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The Do It Yourself movement is now becoming popular as a result of the high cost of sustainable technology. We have assembled an instructional manual that will help you build your own affordable wind turbine out of recycled materials and cheap buys. Wind power is an investment that will accompany you into the long-term. By following the instructions in this guide and constructing your own turbine out of affordable materials, you will save even more than you would from buying a retail wind turbine system which could cost thousands of dollars.

We have provided you with many ideas, ranging from the best types of generators to the shaping and cutting of your own blades. Because there are many crucial elements to wind turbine construction and production, we have provided you with diagrams that detail these construction methods as well as images
that depict how the turbine functions overall.

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Build Your Own Wind Turbine PDF Download

Build Your Own Wind Turbine. Working with renewable energy sources is dangerous. Since you are
dealing with electricity, high roof tops or towers, and numerous other
unknown conditions, seek expert opinions and help where necessary. The
authors and publishers assume that, while carrying out your DIY project,
you are aware of all the risks and possible damages associated with home
improvements and renewable energy.

Check with your town, city, state, province, county or country for applicable
laws about home improvements and alterations. Often, it is necessary to
obtain local government permits and licenses to prevent legal implications.
We also recommend that you call your local electrician, and other
professionals, to assist in your renewable energy project. Failure to do so
could cause injury or death – you are acting at your own risk.

By choosing to use the information made available on or within any of our publications, you agree to
indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the authors, publishers, and any
other related companies from all claims (whether valid or invalid),
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information provided.

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