ECO-WORTHY 4KW 16KWH 48V Complete Solar Power System Kit

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[Output Power]:This premium solar panel kit can produce a daily output of 16,000 WH under 4 hours of sunshine, and it can fully charge the battery of the system in about 6 hours.

[Hybrid solar charger inverter]: Composed of 3500W 48V pure sine wave and 80A MPPT controller. Not only can it be used off-grid, but when there is no sunlight, it can also receive electricity from the grid to charge the battery to meet all-weather use, which will protect appliance life with no electromagnetic pollution and has 99.9% high efficiency power.

[Combiner box]: The combiner box offers safety protection, with 10A fuse for each string, anti-backflow diodes and lighting protection.6 independent terminals, make you get rid of the complex tangled troubles of the connection, so that your installation is more easily and convenient.

[Application]:The super-high-power generation system meets the power needs of your home and large scenes, and is suitable for high-power home appliances, such as air conditioners, microwave ovens, and electric water heaters, etc.

[Installation]:Firstly, like our wiring diagram, connect each 4 panels in series to form a group, then connect the 5 groups of solar panels in parallel, and then directly connect them to our combiner box. Then, connect the combiner box and the 2 packs of battery(each group of 4 total 48V) in parallel to our all-in-one hybrid charger inverter. Finally, connect the all-in-one to the load you want to use. If you have any problems about the installation, pls feel free to contact our customer service.

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ECO-WORTHY 4KW 16KWH 48V Complete Solar Power System Kit Off Grid Solar Panel Kit with 3500W 48V All-in-one Solar Charge Inverter and 20pcs 195W Solar Panel and 8pcs 100AH Battery and Combiner Box

ECO-WORTHY 4KW 16KWH 48V Complete Solar Power System Kit Off Grid Solar Panel Kit

Package included:

  • 20pcs 195W Mono Solar Panel
  • 1pc 3500W 48V All in one Charge Inverter
  • 1pc 6 String Combiner Box
  • 6pcs Solar Cables
  • 8pcs 100AH Battery
  • 1pcs Tray Cable
  • 4pcs Battery Cable
  • 20 set of Z Mounting Brackets

ECO-WORTHY 4KW 16KWH 48V Complete Solar Power System Kit

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ECO-WORTHY 4KW 16KWH 48V Complete Solar Power System Kit

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195W solar panel

195W Mono Solar Panel

  • Output Power: 195 Watts
  • Nominal Voltage: 18 Volts
  • Maximum/Peak Voltage(Vmp): 21.2V
  • Maximum/Peak Current(Imp): 8.89 Amps
  • Size: 58.3*26.3*1.4 inch (1480*668*35mm)
  • Weight: 29.2 lbs (13.2kg)

6 String Combiner Box

6 String Combiner Box

  • Input Circuits Breakers: 6
  • Circuit Breaker Rating: 10A
  • Protection Grade: IP65
  • Surge Lightning Protection: Yes
  • Size: 10.3*12.6*4.5 inch (260*320*115mm)
  • Weight: 10.8 lbs (4.9kg)

100AH Battery

100AH Battery

  • Rated Capacity: 100AH
  • Battery Power: 1200W·h
  • Rated Charge Voltage: 14.5-14.8V
  • Rated Charge Current: ≤20A,12A rated
  • Size: 13*6.9*7.5inch
  • Weight: 61.7lbs (28kg)

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ECO-WORTHY 4KW 16KWH 48V Complete Solar Power System Kit

3500W Hybrid Solar Inverter

AC Charging – Battery type: Lead acid or lithium battery Maximum charge current: 30A Charge voltage range: 40 –60Vdc Overcharge protection: Alarm and turn off charging after 1 minute

PV Charging – Maximum output power: 4200W Charging current range (set): 0-80A Maximum open circuit voltage: 145Vdc Operating voltage range: 60-145Vdc

3500W Hybrid Solar Inverter

AC Input MODE – Rated input voltage: 110/120Vac Input voltage range: (90Vac~140Vac) ±2% Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz (Auto detection) Overload circuit protection: Circuit breaker AC reverse protection: Available

Invert MODE – Rated output power(W): 3500 Rated output voltage(Vac): 120V AC Peak Power: 7000VA Rated battery input voltage: 48V (Minimum starting voltage 44V) Power saving mode: Load ≤25W

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Part Number



‎4KW Complete System With Lead-acid battery


‎25 watts



Date First Available

November 11, 2020

2 reviews for ECO-WORTHY 4KW 16KWH 48V Complete Solar Power System Kit

  1. Not guilty

    Needs better instructionsAnd owners manual

  2. Wayne B

    This is more a rating of the seller, DC HOUSE than of the product itself. I don’t have the system completely installed yet. I recieved most of the equipment and eleven of the twenty panels in the first shipment with no damage. I then received the remaining nine panels in a second shipment. Two of the panels were damaged in shipment, and the seller responded the next day when contacted by email, shipping out two replacement panels. One of them was damaged in shipment. Seller responded the next day after contact, shipping a replacement which arrived ok. The seller really tries to please the customer. If this was a rating of the shipper FedEx I would give them a two, because it looks like they used a forklift to handle delicate equipment. I don’t fault the seller for this, but it did cause a delay in receiving my equipment. After I complete the install, and test it, I may revisit this rating, but for now, the quality appears to be good for the money invested.

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