BLUETTI AC200P Portable Power Station with Solar Panel Included 2000W Solar Generator Kit with 3pcs 200W Foldable Solar Panel

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Price: $2,999.00

  • 【Portable Power Station with Solar Panel Included】1*BLUETTI AC200P solar power station (2000Wh/2000W,surge 4800W) and 3 Pcs 200W foldable solar panels(BLUETTI SP200, MC4 solar charge cable length 118inch) , all the accessories for BLUETTI AC200P( 1*AC Adapter Charger*1,Solar Charging Cable(MC4 to XT90,about 67inch)*1, Car Charging Cable(Car to XT90)*1,XT90 to Aviation Plug(input)*1, Manual*1
  • 【BLUETTI AC200P 2000Wh Power Station】-Solar/AC/Car/Generator/Lead-acid Battery Recharge: Wide 35-150V/Max.700W/12A solar Input, MPPT, allowing full recharge AC200P within 3-3.5Hrs(Only if Max.700W solar input). About 5.5Hrs to fully recharge it by One 400W AC adapter & supports 3Hrs by dual AC adapters (need to buy the 2nd adapter+DC7909 to XT90 cable separately).You can fully recharge it by 24V/12Vcar in about 10Hrs/20Hrs. AC+PV recharge AC200P simultaneously in about 2.5Hrs.
  • 【BLUETTI 200W Solar Panel】It’s made of high qualified monocrystalline silicon cells which is 5% higher efficient than traditional monocrystalline. It features with ETFE lamination thus has better light transmittance, more durable, scratch-proof, and easy to clean by wet cloth. Foldable design with handle, weight only 14.3lbs. Convenient to carry around for outdoor camping. Easily adjust the angle by the kickstands for better solar absorption.
  • 【Solar Recharge time】According to the wide open circuit voltage range 35-150V, we recommend you can connect at least 3pcs SP200 200w solar panel in series, and 5pcs the most in series connection. The actual recharge time may varies from weather condition, temperature or the angle or the location you place the solar panel.
  • 【Durable & Safer LiFePO4 Battery】Stability and safety are our top priorities, AC200P Built-in LiFePO4 Battery Cell,3500+ super long life cycles at 80% to preserve battery life

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BLUETTI AC200P Portable Power Station with Solar Panel Included 2000W Solar Generator Kit with 3pcs 200W Foldable Solar Panel, 6 120V AC Outlet Lithium Battery Backup for Home Use Outdoor Camping Van

bluetti AC200P power station 2000wh 2000w solar generator

BLUETTI AC200P Portable Power Station with Solar Panel Included


With over 10 years background of energy industry, BLUETTI is committed to provide premium all-in-one sustainable power solutions for all kinds of off-grid life.

BLUETTI AC200P Portable Power Station

  • Capacity: 2000Wh/2000W,LiFePo4,3500+ cycle life
  • AC Load: Continuous 2000W(2000W<load<2500w@2mins,surge 4800W)
  • Solar Input: Max.700W, OCV 35-150V,Current Max.12A, MPPT
  • PV+ AC(1100W Max.,2.5-3Hrs) recharging simultaneously
  • Support Dual AC adapter(Total 800W) fast recharge

BLUETTI SP200 200W Foldable Solar Panel

  • Monocrystalline silicon cells, ETFE, scratch-proof, and easy to clean
  • Cell efficiency:23.5%, working voltage: 20v, OCV:24V,short circuit current:11A
  • Portable & Compact: 20.7*20.5inch(Folded), Weight:14.3lbs

Package Included:

  • 1*BLUETTI AC200P solar power station (2000Wh/2000W,) ,1*AC Adapter Charger,1*Solar Charging Cable(XT90 to solar charging cable), 1*Car Charging Cable(Car to XT90),1* XT90 to Aviation Plug(input),
  • 3 Pcs 200W foldable solar panels(BLUETTI SP200) , 2*User Manual.

