BRIGHT SHOWERS Dual Shower Head Combo Set, Handheld Showerhead Rainfall Shower Head Combo

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Price: $44.99

Dual shower heads: Chrome Body + Black Face shower heads with handheld spray, fixed shower head with two spray settings. NO shower arm included in the packaging

Easy tool free installation, no drilling required, no need to call a plumber – installs in minutes with only three hand-tighten connections. Fits any standard shower arm

Durable and flexible 5 ft stainless steel shower hose in beautiful chrome finishing, anti twist conical nut connecting with the handheld shower head

Heat resistant solid full body ABS construction which comes with solid ABS Mount with Brass Ball joint

Rain shower heads combo is packaged in strong box, perfect as a gift to friends. Package includes: 1*Rain shower head, 1*Handheld shower, 1

*60 Inches stainless steel shower hose, 1*Teflon thread seal tape. Please note Washers are pre-assembled

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BRIGHT SHOWERS Dual Shower Head Combo Set, Handheld Showerhead Rainfall Shower Head Combo with Black Face, 60 Inch Long Stainless Steel Shower Hose, Chrome


BRIGHT SHOWERS Dual Shower Head Combo Set

Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain…

The sound of raindrops pattering is universally soothing, and it’s no coincidence that so many relaxation music tracks involve the sound of running water or that spas are overflowing with fountains. And what’s more relaxing than standing under a waterfall?

You can bring those feelings into your bathroom so that you can enjoy it whenever you want. A rain shower head will turn your mundane daily shower into a de-stressing experience akin to frolicking in the jungle.

bright showers shower head

BRIGHT SHOWERS Dual Shower Head Combo Set

BRIGHT SHOWERS Dual Shower Head Combo Set

bright showers

BRIGHT SHOWERS has been a professional bath products maker for over 17 years, provides you with a premier bath fixtures range, all you need to pay for is the quality, not brand premium, warehouse and customer support office are located in California, contact information included with the installation guides.

Rain shower head is the most important part in your bathroom, a spa at home …

This shower head combo provide a 9 inch length 6 inch width rain shower, and attached with a high pressure handheld shower head and 60 inch long hose.

No need to call plumbers, install with hands, minutes work, no need to change anything with your plumbing system, no drilling through the tiles, take off your old shower head, install this one on the existing shower arm/pipe, upgrade your shower so easy!

  • Angle-adjustable, 2.5gpm water flow
  • Wall-mounted, easy to install
  • 60 Inches Stainless Steel Hand Shower Hose
  • Available in multiple finishes to match any bath decor

rainfall shower head

2 Spray Settings Rain Shower

5.7″ x 8.9″ large rainfall shower head with 2 setting modes allows you to enjoy the baptism of the rain and feel like a spa at home. tip: the turbo spray created by water going through specially designed holes might bring noisy under high water pressure

handheld shower head

2 Settings Handheld Spray

You can hold the showerhead and easy to change the spray modes by pushing up or down the button with the same hand.

bright showers shower head

Stylish Shower Head Combo

High quality material with beautiful design is not only a great upgrade for your bathroom but also durable and provide years of enjoyment.

ball adjust

Adjustable Rainfall Shower Head

Brass swivel ball connector on the rainfall shower head to provide a 360-degree adjustment to customize any angle you like.

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Item Weight

‎2.35 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎5 x 11 x 6 inches


‎2.5 Gallon Per Minute




‎Premium ABS, Stainless Steel Hose

Installation Method

‎Wall Mounted

Batteries Required?




Date First Available

May 9, 2022

10 reviews for BRIGHT SHOWERS Dual Shower Head Combo Set, Handheld Showerhead Rainfall Shower Head Combo

  1. AnkaAnka

    I love my new shower head, it is a great update to my bathroom and with the choice between rain-head and handhelds is very versatile. The installation only took a few minutes.BTW: The handheld can easily be stored at the rain-head but I bought a small wall mount for it separately which I think looks even better.

  2. Jordan B.

    Before you install, remove the flow restrictor to get the best flow through the shower head. I found a video on YouTube showing what they look like and how to remove them (it’s very easy). There’s a second one in the handheld wand. Just use a small screwdriver or needle-nosed pliers to remove the restrictors and it’ll be the best shower head you’ve ever used! I love mine! Buying a second for our other bathroom!

