Emergency Weather Crank Radio 4000mAh – Portable, Solar Powered, Hand Crank, AM/FM/NOAA Weather Alert Radio, Aux Music Play, USB

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【Ready for Emergency 】This weather alert radio is a versatile unit ,which broadcast the latest weather and hazard information for your area in time , such as earthquake, hurricanes, winter storms and other natural disasters, ensuring that best preparation for it in advance. Using FM, AM and NOAA weather forecast station, you can also get the latest weather broadcasting even in non-stormy weather.

【No Electricity? Don’t Worry!】Putting in the dilemma of blackout? Staring at a dead phone battery in the storm? Don’t worry. A 4000mAH power bank charge your phone in an emergency or disaster. During a power cut, the fully emergency weather radio provides up to 18-20 hours of flashlight time or 18-20 hours of radio play (depending on the sound volume)or 30-35 hours of AUX music play, let you out of the dark and don’t feel bored.

【4 Ways to Keep Power】 Solar powered radio is not just direct charging by USB cable, but also supporting hand-crank powered , solar powered and battery charged. When the electricity saved by emergency radio is used up, don’t worry. You can also charge weather alert radio by Cranking or Solar Charging to ensure that emergency weather radio has electricity to accompany you through the blackout period.

【LCD Screen & Weather Alert】This weather alert radio has LCD screen which gives you a clear picture of the remaining electricity, volume, channel information. And this emergency radio has weather alert function. Once receives bad weather information, “ALERT” will flash on the screen and the device will alarm. Prepare you for disaster in advance and keep you safe in the event of disaster.

【 Multi Function& Service Gurantee】The emergency weather radio with 4000 mAh battery capacity, flashlight and SOS warning, comes with AUX music players, is suitable for outdoor activities. Such as camping, hiking, camping. We guaranty a 12-month warranty and lifetime customer service to make it no risk for your purchase.

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Brand: Givoust


Emergency Weather Crank Radio 4000mAh – Portable, Solar Powered, Hand Crank, AM/FM/NOAA Weather Alert Radio, Aux Music Play, USB Cell Phone Charger, SOS Alarm, LED Flashlight for Hurricanes, Tornadoes Electronics

Emergency weather alert radio

What is our original intention of designing this emergency weather radio?

We can’t stop the disaster, but we hope our emergency solar crank radio can accompany you through this difficult period and give you some help when the disaster comes.


Independent 7 band channels NOAA real-time weather forecast with Public Emergency Alert System to keep you informed during severe weather emergencies, such as: flood, tornado, thunderstorm. AM/FM radio for entertainment, sports, talk-shows, breaking news around the world.

Emergency flashlight radio

Handy Bright LED Flashlight

Bright 1W LED flashlight is very handy to light up in full darkness to keep you safe in the emergency.

NOAA Weather Radio

Reliable Wired Playback

Use the included 3.5mm AUX cable to play audio from your smartphone, tablet. Bring wonderful music enjoyment for you.

Emergency weather radio

Portable Design

Portable design allows you to easily take this emergency weather radio to camping or mountain climbing or other outdoor activities.

AM FM NOAA Weather Radio

Excellent FM / AM / NOAA Receiver

Using FM, AM and NOAA weather forecast station, you can also get the latest weather broadcasting even in non-stormy weather.

emergency weather radio

Tips for Using an Emergency Radio:

Purchasing an emergency radio is a step toward protecting loved ones if an emergency occurs. While the hope is that an emergency radio will never be necessary, it can make good sense to plan ahead and be prepared. The following tips will help ensure the radio is ready to go in any situation.

1.For the first use or when the unit idles over 60 days, please hand crank for 1 minutes to active the internal battery.

2.Store the emergency radio in an airtight, waterproof case, and this weather radio can powered by 3AAA batteries .It is recommended to reserve some spare batteries in the emergency package. This will be the perfect complement to the emergency kit in bad weather.

3.Check the emergency radio to ensure it’s working correctly before taking it on a camping or hiking trip.

4.Familiarize yourself with the emergency radio’s functions so you won’t have to take time to read directions if an emergency occurs.

Additional information


Product Dimensions

7.87 x 3.54 x 3.14 inches

Item Weight

1.19 pounds



Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

September 10, 2018



10 reviews for Emergency Weather Crank Radio 4000mAh – Portable, Solar Powered, Hand Crank, AM/FM/NOAA Weather Alert Radio, Aux Music Play, USB

  1. A. Fertal

    This is a well-designed and highly functional device for emergency use. It appears to be very well made and arrives well packaged. The digital tuning is a must for an emergency radio in my opinion and this Radio has it and it functions well on all three bands (AM/FM/Weather). The radio can be operated off of a built in rechargeable Li-ion battery that you can charge via the hand crank or via the solar panel. Note that the solar panel is best used for maintaining the charge rather that for initially applying a full-charge since it charges the internal battery very slowly. You can also operate the radio off of AAA batteries (3). With AAA batteries installed, you can use the Radios USB port to charge your cell phone via the supplied cable. Using another supplied cable, you can also play audio from your cellphone or other device via the radios speaker. I also find the weather alert and flashlight features to be useful. All-in-all it provides exactly what I was looking for in an Emergency Radio.