We recommend you can connect 3-5pcs SP200 200W solar panel in series as shown in the picture above. and make sure there is no shadow on the solar panel


  • we include the solar charging cable(MC4 to XT90), you can connect solar panel with BLUETTI AC200P portable power station via the solar charging cable.
  • We built in MPPT controller in the AC200P power station, no need other extra accessories such as MPPT controller.


Recharge Time:

3 Pcs SP200 Recharge AC200P fully: About 5-7Hrs

4Pcs SP200 Recharge AC200P fully: About 4-6Hrs

5Pcs SP200 Recharge AC200P fully: About 3-5Hrs


  • Pls through the display screen to set DC input source to “PV mode”, turn off “car Mode” while charging AC200P via solar panels.
  • The above result is a theoretical value which is calculated based on connecting the solar panels in series and tested under full sun.
  • The recharge time may varies from the total actual input solar power, the weather condition, the angle and the location /the altitude you place the solar panel.

bluetti 120w solar panel charger


The four kickstands keep the best angle for better receiving the sunshine.

Solar panel for power station


The advantage of ETFE compared with PET:


  • Durable
  • Scratch-proof
  • 5% higher efficiency
  • Better light transmittance

120w Folable solar panel

Hanging Ring

You can hang the solar panel on the window via the hanging ring.


Q1: How to choose the solar panel & what is the recharge time?

A: we recommend to choose solar panel that meets below:

1) open circuit voltage between 35-150v(OCV, whatever you connect the panel in series or in parallel), Max.700W, Max.12A

2) MC4 Connector (if your solar panel has an anderson connector, you need to buy a anderson to mc4 charging cable)

Note: total OCV below 35V or above 150V will trigger low-voltage/over-voltage protection. AC200P only receive 700W/12A(Max.) if total input power /current exceed 700W/12A.

The recharge time various from different factors such as weather condition, the actual input solar power, temperature, angle, etc.

Q2: How many solar panels can i connect to the BLUETTI AC200P?

A: we suggest to chain at least 3pcs SP200 200W solar panel in series, and 5pcs at the most.

for professional solar user, you can connect SP200 4S2P(total 8pcs) to reach the max.700W. (the parallel cable need to buy separately)

Tips: Single BLUETTI SP120 or SP200 will not charge AC200P, We recommend at least 3 pcs BLUETTI SP120(120W solar panel) or BLUETTI SP200(200W solar panel) in series to charge AC200P!!!!!

Q3: How do we ship this bundle?

A: Due to the large size of AC200P Power Station & SP200 Solar Panels, we will ship these two products separately!!!!!!!!

Additional information




Part Number


Item Weight

‎60.6 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎16.5 x 11 x 15.2 inches



Power Source

‎AC/Solar Panel/Car /Lead-acid Battery/Generator


‎120 Volts


‎2000 watts

Maximum Power

‎200 Watts

Special Features

‎Fast recharge via AC and Solar in 1200W total simultaneously, Wide 35-150v solar input voltage range to allow you connect multi- solar panels in series, install easily, 2000Wh huge capacity ensure long lasting for your device during power outage, Recharge from ac wall outlet/solar panel/12v or 24v car/ lead-acid battery/ generator, Eco-mode to save more power for low loads below 50w, Built in mppt controller in the bluetti ac200p no need other controller for your solar panel, 40% faster recharge with Mppt, Solar charge cable and car charge Cable are included in the package, Support dual AC adapter to fast recharge bluetti ac200p in 2.5-3hrs, 2000W load 95% daily-used electric devices, 700W Max. Solar input power allow you recharge the bluetti ac200p full in 3.5hrs



Date First Available

March 1, 2021

10 reviews for BLUETTI AC200P Portable Power Station with Solar Panel Included 2000W Solar Generator Kit with 3pcs 200W Foldable Solar Panel

