Emergency Radio Hand Crank Solar 5000mAh, NOAA Weather Radio Hand Crank Radio Flashlight Cell Phone Charger

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Price: $35.99

Strongest Solar Radio : Solar panels made by German‘s high-density monocrystalline silicon, the solar charging speed is 10 times as much as a normal emergency radio, so it is an indispensable equipment in your emergency supplies.

Brightest Emergency Radio : Include 3 modes 20pcs led flashlight and 3W 48 pcs led reading light, pressing SOS button can make sharp sound to effectively attract people attention. It is the most important camping gear in your outdoor camping.

Astonishing Battery Operated Radio : 5000mAh High capacity portable power Bank ,this long-life battery can be repeatedly charged up to 3000 times, Charging 2 hours , Using one week. It is an essential equipment in your survival gear.

Extraordinary NOAA Weather Radio : All weather band .You can receive the latest weather and hazard Information on disasters related to hurricanes, snowstorms, wildfires, floods, earthquakes via this weather broadcast.

Hand Crank Radio : Utilizing the lever design principle, the rotation of the hand crank is very easy, the best helper in the case of emergency power failure.

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Emergency Radio Hand Crank Solar 5000mAh, NOAA Weather Radio

Emergency Radio Hand Crank Solar 5000mAh, NOAA Weather Radio

  • Frequency Range: AM:520-1710KHz, FM:87-108MHz, WB:162.400-162.550MHz
  • Dimensions: 6.7×2.7×3.1 inches (170x70x80mm)
  • Solar panel power :1.3W
  • Weight: 13.7oz (390g)
  • Power Consumption: 5W (MAX)
  • Power Source: 5000mAh / 3.7V
  • Waterproof Level: IPX-3
  • LED Flashlight: 3W /650 LM far beam + 600LM MIX beam
  • Reading lamp :3W
  • Batteries: AAA 1.5V (Not Included)
  • Manufacturer Model Number: WR320

Emergency Radio Hand Crank Solar 5000mAh, NOAA Weather Radio Astonishing Solar Charging Panel

1.3W solar panels , the solar panel area is large, and the charging time is only 8 hours . When a hurricane comes, it is normal to lose power, and a faster solar charging speed can help you through the storm .The weather radio provides you with tools to use in emergency and non-emergency environments. The radio comes integrated with a 3W LED flashlight with zoom, an SOS alarm, 5000mAh power bank, big LED reading light, radio broadcasts access, and 4 power options to provide emergency power.

Emergency Radio Hand Crank Solar 5000mAh, NOAA Weather Radio

Package Includes


  • 1x Solar Emergency Weather Radio
  • 1x Carabiner
  • 1x User Manual


Emergency Radio Hand Crank

The radio also can be charged the by turning the handle at the bottom of the device , and the blue power indicator will light on.The handle can be turned either clockwise or counterclockwise.


Micro USB – To fully charge the radio just about 2 hours

Connect the supplied Micro USB cable to the Micro USB input port on the right side of the unit to charge the lithium battery inside.

Meanwhile,4 blue power indicator lights will light up in sequence.


Replaceable Battery- AAA batteries .

Under normal circumstances, the 3A battery can make the radio work normally for 6 hours, or flashlight lighting for 3 hours


Package Includes


Emergency Radio Hand Crank


USB Charging


3A Battery


  • This emergency flashlight radio upgraded with 3 flashlights modes:
  • A. Low Mode
  • B. Full Mode
  • C. Far Mode.
  • With easy to cutover flashlight modes with the user-friendly design, the emergency flashlight radio is very helpful for you to find your way at outdoor activities or find something in the darkness area. Keep you and your loved ones out of the dark in an emergency situation.



The radio will dependably receive the emergency weather forecasts and emergency news ​from NOAA and AM/FM stations. You would get enough time to get full preparation advance in emergency


Emergency weather radio with SOS alarm

It is ok when you encounter an emergency , pressing SOS button can make sharp sound to effectively attract people attention (Effective sound propagation radius: 150M)


Easy to Carry

This portable weather alert radios is suitable for outdoors fans. It’s very lightweight, easy to handy or hang on your backpack, very durable and helpful for outdoor travel.

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Emergency Radio Hand Crank Solar 5000mAh, NOAA Weather Radio

Additional information


Product Dimensions

2.8 x 7 x 3.2 inches

Item Weight

13.8 ounces



Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

August 3, 2021



Country of Origin


10 reviews for Emergency Radio Hand Crank Solar 5000mAh, NOAA Weather Radio Hand Crank Radio Flashlight Cell Phone Charger

  1. Advanced1

    Ordered and received two of these radios and I was impressed. Larger than most solar panels on emergency radios. Checked functionality of panels and they were able to re-charge the radios but VERY SLOWLY (as expected, you can use solar when AC power is not available but expect the recharge to take all day and part of another day just to set the expectations). Finished recharging via AC power. Love the functionality: NOAA Weather Radio station, light, strobe, am/fm radio, hand crank, siren, ambiant red light, etc. Radios retained their charge for several days. I love them! So far so good!.

