EF ECOFLOW EFDELTA Solar Generator 1260Wh with 2 X 160W Solar Panel, 6 X 1800W (3300W Surge) AC Outlets, Portable Power Station

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Price: $2,499.99

  • ⚡[Kit Includes] 1x 1260wh Solar Generator and all its accessories; 2x 160W Foldable Solar Panel and all its accessories. May be in different warehouses because the products are in the form of a Bundle. Don’t worry when you receive only part of the product, you can send us an email and we will provide you with another tracking number.
  • ⚡[X-STREAM] RECHARGE FROM 0% TO 80% IN 1 HOUR, FULL CHARGE WITHIN 1.6 HOURS. ECOFLOW patented X-Stream Technology empowers EFDELTA recharged at 10 times the speed of most portable power stations in the market with just a standard AC cable. (NO HEAVY, BULKY ADAPTOR or BRICK).
  • ⚡[GREEN&QUIET&FAST SOLAR RECHARGING] EFDELTA MPPT Controller guarantees full recharge within 5-10 hours (Depends on light intensity) with zero pollution emission and zero noise.
  • ⚡[POWER MONSTER] 6 x 1800W AC OUTLETS and 1260Wh CAPACITY. Features 6* AC outlet,2x 60W USB-C, 4x USB-A (2 normal+2 fast charge), 1x 13.6V CAR PORT.
  • ⚡[WATERPROOF & DURABLE]: The 160w solar panel is waterproof to endure all weather conditions, submerged in water for up to 30 minutes with no detrimental effect to it. Ideal for outdoor activities such as camping, climbing, hiking and fishing.

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EF ECOFLOW EFDELTA Solar Generator 1260Wh with 2 X 160W Solar Panel, 6 X 1800W (3300W Surge) AC Outlets, Portable Power Station for Outdoors Camping RV High-Power Appliances Emergency

EF ECOFLOW Portable Power Station

Recharge EFDELTA From 0 to 80% In 1 hour

In the past two years we’ve dedicated our time and energy into creating the X-Stream Recharge Technology, which provides the fastest recharge rate (up to 1200W) on the market, working 10 times faster than others, so EFDELTA can be fully recharged within 2 hours by any wall outlet or gasoline generator.

EF ECOFLOW Portable Power Station

1260Wh Capacity With 1800W AC Power

Equipped with 120V /1800W, 3300W surge AC outlets generating pure sine wave output to power wide range of devices and tools, anytime and anywhere (like: computers, heavy duty power tool, coffee machine, hairdryer, microwave and CPAP machines etc. ) and protecting them from undesired.

EF ECOFLOW Portable Power Station

Compatible With Any Solar Input Up To 400W

EFDELTA is compatible with any solar panels on the market. In perfect sunlight and with 400W solar input,

EFDELTA can be fully recharged in just 4hours and accepts DC input of 10-65V. For connection of one panel or the serial and parallel connection of up to three or six panels, please refer to the instructions.

EF ECOFLOW Portable Power Station

13 Devices Powered Simultaneously

  • 6x AC Outlet
  • 4x USB-A
  • 2x USB-C
  • 1x 12V car port


EFDELTA can power up to 13 devices simultaneously and it can be recharged by Car, solar panels, or any AC outlet at the same time.

EF ECOFLOW 110W Portable Solar Panel

Generate More Power Flexibility

The chainable feature allows you to connect 2 of the EcoFlow 160W solar panels together with the MC4 cable, giving your solar charge station even more power. You can store the solar energy by more solar panels for later use, giving you more flexibility and save your time.

EF ECOFLOW 110W Portable Solar Panel

Solar Cell Technology

Four 30 W Monocrystalline Solar Panels features Anti-reflective, high transparency with high conversion rate. Performance with more energy generation over the life of the system, but also offer durable quality.

EF ECOFLOW 110W Portable Solar Panel

Made for Durable Waterproof IP67

The Solar Charger is IP67, with waterproof MC4 port so that you can submerge the panel in water for up to 30 minutes with no detri-mental effect to the product. You can enjoy solar energy by placing the panel on the outside even in the bad weather.

EF ECOFLOW 110W Portable Solar Panel

Store Solar Energy Efficiently

High conversion efficiency up to 22%, harness the sun with 160W solar panels wherever you are, keep your important devices going wherever you go. Unfold the solar panels and place them in an area exposed to direct and strong sunlight.

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Part Number



‎DELTA+2(160W Solar Panel)

Power Source

‎Solar powered



Date First Available

May 21, 2021

10 reviews for EF ECOFLOW EFDELTA Solar Generator 1260Wh with 2 X 160W Solar Panel, 6 X 1800W (3300W Surge) AC Outlets, Portable Power Station

  1. Doug

    Little heavy, but still very portable. Great power source! No gas or propane involved! Recharge by electric plug-in or by the sun!