  1. Mike Mounce

    After much research and investigation I ordered the bundled Bluetti AC200P w/3 200W solar panels. Product came FAST and very well packaged. Everything worked as advertised and I am extremely happy w/purchase here on Amazon. After charging unit fully it ran my garage fridge for over 16 hours w/power left. I then moved it to my house fridge and it ran that for another 5 1/2 hours before I disconnected it with 16% power still remaining.I did have a minor (and probably quite rare) issue during my purchase (which had nothing to do w/the product itself) and the service I received from Bluetti was nothing short of FANTASTIC. It is so refreshing today to do business with a company that puts out an outstanding product and supports it’s customers like in the days of old which are, sadly, for the most part gone today.I almost never do these type of reviews but I have to give special credit when it’s really earned. I rate this product combination AND the fine folks at Bluetti my highest rating of a solid 5 out of 5 – basically perfect. If you’re in the market for a solar generator or a solar generator bundled kit – I don’t believe you could find a better company or a better product for your needs.

  2. The Rock

    OK, it isn’t easy to pick up, so move it once and leave it P. No the touchscreen doesn’t have a great visibility in the sun, I use a towel or my hand and I could see the input and output fine. No it isn’t cheap, but it’s worth every damn penny.. I’ve been in the desert for three weeks using it pretty much daily, if the wind isn’t blowing or isn’t going to blow I leave it up all night so I just have to rearrange it in the morning moving it from south to east. The wind has come up and knocked the panels face forward and backwards, after freaking out and repositioning them, I took a semi cloth and lightly dusted in the same direction the nine wafers Per panel. There are 4 9 wafer panels per 200 W. Last week I had one of the wafers get a crinkle in it kind of like a keloid appearing after surgery. The panel worked fine for about three days then the crinkle became tarnished and the voltage went to 6.4. I called Bluetti in Las Vegas. Fortunately I was in Pahrump an hour and 15 minutes away. I spoke to Eileen. She told me if I wanted to come by they would swap me out as long as I could provide proof of purchase. I drove there I walked in the office she was on the phone she acknowledged me and asked me to have a seat. I sat down, about 30 seconds later a gentleman came out apparently he knew my tale of woe he took the panel from me went out into the back warehouse came back within a minute and said here you go walk me to the door and said we like keeping up customers happy! That made me very very very happy and I will continue to give Bluetti my business and broadcast to the world that their customer service is the way it should be. They were professional, friendly, concerned, and very very giving. So not only do they have a great product they have great customer service to back it up. Yes I know I have a premium product at a premium price but their premium customer service makes it all worth it

  3. Karey L. James

    Out of the box everything was packaged securely. Not a lot of little pieces to get lost or broken. The instruction manual lost a little bit in translation which left me a little concerned about the quality of the product. After a slight issue with the LCD screen, Jojo from Max Oak relayed my concern to the tech crew which recommended that I needed to run my fingernail around the LCD screen which fixed the issue without me having to return the item. I am overwhelmingly impressed with this product and Jojo and his team provided excellent customer service. I am ready to build my off-grid cabin and this power station runs all of my tools and I couldn’t be happier. Being able to charge the panels while using the stored energy is a big plus. Thanks again!

  4. N. Blossom

    So far so good . We bought this to power my dialysis machine while camping and power outages. We haven’t tried to charge using solar yet, hopefully it goes well. .

  5. SAK-ERK

    After the cold spell and no electricity for a many days in Texas, bought the Bluetti 2000wh (AC200P), with five (SP120) 120watts panels, based on reviews by Hobotech and Will Prowse on YouTube.Takes me ten minutes to deploy all five panel on the deck. On a clear day in Central Oregon, charged the batteries from 32% to 100% in about 3-1/2 hrs, between 12pm and about 3:30 or 4.Test so far making breakfast:Kettle boil wataer, toaster, induction cooker for eggs;day one used up 15% of 2Kwh, day two 10%, did it faster 😁. Sofar I figure that I can charge the battery every 5 days.No, you can’t use the Kettle, Toaster, and Induction cooker at the same time. It’s done serially! One at a time!I learn that the Inverter (DC to 120vAC) uses up 2% per hour of the 2000wh battery just sitting there ready for use.Lesson: turn the Inverter On for use then turn it Off. Think about this way; your phone uses battery just sitting there not being used. When it is Off, it is still using battery, talking to the towers.Have a refrigerator in the garage, Amana (TX21A3L, 115VAC – 7.74amps) and using a kw-meter for 12 hrs real time, it run for 7:16 hrs and used up 1324 wh.Have not run the refrigerator with the Bluetti yet. So. From the numbers I can derive that the battery needs to be recharged every day. And yes, you can use the Bluetti while charging the battery with the solar panels.