  2. Amazon Customer

    I really like this little thing. The lights are nice and bright and it is able to be charged in several different ways. The speaker quality isn’t going to impress anyone, but that’s not really what this type of radio is made for in the first place. I bought it intending to use it as a camping/fishing radio, but I’ve actually been using it as a work light around the house for the most part so far. I’d buy it again in a heartbeat.

  3. Shepherd Hoodwin

    I bought this for my “go bag,” something in my closet to grab in case of an emergency and I need to leave without having time to pack essentials. This looks like the best deal for something I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on. My initial idea is that I would put it away and forget about it, maybe changing out some canned food and the AAA batteries in the bag every few years. But the instructions of this emergency radio suggest charging the built-in Lithion Ion battery every three months to keep it viable. So there is some extra maintenance involved. And, as with other similar radios, there is no way to swap it out if it fails. However, there’s also the option to power it in other ways, including replaceable batteries.

  4. Aaron Munn

    This radio is well worth the money. I’ve been using it for about a week now and haven’t had to charge it yet. Dedicated weather band comes in crystal clear. Locks on to stations well. It has a retractable antenna that comes out of the side so you don’t have to worry about breaking it when transporting. The solar panels actually work well too. This is a solid emergency radio. Do yourself a favor and buy this, you won’t regret it.

  5. elizabeth anne carter

    We recently had 3 tornados come through our town of Bowling Green KY on December 11. I’ve always loved weather and have had my eye on these weather radios for a while, well I really wish I would have had this then. The power was out for a week and I didn’t know what was happening outside during the storm. I didn’t have a radio and no cell service. So, I stayed awake until 5am when I saw the first responders making their way through our streets. Absolutely devastating. Neighbors houses destroyed. I was very for fortunate and only had trees down. I bought 4 of these for my entire family for Christmas. Well New Years Day another tornado came through our town and my family felt awesome having these as backup batteries and weather radio! Thanks!

  6. Amazon Customer

    The Emergency radio works great. It can be recharged by a hand crank, adding batteries or a USB plug. I used it during the last winter storm. A few trees fell over our power lines, so we had no power and the house was blacked out. I pulled out the Emergency Radio to get the weather updates and listen to music, as cable and internet were down. The Emergency Radio also has a very bright flashlight with two settings, which was useful for getting around the house and cooking on the gas stove. I did like that the device has a power meter so you can monitor the battery life. I liked to crank the battery charger to recharge the battery to pass time until our electricity was restored.

  7. Melissa

    Very nice item for the price. Charges quick using electricity or computer usb or mini usb. Charges through solar also. Better solar charging system than other. Has panel on top but also on side. The side panel flips open to adjust to solar angle. Makes charging faster and more efficient. Solar panel also is reading light on flip side. SOS siren is loud but not extremely loud. Would work well in lake, woods or mountain area. Not sure about city during daytime especially. Flashlight on front works well. Main bulb and led bulbs can be used together or separately to conserve power. Added item that I like is the ability to use this to send power to cell phone. Overall, really neat emergency device.

  8. Jake

    Great little radio with LOTS of light. I haven’t ran down the battery yet but seems to be good. Solar charges pretty slow but it’s a pretty small panel. The handcrank knob is way too small to use comfortably, but hopefully that’s a last resort. The knob would probably be the main thing I’d change – those it wouldn’t fit into the unit so nicely if you did make it bigger. Maybe like an extra piece you can add on to it or something? Dunno. Good unit overall

  9. Joey & JessJoey & Jess

    This little radio/flashlight/weather radio is the absolute best! I love it. Great lighting and many options on the lighting including a flip up light. All very bright but in different ways. The radio picks up so many stations and oh my gosh it’s freaking loud with clear sound. It has a crank handle in case you need it, 2 solar panels, and battery options for power. It is also a very powerful power bank. The size is just perfect. Fits comfy in my hand, but don’t let fool you, it can light up my whole back yard. I’m so happy with my purchase!

  10. Sharon

    I researched for awhile, and thought I’d have to settle for poor quality, but then I found this emergency radio. It was worth the wait! When it arrived, it was much smaller than I anticipated, but now it’s “grown” on me, and I don’t think of it as small in any way. The radio is crystal clear and the lights, on all settings, are extraordinarily bright! I really love mine.

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