Blue Can 50 Year Shelf Life Emergency Water

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Price: $49.99

24 Case Pack: 24 -12oz cans (354.88 ml) units

No plastic taste, stores safely in heat, won’t affect taste

Cans are made of corrosion resistant aluminum and are hermetically sealed

Eco-friendly packaging, BPA Free, no chlorine or fluoride

Storage Temperature: 33 degrees F to + 150 degrees F (1C to +60C)

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Blue Can 50 Year Shelf Life Emergency Water

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50 Year Shelf Life

Don’t wait until it is too late! Stock up on 50-year shelf life water from Blue Can. Our company in Los Angeles, California, offers the best emergency drinking water for disaster preparation. You can make sure that your family is safe from anything that happens, from hurricanes to power outages to compromised water lines.

  • No More Rotating Stock
  • Ability To Double-Stack Pallets
  • Hermetically Sealed

Multi-Day Supply Case

Each case of Blue Can Water contains 24 cans, which is 288 oz or 2.25 gallons per case. The box is made from enclosed double thick corrugated cardboard, making it perfect for storage. The water and packaging comply with standards for purified drinking water with a 50-year shelf life. All cans are made of corrosion-resistant aluminum and are hermetically sealed.

  • Blue Can is the ONLY lab-tested and lab certified 50 year shelf life emergency drinking water
  • Each pack is enough for a two-day supply.
  • Great reserve for in the house or on the boat.
  • Stays Fresh In Heat
  • Outstanding Taste

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Blue Can utilizes the latest in water filtration and sterilization technology. In addition to Ozone Sterilization and UV lights, new cationic electron magnet filtering is also employed for additional sterilization. Cationic sterilization has a Log 6 kill rate (99.9999% effective) Our full contact disinfection techniques purify above and beyond what UV disinfection or even chlorine sterilization alone could ever achieve.

Emergency Water

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July 30, 2014

10 reviews for Blue Can 50 Year Shelf Life Emergency Water

  1. Paul Theodoropoulos

    Bought these for emergency supply. Don’t plan on opening one until that happens. If there isn’t a serious emergency requiring them, I’ll be 110 years old when I take the first sip.Could be an interesting followup review if I get there.

  2. trackersea

    I won’t be drinking this water until there is a tornado or earthquake and its in my 72hr kit. Its expensive but when in time of need and no one has clean water to sell in the stores its well worth it. Great to know that will hold up in any weather. You all that grip about the cost buy the packages that only have 4oz of water in them and only good for 5 years. You can buy pop in cans cheaper but too much sugar and not good to drink after a few years. if you really think about it for the size of the can its $1.99 and its good for 50 yes 50 years, If I die before that comes then my children will take over and have a good start on survival water. Thank you for having this product later on will buy another case.

  3. Lt.Dan

    When the world ends and there is no water to be found, I will pop my can open and fire up my camp…coffee is always fresh & hot, and more importantly available during a water-less crisis! A little pricey, but highly recommend these in your house, garage, car, boat etc.

  4. ColoradoKRW

    Since this water has a 50 year shelf life, it had to go through the multiple stage process of filtering (12-step multi-stage filtering, dual reverse osmosis under high pressure, micron traps, hi intensity UV light and ozone disinfection); hence, the reason why it is expensive. There is absolutely nothing in it to nourish the body but the point is, it will keep you alive in an emergency. Since I distill water on a regular basis and add back minerals for nourishment, I always have a bottle of minerals so during an emergency and need this water, I can add minerals for nourishment.

  5. Cassandra

    Expensive, but WORTH IT. The peace of mind alone is worth it. I buy a case every other month to build a family supply. The 50 year shelf life includes a “canned on” date so your family that inherits it knows how old it is! Hoping we never need it, happy to have it. Its a no-worry prep item that has no equal.

  6. Joshman601

    Everyone should own at least one case of this water in case of a emergency. It’s high quality and it lasts for 50 years! You never know what could happen in 50 years, so this is always great to have. Plus cans are way better than plastic bottles. They last way longer and they are way healthier than plastic bottles. I wish these were a little cheaper, but they are still great nonetheless. 5 stars.

  7. LentenRose

    Purchased for emergency only. Long shelf life claims was reason I bought these cans. Hope i dont need them, but provide peace of mind in case of a disaster. All my other emergency water stash has very short shelf life, many containers leaked after a year.

  8. Mr. B

    I ran an experiment this winter, setting a can outside in our cold Wisconsin weather. The water froze at 32F, of course. But the can did not rupture until about -5F.One of the things I like is that the aluminum can will not degrade with time as plastics and other packaging does.

  9. Wanda W

    I ordered this water for some elderly family members who were taking a cruise. You can no longer take water bottle on Carnival Curise Lines. I found this water on Amazon. Upon receipt, several cans were bent or crushed around the rim. Blue Can replaced the entire case. They are definitely customer oriented. I would certainly do business with this company again.

  10. Peter

    Here is my honest assessment. I hear people complaining about ruptured cans upon delivery or after being left in a care in a location where it gets well below freezing. Well, duh! Water EXPANDS when it freezes! Cans, even aluminum cans (not to mention their special lining they use on its inside) are only going to take so much abuse before they rupture. I haven’t “sampled” one yet, but for the cost, I can’t afford to “waste” one.So, let me break this down for you: If you want to stock your survival shelter, larder, or other climate controlled storage location, these are EXCELLENT! You get enough product to actually QUENCH your thirst (12 oz., I think)! On the other hand, if you want to just leave it in your car and forget about it, then yes, get the retort water pouches and they will freeze, expand (and you can use it as an ice pack), but you’ll have to thaw it out anyway before you can drink it! Same would be true with the cans. In this case, I’d have some high-end FRH’s (Flameless Ration Heaters), like the quality you’d get out of an OMEAL, and get some water from somewhere (remember, the heater water doesn’t have to be clean, just wet , in order to activate the heating pack) and throw a few of the retort water pouches in the FRH to thaw them out enough to drink them. Also, they’re the right size for making baby bottles of formula, as they come in 4 oz. segments, which is what baby bottles are generally broken down into.On the flip side, if you have a remote camp with a cabin, bunker, whatever, then this is a great way to go, as you can have fresh, clean drinking water on demand! Just have a way to protect it from freezing, like maybe an old refrigerator or something insulated.So, this is NOT a bad product! To the utmost contrary, it’s perfect for certain applications of camping/emergency preparedness! And NO! I don’t work for the company! I’m just a happy client who would gladly recommend this product to others!

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