BLUETTI EB150 Solar Generator with 2PCS 120W Solar Panel SP120 Included, Portable Power Station 1000W AC Inverter

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Price: $1,599.00

  • 【Portable Power Station with 2Pcs Solar Panel Bundle Package】1*BLUETTI EB150 Solar Power Station (1500Wh/1000W) and all the accessories ( 1*200W AC adapter*1,Solar Charging Cable(DC to MC4,Length:1.7m)*1, Manual*1) and 2 pcs 120W foldable solar panels and all its accessories(MC4 Charging Cable, Length: 3m).
  • 【BLUETTI EB150 Power Station】-1500Wh/1000W huge capacity clean solar power station with a wide 16-68V/Max.500W/10A solar Input, MPPT, allowing recharge from AC wall outlet in about 8Hrs and and 3Hrs(if total sun power 500W max.). Two 110V AC outlet(1000W, pure sine wave) can load max. 1000W devices continuously( last 2mins if load 1000-1200W). Regulated DC12V protect your car-powered devices and other sensitive 12v devices.
  • 【BLUETTI 120W Solar Panel】It’s made of high qualified monocrystalline silicon cells which is 5% higher efficient than traditional monocrystalline. It features with ETFE lamination thus has better light transmittance, more durable, scratch-proof, and easy to clean by wet cloth. Foldable design with handle, weight only 9.48lbs. Convenient to carry around for outdoor camping. Easily adjust the angle by the kickstands for better solar absorption.
  • 【Solar Recharge time】According to the wide open circuit voltage range 16-68V, we recommend you can connect at least 2pcs SP120 solar panel in series(9.5-10hrs fully recharge) or 4pcs in parallel(5-7hrs fully recharge, need buy a parallel cable), The actual recharge time may varies from weather condition, temperature or the angle or the location you place the solar panel. We recommend use the BLUETTI SP120 solar panels for better compatibility to charge BLUETTI Power Station.
  • 【Durable & 2500+ Cycle Life】Built in automobile-level 3C high rate battery cell and multi-protection BMS(Battery Management System) design, extend battery life through  short circuit / overcurrent /overvoltage / overload /overheating protection

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BLUETTI EB150 Solar Generator with 2PCS 120W Solar Panel SP120 Included, Portable Power Station 1000W AC Inverter for Home Use Lithium Battery Backup Solar Bundle Kit for Power Outage Outdoor Camping

bluetti eb150 portable power station solar generator rv soar panel

BLUETTI EB150 Solar Generator with 2PCS 120W Solar Panel SP120


With over 10 years background of energy industry, BLUETTI is committed to provide premium all-in-one sustainable power solutions for all kinds of off-grid life.

BLUETTI EB150 Portable Power Station

  • Capacity: 1500Wh/1000W,Top-Brand Lithium Polymer Battery Cell ,2500+ cycle life
  • Load: Continuous 1000W(1000W-load-1200w@2mins,Above 1200W,turn off)
  • Multi-Outputs for Various Power Needs: 2* 110V AC Outlets(Pure sine wave), 12V/9A Car port,1* PD 45W USB-C and 4*5V/3A USB
  • Solar Input: Max.500W, OCV 16-68V,Current Max.10A, MPPT
  • Regulated DC12V,Care for Car-powered Devices.


BLUETTI SP120W Foldable Solar Panel

  • Monocrystalline silicon cells, ETFE, scratch-proof, and easy to clean
  • Cell efficiency:23%, working voltage: 19.8v, OCV:23.7V, short circuit current:6.66A
  • Portable & Compact: 16in*16.8in(Folded), Weight:9.48lbs


Tips:We recommend use the BLUETTI solar panels to Charge BLUETTI Solar Power Station.

It will take about 9.5-10Hrs to fully charge eb150 1500wh power station by connecting 2pcs BLUETTI sp120 in series.

Connect EB150 with 2 SP120 solar panel in Series

We recommend You can connect 2pcs SP120 120W solar panel in series as shown in the picture above.


  • we include the solar charging cable(DC to MC*4), you can connect solar panel with BLUETTI EB150 portable power station via the solar charging cable.
  • We built in MPPT controller in the EB150 power station, no need other extra accessories such as MPPT controller.


