DQXY Hydrogen Water Bottle, Portable Hydrogen Water Ionizer Machine, Hydrogen Rich Water Glass

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【Safety】:Electrolysis technology promotes the stable combination of hydrogen and water, with high hydrogen concentration and good stability Water Bottle, Water Ionizer Machine, Hydrogen Water, Hydrogen Water Generator

【High Efficiency】: It only takes 3 minutes to quickly electrolyze, change the water quality and accompany you often. In the three-minute micro-electrolysis hydrogen production process, the higher the mineral content in the water, the stronger the electrolysis effect and the higher the hydrogen content.(Do not use water exceeding 60 degrees. The produced high hydrogen water is too hot. During the cooling process, the hydrogen will run away due to long time.)

【Rapid improvement of water quality】:Hydrogen water bottle, with short electrolysis time and more stable parameters, is suitable for all drinking water quality, effectively solves the residual hydrogen and oxygen problems after electrolysis, and makes drinking water safer and healthier.

【Simple & fashion design】:H2-rich cup with cup cover buckle design, better sealing, easy operation; its base with EVE pad, stable and non-slip.

【Good after-sales service】:Our products are fully tested before shipment, and the quality is guaranteed, you can buy with confidence. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us so that we can provide you with the best service.

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Brand: DQXY


DQXY Hydrogen Water Bottle, Portable Hydrogen Water Ionizer Machine, Hydrogen Rich Water Glass Health Cup for Home Travel

Warmly Noted: If you receive DQXY Hydrogen Water Bottle defective or doesn’t have an usb cord, please just feel free to contact us directly through the Amazon message box, and we will resend you it for free.
Product Name: Hydrogen-rich water cup
Product size: high 223mm cup diameter 67mm
Cup material: borosilicate glass
Product weight: 0.65kg
Number of jobs: 12-15 times after full charge
Working temperature: 0-60 degrees
Hydrogen concentration: 600-900PPB
Product capacity: 360ML
Rated voltage: 5V
Maximum power: 4W
Full charging time: 3-3.5 hours
Electrolysis time: 3 minutes
Function: Health

DQXY Hydrogen Water Bottle Details:

1) The built-in sealing ring is made of food grade material to prevent leakage.

2) Feel good, one button to start, easy to operate.

3) The bottom soft rubber anti-slip bottom pad has a good anti-slip effect .

4) Round and smooth, no wounds, more comfortable when drinking water.

5) USB charging cycle


Please charge in the empty cup state.


1. Please reserve 1cm space in the bottle (keep the water level 1cm lower than the bottle mouth). When producing hydrogen, the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the bottle after hydrogen production will cause the bottle cap to become larger. A little tightly opened.

2.Do not use electrolyte-free water, such as purified water, distilled water, etc. Tap water needs to be boiled or filtered, and the temperature should not exceed 50 degrees.

3. Hydrogen water bottle, only increase the hydrogen concentration, electrolysis will not change the pH value of water. This is a “HYDROGEN” water maker, not ALKALINE. If you wanted to change the PH of your water, you need to get an ALKALINE water maker.

Additional information


Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎

3.64 x 3.64 x 6.87 inches; 1.43 Pounds

Batteries ‏ : ‎

1 Lithium Polymer batteries required.

Date First Available ‏ : ‎

August 21, 2020

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎


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10 reviews for DQXY Hydrogen Water Bottle, Portable Hydrogen Water Ionizer Machine, Hydrogen Rich Water Glass

  1. marcus

    It takes a good 30 uses to generate the most hydrogen. Also you need to saturate the membrane at the bottom for at least 24 hours. But after using multiple times a day for like 2 weeks. The hydrogen it generates into the water is insane! It will turn the whole bottle milky white with hydrogen. I feel amazing after drinking it so often too. I recommend this one, just give it a good 30 uses to really get the ball rolling.

  2. Bee

    This does change the taste of the water and has helped with regulating my sleep.

  3. InsiderBeautiInsiderBeauti

    So it’s been two weeks and I can say I definitely notice a difference. I feel like I have more energy (although that could be placebo) but my skin is DEFINITELY less dry. My legs and hands no longer need lotion. I’m drinking 64 oz a day of this water. I’m excited to see what else improves. Flavor was fine, hardly any difference.

  4. srb1122

    My husband has suffered with liver cirrhosis and hepatic encephalopathy since 7/2018 and his behavior got extremely bad as his disease has progressed. As a last resort, after steadily taking Xifaxin and Lactolose daily we tried this out. I read two separate studies concerning H3O, which is what these things make: one for athletes recovering from workouts, and one for cancer patients in recovery from chemotherapy. In BOTH studies the hydrogen water helped with eliminating toxins from the body. Please pass this along to anyone you know with this condition in case it may help them. He is much clearer mentally now and has been a complete life changer for both of us. Improvement has been very evident. Do your own research and see for yourself – the studies are easy to google and they are very helpful and hopeful to read. There are others that are more expensive that probably work great too – but this one works for sure. It is not something that can be faked as his disease is due to a build up of toxins in his brain – this is just helping his body get rid of those toxins more effectively. I Highly recommend it.

  5. MissP

    The media could not be loaded.

     This is one of those late night purchases gone totally RIGHT. I can’t understand how no one else has been blown away by the care and attention to detail that went into the presentation of this hydration delight. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. And it arrived charged enough to delight me AGAIN with the blue light glow. I haven’t had a sip of water yet, and I am already in love. We will seal the deal with a ceremonial first drink. I’m in a relationship now… with my WATER. Bless the creators of this device.🙏🏾

  6. JC

    I noticed if you pour a bottle of store bought water in you get no action but if you use tap water you get a tsunami of motion in the water, Is bottled water dead of minerals or is Tap water loaded with something else? Don’t have equipment to test the difference in the Waters but probably whats in tap water reacting.

  7. NeurogeekNeurogeek

    This is a very good product that can improve your health with a very minimum cost!The seller’s quickest repose for my request of replacement was the BEST!It’s a good buy!

  8. kanyakorn

    Easy to used, It will be better if attached english instruction on the product.

  9. Ruth G.

    I feel so much better after I started drinking this water. My body absorbed it easier than regular water. I use it for my dog with breathing issues and they are gone with using this.

  10. M. Mitchell

    Water tastes clean and was refreshing gave me a boost of energy so much so I forgot to drink coffee that day but ofcourse I paid for that with a major caffeine head that night. Also is half the price of all the other brands I saw. I use high ph bottle water not cheap bottle water so I can’t say how it would work with that but not sure way you would pay 40 for it and use cheap dirty water probably not a good idea. Last you should drink all the water within 20 minutes

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