  2. Jack C.

    This radio is amazing. The quality is excellent, the features are perfect for surviving a loss of power from a weather event. The radio has a digital tuner and it is very sensitive and accurate. For all local stations, including the weather channels the antenna does not have to be extended. The built in flashlight is very bright and does not use much. battery power. The siren is very loud and the flashlight blinks SOS in Morse code. Charging the built in battery using USB port, hand crank or built in solar panel gives this radio flashlight means to always keep it operating when needed. In addition, the unit has a USB power port to charge your cellphone. A surprise feature, was a hatch to install additional batteries to extend operating time without additional charging. The unit came with a USB charge cable and a audio cable to use the unit as an audio amplifier. Wonderful product – well worth the money. I am ready for emergencies and for my next camping trip.

  3. Nora

    I ordered this for power outages, tornadoes, etc. I think I will actually keep it in my car. It arrived when promised and works great. The light is bright and easy to find, the alarm on it flashes a red light and has a loud alerting sound, so if I’m lost in the woods somebody can find me (not the bears). The radio is easy to tune in stations and easy to find a weather channel. I really like this emergency light, it’s just what I wanted. Thanks.

  4. dragonflybaby

    I bought two of these for my elderly parents for emergencies. My dad liked them so much he decided to walk around using one of them just for fun. I like that this product has several features that will keep my parents safe in the event of a blackout and/or severe weather. I highly recommend purchasing one for each member of the household who is of age to have a cell phone for use as a charger, radio, and light source so that each person can safely move about in separate parts of the house. It is also helpful that there are multiple ways to charge the item itself. All charging methods have worked well for my parents. Great value for the price.

  5. Mirebtxy

    I have this product in case of an emergency. For now, is for my family ” prepare KIT”. Because, my old one died in the Hurricane Maria episode, and believe me is great to have a radio when you have no communications because everything can fail at the same time. Love the fact you can use it with batteries or without batteries and just solar. Or you can plug it to other gadgets.

  6. R. Starr

    As new Floridians, I knew that this was something you need to have for hurricane preparedness. Being able to run from the 4000mAh internal battery, solar recharging and replaceable batteries was very important as was a digital tuner and National Weather Service bands. We haven’t had to use it yet but glad that it is in our hurricane kit. The only con that I can think of is that the replaceable batteries are three AAA size. I would have preferred AA size since I keep more of those on hand at all times.

  7. AznBuyer

    It took me a while to choose a NOAA radio and there’s a lot to choose from but I ended up buying this triangle shaped NOAA radio because the form factor is very practical. Volume is loud of FM and AM and very decent on NOAA band and all these NOAA weather signals are weak anyway so don’t expect a loud and clear sound on those. This radio feel very sturdy and is very easy to operate. Buttons are big, crank is sturdy and smooth and both work well. My only feedback for future version is that the buttons should be lit because you can’t see them in the dark and also you can’t save the channels. Overall I’m super happy with the radio, great buy in my book.

  8. XihuateteoXihuateteo

    Purchased this to engage the interest the kiddo has for radios. The features are engaging enough for him as well as to understand that electronics need power to operate, which then introduces the concept of “cranking” for power. He enjoys the ability to find local radio stations for music or whatever gets his interest. The sound is loud enough to be heard across our little yard while he plays on his jungle gym. The only downfall is that it does not have the feature to turn a dial to find a station. The buttons are great as they serve their purpose, but the dial would have been something he might have enjoyed. Currently charging a cell/mobile to see how long it takes to charge. Given the age of our phones, it has taken 30 minutes to charge 3%, which I assume is due to it being used as a radio and being cranked every few minutes. Will be updating again soon.

  9. Sean Brumwell

    I have purchased a fair number of weather/emergency radios, and this is definitely one of the better ones. First, the digital tuner is quite good, the flashlight is quite bright, and the audio is definitely clear. Reception is definitely better than my previous radios as well. Not sure about how well the solar panel works per se, but if you use the crank a light shows up to indicate it’s charging which is rather nice. The SOS siren is also quite loud. Overall, best emergency radio I’ve purchased to date.

  10. RC

    Was not sure what to expect and although have only tested all the features for 15 minutes since getting it, very pleased with my purchase. Very compact, seems very solid and offers all the features I was hoping to have in a back up radio for home and travel. No reasons not to give it a 5 star.

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