BLAVOR Solar Charger with Foldable Panels, Outdoor Power Bank 18W Fast Charging, 20,000mAh Solar Powered Charger

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Price: $59.99

Foldable Solar Panel Charger:Solar Charger-High capacity polymer lithium battery allows to charge your devices multiple times, four premium foldable panels(Max 300MA/Panel)can produce Max 1.2A Current(under 25000lux sunlight) to recharge the power bank itself with solar power.

18W Fast Charging Power Bank:Fast Charger-Combined QC3.0 and power delivery fast charging tech, allows to charge your phone with max 9V=2A/12V=1.5A/18W charging power, It will auto-pair your devices the most appropriate charging results, Greatly shorten your charging time.

3W Camping Light for Outdoor:Outdoor Power-BLAVOR solar powered battery is equipped with premium eye-protection light, 32 bright LEDs with three brightness levels, you can adjust the brightness according to your needs, a versatile and practical charger for outdoor activities.

Fashlight & Built-in Compass:Three modes light works as SOS Flashlight and Strobe; Complementary built-in compass kit, a MUST-HAVE handy tool for outdoor enthusiasts and urgent situations like suddenly shutdown of power caused by typhoon, hurricane etc.

What You Get& Occasions:1*20,000mAh Solar Charger, 1*Type C Cable, 1*Warranty Card, 1*User Manual,12-Month Warranty. for outdoor activities, like camping, cycling, fishing, traveling, hiking and beaches.

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BLAVOR Solar Charger with Foldable Panels, Outdoor Power Bank 18W Fast Charging, 20,000mAh Solar Powered Charger with Camping Light/Flashlight/Compass Type C USB Charger 3 Outputs/Dual Inputs (Orange)

solar charger backup battery battery packs for camping

NOTE: Please don’t directly place the panel under extra-strong sunlight for a long time, the leather cover is not heat-resistant. Just find an appropriate place where the green light can get on. As long as the green light is on, the panel is absorbing sunlight and converting them into usable electricity.

WARM TIPS:The leather cover and rubber edge is not heat-resistant, therefore DO NOT place the power bank on overheated surface like flat rocks, cement floor etc, and make sure there is heat dissipation space.

solar charger power bank usb c

20,000mAh high capacity power bank with dual USB and bidirectional type C, Max 18W external battery pack, ideal portable power sources for outdoor, emergency situations.

sun powered phone charger military battery bank

Portable flashlight with three modes, press the power button for 3secs, the light is on, then shortly press, it flashes as SOS light, shortly press the button again it becomes strobe.

solar battery phone charger waterproof

3W camping light with three brightness levels, (high-middle-low), the most practical tool and solar panel charger companion for people do a lot of outdoor activities.

BLAVOR Solar Charger with Foldable Panels, Outdoor Power Bank 18W

A complimentary handy tool. Stand still, hold and keep it in the horizontal surface, then turn your self around, the direction the small arrowhead points to is the north.

portable charger waterproof rugged external solar power bank

Why Choose BLAVOR?

1. Real, authentic 20,000mAh capacity, you get what as advertised.

2. ISO 9001, UL2056, CE, PSE, you get the harmless electronics.

3. Brand-oriented, you get higher quality products with less cost.

BLAVOR Solar Charger with Foldable Panels, Outdoor Power Bank 18W

Main features of different models are given as below, There is always one that suits your needs!

*W05: 10,000mAh, single panel, 5W wireless, dual flashlight, 5V2.1A input/output, the most welcomed and cost-effective one from BLAVOR. Three Ports (USB+Micro USB+Type C) and Qi Wireless.

*W12: 20,000mAh, single panel, 10W fast wireless, PD&QC3.0 18W fast charging, three modes flashlight, built-in compass, the one with the highest charging speed of both wireless and usb output. Four Ports( Dual USB+Micro USB+Type C) and Qi Wireless.

*W09: 20,000mah, five panels, the panel is detachable, 5W wireless, three modes camping light, the one with the highest solar charging performance for it has five panels in total. Four Ports( Dual USB+Micro USB+Type C) and Qi Wireless.

*W12Pro: 20,000mah, four panels with metal buckle, PD&QC3.0 18W fast charging, three modes flashlight, 3W camping light, built-in compass, the one with both foldable multi-panels and PD&QC3.0 fast charging features. Four Ports( Dual USB+Micro USB+Type C) and NO Qi Wireless.

