Energizer Recharge Power Plus AA8 2300 mAh, 8 Rechargeable Batteries

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About this item Best for high drain devices like digital cameras, CD players and handheld games Pre-charged Refined recycled battery materials

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Brand: Energizer


Energizer Recharge Power Plus AA8 2300 mAh, 8 Rechargeable Batteries

Energizer Recharge Power Plus

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Product Dimensions

4.5 x 3.75 x 1.25 inches

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5.3 ounces


Energizer Batteries



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8 AA batteries required.

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

July 4, 2004

10 reviews for Energizer Recharge Power Plus AA8 2300 mAh, 8 Rechargeable Batteries

  1. Sagar S. Mungekar

    I use these batteries with the Energizer Quick (15-min) charger. It’s important to note that these are the 2500 mAH batteries. Energizer also makes 2100 and 2200 versions that are sometimes erroneously listed as 2500 on others’ websites. These are the real deal.They charge within 15 minutes in the charger and keep their charge as indicated. I keep extras with me when I am photographing, as my flash is power hungry. I often get more flashes out than the manufacturer claims is possible with its own proprietary battery.I have charged, discharged, and recharged them many times with no noticeable loss. They do get very hot in the charger and need to cool before using. Also–and this is probably obvious–they do not work once wet, even if allowed to dry. (I had an unfortunate experience with a canoe and a lake.)

  2. Michael Cornist

    So much better than buying disposable batteries and they last quite a while between charges.

  3. SgtB

    We’ve been having very good results with these rechargeables. They seem to last a long time – even in a battery draining digital camera, and all my daughter’s toys. And I feel so much better not to be worrying about disposal of regular alkaline batteries.

  4. comatus

    Solar landscape lights are cute, but you can’t rely on them. In the northern US, typical driveway lights stay on an hour or two after sunset and then flicker out. That’s not the sun failing you, it’s the one or two 500 mA batteries. A 2-battery light with these more powerful batteries typically stays on until dawn, in late autumn. I started out with a good full charge, but several weeks in to the season of short days and heavy overcast, they’re still that much better.If you bought a batch of solar stuff and are about to give up, try one package of these. I’ll never use a 500mA battery again.

  5. Herbert A Bates

    NH15BP-8 Energizer AA Nickel Metal Hydride Battery NH15BP-8 . A very good product It was exactly what I was looking for. Worked very good, was what it said it was, look good, a very good buy for the money, and was shipped in timely manner.

  6. AlphaBravo207

    How many times have you charged the batteries? Each time you have charged them, it saved you money from having to buy NEW batteries. At $12.99 / 8 pack…how much did you save by not having to purchase new batteries for your device? I think it is a fair trade off, IMHO.16 pack of Energizer batteries are currently $13.75. So, if you charged your NiMH batteries 20 times, how much did you save? My experience with NiMH batteries have been pretty good. I had a set of Kodak batteries for 6 or 7 years, and am now just replacing them with 2 of these 8-Pack Energizer AA’s.

  7. carlosguyon

    They are the best rechargeable batteries in the market

  8. BPL

    I use these in a 4cell battery fan. They last about 2.5+ days on continuously.

  9. Kaye

    This product works perfectly for our stair lighting system and 8 ate the perfect number.

  10. Kimberly

    I was reading some reviews, so I felt inclined to comment!Average-5dollars a pack of 8 = About .62 Each Regular BatteriesAverage-16dollars a pack of 8 = About 2dollars Each Rechargeable + About 30dollars Initial 15 Minute Charger InvestmentI am a photographer & use these batteries for my external flash on my camera… So while, I made an initial investment of 62dollars (Charger + 16 Total Batteries)… These batteries have saved me hundreds of dollars!If I used these same batteries for a year (mine have even lasted longer)… *Just stating Basic use for a calculation… Say I shoot 25 weddings a year, an 8 hour day of continuous use… I charge the night prior & I will have most likely exhausted all 16 batteries by the end of the day (where before using rechargeable I could go through 20 regular batteries or more without an option to charge halfway through the day if need be (20 non-rechargeable would equal about 12dollars each wedding day) Over the course of the year if I opted to go with regular batteries it would have costed me about 12dollars x 25 weddings = 300dollars… But I didn’t, I chose these rechargeables that only costs me 62dollars… So even if I decide to buy 16 new batteries to have a new set for this year, keep in mind, I still have the charger… Leaving me to have only have spent 94dollars over the course of 2 years where the alternative would have costed me over 600dollars for the same use over a 2 year period!So be realistic! If you know you are going to a party, charge the batteries before you go to bed the night before, so they last in your camera… If you use them in toys or Wii Controllers, set them on the charger once a week when you finish playing!In the long run they will save you lots of money if you are not lazy about giving them the juice they need to keep running!

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