  6. Zach B.

    I did not purchase this on Amazon. I purchased it from the Bluetti website in March 2021.I did a ton of research and compared this heavily to the Goal Zero 1500X. My experience with it has been great so far. Its features work as advertised and I’ve experiences no bugs with the AC200P. The solar panels are very pricey for their output but you’re paying for the premium Sunpower cells they use, plus the fold-up packaging. If I were expanding my solar setup I would add 3rd party panels and wire them with the SP120s, but as a portable option these panels are awesome. Setup and takedown are quick and easy. The panels weren’t especially picky about being a bit off-angle from the moving sun (you don’t have to move them as often). I first tried my array in late March at 43 degrees latitude on a cloud-less day around 11am. The array was able to generate 310-315W which is very respectable considering the northern latitude and the less-powerful spring sun. I actually expected less than 300W. I also tried shading one solar cell with my hand, as I’ve seen videos where shading one cell on a solar panel can slash the whole array’s output. However they wired these, shading a cell just dropped the array from 310 to 280W. That’s a big drop for one out of 108 cells, but not as bad as I’ve seen in similar cases. What this means is that a small shadow or a leaf on a panel isn’t going to completely ruin your charging efficiency. Great system. Pricey but worth it.

  7. Jay Scott

    Having ZERO electric knowledge it took me just a minute to figure out what I was doing wrong (my neighbor actually informed me) connecting the solar panels. I bought a 3 way splitter and it wasn’t providing enough voltage because you have to link them together in a chain. My neighbor explained it to me saying 1 train pulls 3 trailers on 1 track, not 3 tracks. When buying I was prompted to buy the splitter in the “buyers also purchased” section so, I figured I’d need it. Everything works straight out of the box, just turn on the AC or DC power to use and choose the correct input (wall/solar/car) to charge and… That’s it!Very heavy and VERY sturdy ;)Only issue was the power supply showed up without the solar panels. They were shipped separately and showed up the next day but, there was no notice of this. I was left wondering if part of my shipment was missing and had to waste time contacting customer service to find this information out.

  8. D. Smith

    This is a very compact product and it’s nice to have on the shelf just in case something happens. When it arrived at my house it was at approximately 60% charge. It took 2 hours to bring it to 100% charge with just the solar panels at about 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m, with a clear sky. The most watts that I saw coming in from the panels was 430. Once it was full I proceeded to do tests on different appliances that I might use with it, including my refrigerator, a Vitamix, toaster oven, coffee maker and a portable space heater. As expected it worked flawlessly. I did see a decent surge draw from the Vitamix of 2700 watts when grinding coffee and flipping the blender from off to high very quickly, but the Bluetti didn’t seem to mind. I believe it can handle up to 4800 watts of surge.I have not tested the DC side yet.I believe I will order the AC300 Max when it’s available, a 4th 200w panel and spare battery…unless I decide to build my own battery.

  9. Brenda Darr

    This thing is amazing! Powerful, quiet, clean energy so we feel safe as hurricane season approaches in South FLA. Plugged everything in to see if we could charge all five devices, cook breakfast in an electric skillet, while we ran two fans and a light. It was great! Then hooked up to the garage freezer and ran it for three hours. It still has about fourthly percent power after we tested it out all day.

  10. lana kloch

    The Bluetti is heavy so not easy to turn around. I ran 2 fridges for 14 hours and still had 40% power. Haven’t used the solar panels as of yet.

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