*W20: 20,000mah, single panel, 5W wireless, steady flashlight, 5V3.0A input/output, the one with large capacity, 15W fast charging and affordable cost. Four Ports( Dual USB+Micro USB+Type C) and Qi Wireless.

*W21: 10,000mah, foldable panels one-click button, LCD real time power display, 5W wireless, three modes flashlight, 5V3.0A input/output, the one with foldable panels, LCD power display, 15W fast charging. Four Ports( Dual USB+Micro USB+Type C) and Qi Wireless.

Additional information


Product Dimensions

7 x 3.5 x 1.6 inches

Item Weight

1.31 pounds



Item model number



1 Lithium Polymer batteries required.

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

May 5, 2020



10 reviews for BLAVOR Solar Charger with Foldable Panels, Outdoor Power Bank 18W Fast Charging, 20,000mAh Solar Powered Charger

  1. Ed W

    I purchased 4 of these a while back to replace other chargers. OMG I AM SO PLEASED.I used them tent camping, and they came in handy when my niece’s family lost homes in CA wildfires.Pro’s: lanyard connection point tough. hung on my pack hiking and thrown around never broke on any of the 4. 2nd: Large flashlight WILL BLIND YOU and light up and area really good. small one is prefect but I wish had a second button to turn them on. You have to hold button down long for small and double press rapidly for large.I keep forgetting and end up hitting large and blinding myself. 3RD pro: solar charging and capacity: I use them to charge MOTO G7 power phones as well as nebo least two full charges on phones off 1 charger. ( phones last for 3 days normal usage). truthfully I have never exhausted one yet.I can charge it in my house using led lights 75 watts bulb. I LOVE THIS CHARGERCON: I REALLY HAD TO NITPICK and it is compass. It is off by about 2 points.

  2. Alejandrina

    Neatest thing i have bought in quite a while. This cool gadget can fit in your purse or back pack….let me begin I do NOT work in writing reviews I just like to let ppl know what they are purchasing. From packaging to the actual product wish could give more stars. Only thing in the video added onto this description shows four panels that fold out but I think that was another level/style mine has 3 fold out panels plus what’s on the charger itself which i think makes it less bulky. The color really stood out and did not look flat like coloring as the rest that’s why i chose this one. Arrived FULLY charged so it was ready to test out. The cool snap type case is great. Best feature is where the usb ports are HIDDEN…so I actually had to you tube it to find the ports ahahaha….it was not in the instructions.The orange tab with a lip type end or longer end to it lift and surprise there are your usb ports. Great idea so that dirt nor debri can get into them!!!I will be using this item for charging mobiles and portable ac unit anxiously awaiting its arrival.So once I test all my gadgets out I will update my review but i have a feeling this will work perfectly.Hope this review helps. Enjoy your new solar charger as I am :)Cheers.

  3. Steve

    I’d been looking at chargers with a solar charging capability for running a Raspberry Pi. I have a few ideas I’d like to try out with regard to running the Pi without a power source, so I am hopeful that this unit with it’s 4 solar panels will make that possible. When not in use for these hobby projects, I will most likely take it camping and hiking in case I end up needing to stay off-grid for awhile.I just received this unit the other day. It came already charged to about 80%. It also came with a small USB-C to USB cable and a nifty caribiner clip for attaching to a belt buckle. It has a built-in compass which could also come in handy in a survival situation.The idea with these batteries is to keep them as fully charged as possible with regular USB style charging, but then, if needed, the solar panels will supplement. The latter option will obviously take a lot more time.The battery sports a wide array of ports:* Type-C for both input (charging the battery) and output (toys!)* Micro USB port for charging the battery* 2 USB Ouputs DC 5V/3AI like it very much so far. It has a good hefty feel to it. The flashlight and charging features give me peace of mind. This is also a company that stands behind it’s products so you may buy it with confidence.

  4. S.Cabrera

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  Blavor provides fast shipping and extremely helpful. The product comes in a presentable box with a charger, carbiner and key ring hook. The downside is you need a QC3.0/PD charger or you can use a regular charger. The device is AWSOME and light weight. The flashlight on the side of the charger is very powerful I was AMAZED by the brightness of it. I love IT. Will recommend it to my family and friends. Solar power does take several days for it to charge completely but you can charge you decides while its charging via solar. You cannot charge your devices when its charging from electricity. I charged my Samsung LG phone 12 times and 4 times my kids tablets….its a very powerful charger. See photos for complete input and putput charges. I also added the charger that i purchased on amazon to recharge the power back in am 1 hr and 15 minutes.