Recharge Time:

2Pcs SP120 120W solar panel recharge EB150 fully: About 9-10Hrs ; 2Pcs SP200 200W solar panel recharge EB150 fully: About 5.5-6Hrs (Solar Panel sold separately)


  • The above result is a theoretical value which is calculated based on connecting the solar panels in series and tested under full sun.
  • The recharge time may varies from the total actual input solar power, the weather condition, the angle and the location /the altitude you place the solar panel.

foldable solar panel


The four kickstands keep the best angle for better receiving the sunshine.

portable power station solar panel


The advantage of ETFE compared with PET:


  • Durable
  • Scratch-proof
  • 5% higher efficiency
  • Better light transmittance

solar panel portable power station

Hanging Ring

You can hang the solar panel on the window via the hanging ring.


Q1: How to choose the solar panel & what is the recharge time?

A: we recommend to choose solar panel that meets below:

1) open circuit voltage between 16-68v( OCV, open circuit voltage), Max.500W, Max.10A

2) MC*4 Connector (if your solar panel has an anderson connector, you need to buy a anderson to MC*4 charging cable)

Note: total OCV below 16V or above 68V will trigger low-voltage/over-voltage protection. We suggest to choose the working voltage of the solar panel above 18v for better performance. EB150 only receive 500W/10A(Max.) if total input power /current exceed 500W/10A.

The recharge time various from different factors such as weather condition, the actual input solar power, temperature, angle, etc.

Q2: How many solar panels can i connect to the BLUETTI EB150?

A: we suggest to connect 2pcs SP120 120W solar panel in series.

For professional solar user, you can connect SP120 2S2P(total 4pcs) to reach the max. solar. (the parallel cable not included)

Additional information




Part Number


Item Weight

‎47 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎20 x 11 x 20 inches





Power Source

‎Battery-powered, Solar powered


‎110 Volts


‎1000 watts



Date First Available

February 27, 2021

10 reviews for BLUETTI EB150 Solar Generator with 2PCS 120W Solar Panel SP120 Included, Portable Power Station 1000W AC Inverter

  1. Tontalaia Bishop

    Had a temporary power outage in 110 degree heat air conditioning wasn’t working but thanks to our Bluetti we could power our fan and charge our phones and watch tv until power was restored it got us through the night so greatful we bought it

  2. jeffm

    I was initially getting frustrated because the solar panels did not arrive with the unit and Amazon showed delivery complete. I wrote customer service as I could not see that it was shipped. They were quick to respond and a week later I received the solar panels that are fantastic and a great pair for the EB150. The unit works as described and I am now confident I will receive many years of use and if there is a problem they will handle it.

  3. Bohemic

    Very impressed with the quality and all the packaging, everything works great. I live in PR and we are entering the hurricane season, with that in mind and everything else going on, this is something that all should think about having.

  4. Kelvin

    One thing I think is important to mention is that the console and the solar panels may arrive at different times, I was afraid my order came incomplete however, they all came but just different delivery dates. To turn it on you’ll hold the button for a few seconds, the console does not make much of a sound. We are currently living in the island of Puerto Rico and we recently got a new energy company and we’ve been having issues with the electricity, this has been my life savior. Recommend 100%.

  5. luis e rivera

    Excellent item, portable, lightweight easy to use

  6. michael crossley

    This system has it all when it comes to having portable energy off grid, this system can handle almost every need when it comes to portable energy and the best part is it charges for free using the Solar panels.The unit itself is very well constructed and easily transportable, and the fold-able panels are easy to carry and set up… not to mention they are some the best on the market.They come with an excellent warranty that is hard to beat, and they have great customer service.Michael C.

  7. Postal

    Purchased this for use at scout camp to power my bipap, charge phones, and run a fan at night. Could have made it the whole week on one charge but still plugged in the solar panel a few times to test them. Ended the week with two bars still showing. Only issue is the panels can’t get wet. Might have to upgrade those in the future.

  8. kathy

    Just received my Bluetti EB150 yesterday and already it is already up and running perfectly. The packaging was excellent and shipping very quick. I live in tornado alley so thought this would be a big help during power outages. I have little knowledge of solar products and as a 70 year old female I need the easy button. I have not yet received the solar panels but customer service who has been very helpful says they are on the way. It will be another challenge to hook up the solar panels and try to hide them in my apartment complex. So far I am extremely happy with my purchase and will recommend to friends and family.

  9. Michael McGlone

    I spent weeks researching on utube and couldn’t be happier. The Bluetti is compact, powerful and recharges quickly with the 2 solar panels that came with it. I’m using it for back-up power for my motorhome and my house.

  10. Ana Acevedo

    Es ganancia tener uno de estos.

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