  3. ffemt64

    We had an expensive shower head and it was becoming corroded and had reached the end of its life span. Not really wanting to trudge all over looking at multiple home improvement stores to find a replacement, I started a search here. After looking at pages and pages of different shower heads I found this one. The price seemed reasonable so I placed the order. When it arrived it seemed like it was good quality. So here’s the good, the rainfall setting is nice and relaxing. You still feel like you are getting clean but its soothing. Here’s the bad…I never want to get out of the shower. I feel like since getting this my wife and I are constantly running late as we say just one more minute. The only real negative I have on this shower head is that you cannot use the wand simultaneously with the shower head. They do have to be used separately. Other than that we have been very pleased.

  4. Erika LCErika LC

    After comparing several shower heads I am so happy I came across this one! Beautiful packaging, easy installation, comes with everything you see in the photos I have included. So easy to use, wonderful settings! The hose is so helpful when giving my toddler a bath and I’ve even used it while giving my small dog a bath. I highly recommend!

  5. Susi L Clifton

    I bought this as I was getting a puppy and we needed a hand held hose with shower head for cleaning the puppy and so on throughout her lifetime. It has so far been amazing, Hubs was able to install it in about 2 mins. Works great although the “jet” setting is absolutely useless. There is the typical rain setting on the main head, great, love it, nice and wide so gives you a full body coverage. The little head is great and the rain feature on the hand held is great too. The waterfall bit on the hand held is good, a bit strong and doesn’t get used by us often but not entirely useless like the jet setting. I have gone on to buy a longer hose, which arrives in a day or two and unless I update this review further, then all went well and it was easily installed.

  6. kyle pattersonkyle patterson

    Received the shower head and the first thing I did was remive the screen and the water restriction plug that 90 percent of the population doesnt know about and the only thing to do to remove it is ,screw a screw into the plug not to damage the shower head and use a pliers and pull it right your water bill will go up but you will have water pressure like never before. After that I installed the shower head with the teflon tape and for being the size it is ,it covers the 10×8 shower really well ….wow holy crap pressure!

  7. Katherine Nguyen

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     LOVE LOVE LOVE my new shower head!!! Definitely worth my research and my wallet thanks me too!!!It’s super easy to install and has great features! The only thing I don’t like is that I can’t have the main shower head and the handheld running at the same time but no matter because due to the main shower head’s rectangle shape, it hits basically everywhere!The cord itself is like a slinky, doesn’t get taut when spun around too much. It rotates about 360° and maintains loose.The power jet stream is strong but not overbearing and the rain fall is quite light and relaxing. The in between feels okay but I don’t like how the power jet sprays a little.The hand held has the same two options, however the jet stream is quite strong and flows in a straight line.

  8. Z1994Z1994

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     This was ridiculously easy to install, took me about 5-7minutes max. People complaining that it’s slow and no pressure clearly did not follow instructions to remove the “water flow restrictor” or have low pressure in their pipes in general. But anyways wow, the pressure in this head and handle are incredibly strong and even hurts when standing too close! I didn’t know how much I needed this new shower head, I feel so clean and refreshed. Def worth the money I’m soo happpy with this.

  9. Crystal S

    This has been THE best shower head that we’ve ever had! Our old one was recently broken and we searched all over to find one that we liked just as much. We ordered several from Amazon even, but to no avail until we found this one. Our goal was to find one that my hubby and I BOTH liked liked, this one did the trick!! My hubby said it was a breeze to install. He did take out the water regulator so we get amazing water pressure now. We love the handheld too. The ONLY thing I can think of that would be a CON for me, is I’d like for the handheld to be a little longer. I basically only use it when I shave. Other than that, I can’t say enough about it. I’d definitely buy again.

  10. Halima Akil-Pierce

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     Easy to install. It came with instructions to remove the flow restriction for a more powerful water flow. Removing is easy as well. Excellent replacement for my old shower head. Only complaint is that the dial to change the water settings is in the center. It would have been better off on the side so you can change it when the water is running.

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