. Getting to the last few gallons of water is not a big problem since the entire top is removable. You can take the top off and dip your bucket in from the top. And while you are at it, swish the water and dump it out to clean the bottom. Piece of cake!

  10. JSDR

    We bought one barrel in the beginning of our rainy season in 2016, and one in the middle of rainy season 2016 because we liked the first so much. So at the time of writing this is the end of our third rainy season with the barrels and they are still working well. *knock on wood* A few things might have contributed to this:1) we’re in the SF bay area so the barrels have never been frozen. They have also never seen the inside of our house so while they are element-hardy, I cannot speak to the effect of freeze thaws.2) I empty them every beginning of summer and try to scrub down the gunk that may build up on the sides. This is where the removable top makes this barrel a superior design to completely closed barrels.3) we don’t move our hoses from the spigot. One barrel is behind a fence and some bushes – a real pain to get to – so we elevated the barrel on a few bricks and connected a long hose to the barrel with a simple ball and socket spigot at the user end. If we want water from this barrel we open the ball and socket spigot and use the hose, but we never connect or disconnect the hose from the spigot on the barrel itself. When we’re done we throw the hose into the bush that the barrel lives in. You can’t really see it. The other barrel we find it just easier to remove the top and scoop water out to hand water plants. A bit more labor intensive but we don’t mind, our yard is small.I only wish the barrels were bigger now that we see how durable and easily maintained they are.

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