  2. Trevor

    Charged fast from wall. “hUrRiCaNe” is hitting CT here this weekend so maybe ill get to use it. just got this Thursday 8/19 so that’d be cool. ill either be updating soon after usage and panel use to charge or this wind didn’t hit us that hard and ill update later onFYI – I see top review is incorrect. you do not need to purchase adapter. this set everything comes capable to connect 2 panels to the delta.

  3. Amazon Customer

    QA Husband:Woke up this morning and wife stated, “You have to write a review, I’m impressed!” Wow, that was different for her to ask me to write a review.Back Story: wife was very frustrated with with not having a CPAP solution. There was no real solutions. She being my “Blinded me with science” girl. One Smart cookie.I started had started testing and gathering Data. I hadn’t completed my testing yet. Last night, the unit was at 64%, second night with CPAP at Level 3 wtr heater and heated hose. From my calculations, I thought she’d be okay at 64%.She slept 7.5 x2 (days) = 15hrs/ 24% remaining this morning. She was so pleased she insisted I’d write a review. (Note: less than 33mins to charge. Stopped at about 93% fill to increase cycle life.Prior research to date, when setting solar panels: get a plumbline of solar trajectory in the evening (sunset), then factor in sunrise, understanding that trajectory will change. Consider atmospher tempetures and wind. Might want a light brush or new paint brush to brush panels. (note: avoid walking walking between panels and sun, once charging has commenced).I set up a steel table with angle, the table provides shade for the unit and a milk crate (inverted) provides ease of ventilation. Solar paneld are anchored to the table with ER blanket bungie loops, 4 points to address any wing or windgust.Keep unit off ground: If you have small children/pets you can always set unit in milk crate with another crate on top to protect unti and provide ventilation. Running electrical through milk crate side openings even handle area.This completes my review to this point.

  4. Pele’s Fire

    Is this solar generator too good to be true? For someone like me, it is. I recently bought this ECOFLOW DELTA and it is my third generator to supplement my Honda eu2000i and Champion 3700. Soon after I received it, I ran spec tests on it to see if it met all of the power features it advertised. I was not disappointed as I was very impressed with the overall functionality of this power unit. The unit is comfortably portable, durable, and powerful. I now have peace of mind that my power needs will always be available so long as the sun shines. The ONLY concern I have has to do with the efficiency falling off after 800 cycles. I do not know whether ECOFLOW will have any options to offer once the unit has reached its peak efficiency and begins to lose its original power capacity. However, I will only use this DELTA only during outdoor activities or if the power grid goes down temporarily. Used only when needed, 800 cycles will offer me years of use. The DELTA can be used indoors and is whisper quiet. This is important if noise is a concern with neighboring campers or if discretion is required during civil unrest or when the power grid goes down for days at a time. If my DELTA cannot be fast charged from a wall outlet, I will always have access to recharge it with my two 160W solar panels. The connecting solar cables could have been longer as they are only 3 meters (10 ft) long. I had to order additional MC4 cables from ECOFLOW so my I am able to recharge the unit while the unit is indoors and when the panels are outside. I live in Arizona where it commonly reaches over 100 degrees and I suspect that if the DELTA was outside while recharging, it would be subject to overheating even with the fans running. In sum, I truly believe ECOFLOW solar generators are the best on the market and outshines gas generators in may respects. For those seeking a solar unit, you may want to consider the ECOFLOW PRO for additional power needs. Regretfully, I missed the Kickstarter promotion but hoping ECOFLOW will offer it again sometime.

  5. GigasWerden

    I got this small power system (along with the 3rd solar panel that must be purchased separately) as a backup system. All components worked great and aside from it using the lithium battery (which makes it much smaller than an equivalent lead-acid battery system of equal power output), the main reason was the waterproof solar panels.One thing I am surprised about, though, is ECOFLOW has not released a small power system (say the same power size as this one) using solid state energy storage which has higher power density and does not have common flaws associated to lithium batteries. This means the unit could be smaller and lighter…or be the same physical size and have a bigger power capacity.Anyway, it works great so far!

  6. Alice

    Excellent very versatile product

  7. Nancy Penny

    Really like this product. The charge up time is amazing.

  8. Melissa

    So far super happy with this bundle. It’s nice to have something as back up for when the power goes out, along with doing lots of van camping.

  9. P. S.

    Works fine with quick recharge on electric grid and fairly quick by sunlight.It is designed to connect to one (1) of the solar panels even though it comes with two (2).In order to connect to both solar panels at the same time, you need to purchase “EF ECOFLOW MC 4 Parallel Connection Cable for Delta/River Series and EcoFlow Solar Panel” last checked at ~$19.00.https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B089YRH4RL/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1

  10. Kitty

    Trying to activate my warranty. Spoke with a gentleman who said I did not need to do this. My reference number for my call with him was 74054. Please confirm I have a 36-month warranty. Thank you.

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