Emergency NOAA Weather Radio 5000mAh Bluetooth Speaker Waterproof, JUEMEL Solar Hand Crank AM/FM

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📡 FM/AM Radio & Bluetooth Speaker 📻:Comprehensive coverage of AM(520-1710KHZ),FM (87.5-108MHZ),WB and NOAA weather channels for entertainment, sports, talk-shows, breaking news around the can also be used as wireless speaker by bluetooth connection and TF inserd card. Get alerted and be prepared for severe events, such as thunderstorm, rainstorm, snowstorm, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis and floods. For better reception, extend the emergency weather alert radio’s external antenna.

🔋 5000mAh Power Bank+3 Charging Modes🔌 :Equipped with Safer 5000mAh lithium polymer battery, could be use for charging your phone or other.Type-c fast charging technology greatly shortens the charging time for this product, it can be charged the radio through hand crank and solar energy to deal with power outages.(NOTE: Crank and Solar charging is only Emergency situations recommended for torch ,radio, and SOS because of its low efficiency).

🔊 Astonishing Sound Bluetooth Speaker 🎶 :Surprisingly stereo sound with deep bass by a high-sensitivity drivers and a bass port. Not only a radio, but also could be connected phones to listen to music by Bluetooth 5.0, and enjoy the enjoyment of wonderful sound.

📖 Reading Lamp & Flashlight 🔦 :If you are an outdoor sports enthusiast or need to walk in a place without lights, Waterproof IPX5 Radio with flashlight is a good choice. Its farthest lighting distance is more than 10m, which is more than other most emergency solar radios. In addition, reading lights with motion sensors will greatly help you get up at midnight and avoid waking up your family.

📣 SOS Alarm & compass & 1/4 Screw hole 🚲 :It comes with the SOS alarm with an extra-loud sound. With the help of this sound , you can seek somebody to help you in emergency. And Compass is helpful when you get lost in suburb. If you are a riding enthusiastic, you can install the radio on the bike, you will enjoy the happy moment of riding with some music the radio plays.

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Emergency NOAA Weather Radio 5000mAh Bluetooth Speaker Waterproof, JUEMEL Solar Hand Crank AM/FM Radio with Flashlight, Reading Lamp, Compass, SOS Alert for Outdoor Survival Electronics

Emergency NOAA Weather Radio 5000mAh Bluetooth Speaker Waterproof, JUEMEL Solar Hand Crank AM/FM

Emergency NOAA Weather Radio 5000mAh Bluetooth Speaker Waterproof

Emergency NOAA Weather Radio 5000mAh Bluetooth Speaker Waterproof, JUEMEL Solar Hand Crank AM/FM

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6.53 x 2.04 x 3.07 inches

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14.5 ounces



Date First Available

November 5, 2021

5 reviews for Emergency NOAA Weather Radio 5000mAh Bluetooth Speaker Waterproof, JUEMEL Solar Hand Crank AM/FM

  1. Anai RamirezAnai Ramirez

    I had been looking for a portable radio for emergency use, camping trips or visits to a drive in theater and this was perfect!Some of the pros include:✅ very small and portable✅ loud sound crammed in a small sized speaker✅ AM/FM radio with extractable antenna✅ easy to pair with Bluetooth✅ solar panel and crank for backup charging methods✅ two embedded flashlights included✅ generally accurate compass included✅ decent size power bank at 5000 mAh✅ great for charging mobile devices✅ clear instruction manual provided✅ good for drive in theater use, save your car’s battery and needing a jump startI think this product met my needs overall but some of the minor cons that I discovered are:❌ only has one type c port❌ station auto scan feature goes too fast, I ended up manually tuning❌ speaker clarity is decent at louder volumes

  2. UG

    I ordered this radio to keep on hand in the event of an emergency and what I’ve been able to test so far has been very good. The unit arrived with a dead battery so I gave it a couple of spins with the hand crank and, in less than a minute, I was able to briefly play the radio. I then moved it outside to check the solar charging ability and the radio continued to work perfectly for several hours. Both the AM/FM and weather radio functions worked well. Reception is very good, even down in the basement.The mini flashlight (on the side) and reading lamp lamp (hidden underneath the solar panel) aren’t very bright, but would be invaluable in a zero darkness situation. I love that the unit also has the ability to fully charge a cell phone if needed. This is definitely a product that packs a lot into a small package. The only fail is the compass, which is off by a full 90 degrees on mine. Even with the janky compass, this is a very good value and a worthwhile purchase that performs exactly as promised.  As an emergency radio this unit earns a solid five from me.

  3. M_to_the_elissaM_to_the_elissa

    This is a very useful and awesome little Bluetooth speaker and emergency radio combo!I am using it mainly as a radio and Bluetooth speaker. But it has oh so many more amazing features! Here are some of my favorites:It has a solar power option for emergencies. (Note: the manual says to switch off the device when solar power charging.)It has a hand crank option for emergencies. (Note: the manual says to turn off the device when using hand crank charging.)You can use a TF card directly in this speaker and it should automatically play accordingly to the manual.Bluetooth was super easy to pair.It can get loud!It has an SOS button which serves as a reset button.It has an antenna that is retractable and adjustable for use when you are listening to the radio. It works well for me!The battery indicator is shown on the LCD display (Note: 99 indicates a full charge as per the manual).It actually has really nice and quality sound, in my opinion! I really am enjoying listening to music and audiobooks on this speaker!It has a nice sized rechargeable battery!It can charge my phone if I need it to!It has a flashlight and a compass on it! Handy!It auto scans for pre-set radio stations on radio mode.So, overall, this is a really nifty device! I think I’m going to be using it quite a lot. I don’t find it very hard to operate either. I read the manual only once and I think I pretty much understand how to use all of its features properly. It’s a great unit and a great deal! It’s an essential household item and will be great to have in my house!

  4. AleeshaBooAleeshaBoo

    This thing is a must have for any emergency kit. It offers three different charging variations. Conventional charging via C-type, solar, and crank. Not only that but it offers multiple lamps.Now to the radio modes. It offers am/fm tuner and has antenna for reception. It was a wb radio channels (though I don’t know what this is). Sounds quality is amazing. Has great bass, is loud and I forgot to mention the sos function at the bottom. Overall, get this! Thing is awesome. By far one of my favorite things.

  5. CrystalCrystal

    I wanted a handheld am/fm radio for our hurricane survival kit after our last one died. This one seems perfect. It’s easy to charge before the storm hits plus it has a small solar panel and a hand crank. I haven’t tried the solar but the hand crank really works. Of course you have to do it for a long time to get a small amount of charge but in an emergency you could use it to power the flashlight. I also like that you can charge your phone off of it which I can see us doing. The radio itself is loud and the sos is really loud. Great little find.

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