Eemax EEM24013 Electric Tankless Water Heater, Blue

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Price: $240.10

Tank less water heaters provide a continuous Supply of hot water and only heats the water you need, when you need it

Instant, consistent and endless hot water

The most advanced, self-modulating technology available, meaning the unit will adjust how much energy needs to be input based on how much hot water is needed

Compact size saves valuable storage space

Before purchase and installation, Please verify that this EEM24013 is the correct size for your hot water needs

Brand: Eemax


Eemax EEM24013 Electric Tankless Water Heater

Eemax electric tankless water heater provide endless hot water where you need it and when you need it. This product can be used for any of your residential or commercial water heating needs. The EEM24013 is a 240 volt, 13 kilowatt unit. It is designed to handle point of use applications or a small apartment in warmer climates. The EEM24013 can provide hot water for one sink in colder climates, or one shower and one sink in warmer climates.

Additional information



‎Eemax Inc.

Part Number


Item Weight

‎6.89 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎11.5 x 8 x 3.75 inches

Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer





‎Stainless Steel

Power Source

‎Battery Powered


‎240 Volts

Item Package Quantity


Water Consumption

‎2.4 Gallons per Minute



Included Components

‎Electric tankless water heater unit

Batteries Included?


Batteries Required?


Warranty Description

‎5 years for leaks and 1 year for parts



Date First Available

May 18, 2018

10 reviews for Eemax EEM24013 Electric Tankless Water Heater, Blue

  1. LD

    Had it running my washing machine and outdoor shower for a few months, nothing to complain about. Hot water is instant and has enough to keep my shower panel blasting with infinite hot water.. It is small and would probably struggle to keep more than 1 shower/ sink HOT at any given time. Came with compression sleeves and also adapters for compression to NPT . Easy to program with simple wheel control.

  2. Stephen T. Trageser

    I bought this for under my kitchen sink for the sink, the dish washer and for the clothes washing machine nearby. It works as expected. It is not designed to be used for multiple purposes, but we don’t use everything at once. Careful to adjust the heat on it. It can burn a child.. (We don’t have children in the house, so we keep it hot as possible. (It surprised my 45-year-old son because his water is set to not burn children.)

  3. Rocky

    It creates hot water fine, however you had better have enough power to run this unit. It requires a 60amp breaker.

  4. Natasha R.

    Amazing. These things should be the standard now. Replaced my tank water heater and was paranoid this wouldn’t keep up but it puts out hot water like a beast. I can run my shower with a non water saver shower head full blast and still get screaming hot water. Even having two faucets open at the same time and water still stays hot.

  5. Sal Marino

    Anyone having complaints or issues with this item needs to look deeply within, face facts admitting screwed-up and dont know what there doing!!.Thank heaven’s i dont listen or believe the negatives.This unit is absolutely fantastic, installed like a breeze, and works flawlessly!!!Eemax engineers:Put a real piece of Carroll or Belden rubber wire instead of crap on it now.Salvatore Marino,Marine Ship Engineer/GM.

  6. Tony m

    Waited 6 months to review this so I could really judge performance and longevity. Both are excellent


    Straightforward install. Works well. Hit the limit on one with clothes washer filling, dishwasher filling, and kitchen sink on fully hot washing dishes. As soon as clothes washer stopped filling, I had my hot water back at the sink. Haven’t noticed a change on my electric bill, but after draining my tank water heaters I know that we will never, ever have a tank again. Gross!

  8. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    Bought a used one. Product arrived in great condition but was missing the plumbing adapters. No biggie for me, I got some copper pex elbows at lows and used the compression fittings to attach. Super simple for someone who knows this stuff. Hard part was running a new 6 awg wire for it.But this thing works great!!! Endless blazing hot water. Yes, it will work on a tub too, but you need to make sure water flow is slow enough to heat properly. Can’t say enough good about it. No more tank water heaters again!

  9. Richard

    I have purchased 3 tankless water heaters from this company. They have all worked flawlessly. I have hot water when I want it without having to keep a tank full of hot water. I have one in my barn. I use hot water out there about once a week. So I don’t need to keep a tank full of hot water out there. In the winter I just shut off the water supply and flush the lines.

  10. Brady G. Bauer

    Just replaced a Bosch unit with the Eemax and I can tell from the first time I turned it on that this is a much better system. It heats as it should and temperature can be adjusted with the cold water supply… just like it is supposed to do. The Bosch system was super sensitive to pressure and adding any cold water shut down the hot water. Plus I really like the full range temperature control that is easily adjusted from the front of the unit.

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