  5. Native Idaho Nate

    Love having this available for charging devices or providing light at night during camp trips.While it may be a bit heavy for backpacking, it is nice that it provides a solid amount of charging power (several phone charges – as well as light during the evening hours).I used the QC capabilities and the multiple light mechanisms and levels and they all worked just fine.I haven’t went on a trip long enough to need the solar extension of life, but I can validate that over the day it certainly gained charge while in direct sun. Handy to keep things juiced up if going for extended trips!Curious to see how long it lasts – to try and extend life, I always discharge to roughly 50% or so before storing. We’ll see if it holds up for a few years in the camp gear in the garage… might want to store indoors and check every 6 months or so to ensure the battery doesn’t fully drain as it’s lithium ion.

  6. Eric L

    I recently bought this power bank and am enjoying it so far. It is one of the larger format ones, but has quite a large charge capacity. The built-in solar panels help charge it up or maintain charge while on the road if you are not able to plug it in to wall power.The item came packaged very well, and no damage to any part of it. The solar panels are permanently attached, and fold up against it and it has a snap to keep the panels closed up when not in use, so they do not flop around when not needed. There is also a compass built in as well as a loop for the carabiner that is included to attaching for carrying outside of a bag. All the materials feel sturdy and solid and i expect long life from them.The solar charging seems to do well. The lights on it indicate when the panels start providing power, so it is clear if they are getting enough light, and it seems to pick up enough power to start charging at lower light levels than some other solar charges I have used.It comes with 2 x USB connectors for charging devices, plus a USB-C dual direction port that can be used to either charge the power bank or to charge a device. There is also a micro USB power dedicated to charging. Having the extra USB-C power is great for newer phones and tablets and gives a 3rd port, which is not common in this class of power bank.The lights on it are also a nice touch. The light panel on the side is REALLY bright, and includes the ability to slightly dim the light 2 levels below the full power. i have other power banks with lights, but this is definitely the brightest one I have. There is also a smaller light on one end that can be used as a more tradition flashlight style light, along with being able to strobe and flash SOS.An overall nice purchase, and i am glad I picked this item up.

  7. David L

    This is a convenient power pack that tries to build everything in one. USB power, compass, a camping light, and a mini flash/strobe light. It is rugged and the attached solar panels can be easily folded up and secured with a button. Unlike many cheaper solar power packs out there, this one actually supports USB-C Power Delivery up to 18W.Here’s my take on this item:Design: I think this item is well designed and they have made pretty good use of the space available to make sure the item is not too bulky yet ruggedized to handle bumps while you are on the road. The ports are nicely tucked inside a rubber cover so you don’t have to worry about the ports getting wet when it is on your backpack and it is raining outside (it comes with a carabiner clip with a keychain ring to attach to both the unit and your backpack – see picture).Ports – On the USB ports, they support a wide range of different charging protocols: Apple 5V/2.4A, Samsung 5V/2A, BC DCP 5V/1.5A, QC2 5/9/12V, QC3, FCP, MTKPE 1.1 PE2.0. Although one of the ports is labeled blue, the black one also supports QC2/3 (there is no difference between the ports). That said, only one port can be used at any given time for quick charge based protocols to engage, otherwise, both ports would be available at 5v only (most likely because they share the charging circuitry on the USB ports).The bidirectional USB-C port supports PD3.0 5V/9V/12V PDOs at 2.4A/2.0A/1.5A, respectively. Also, it supports Apple/2.4A and BC DCP 5V/1.5A. This is nice because most battery packs around this range would only support a dummy USB-C port that operates at 5v only and would not allow Google Nexus devices to charge beyond 5v. Having PD fixes that issue.Note that since the ports are tucked inside the rubber cover, there isn’t a lot of clearance for direct plug-in USB devices that are wide-sized. In those cases, you may need some kind of USB extension or right-angle adapter for the plug to fit properly. Most devices, however, use a standard USB cable to connect so this shouldn’t be an issue for most devices (you can see that I have to plug a tester on top of another tester because that second tester was a bit too wide to fit into the mouth of the rubber casing).Charging – Charging is fairly straightforward. You have the option of using either the Micro-USB port or the USB-C port. When using the Micro-USB port, you are limited to 5v/2.4A unless your chargers support the Huawei FCP 9v protocol (although many times the battery pack ends up charging at around 2.7A or so if your charger has good voltage regulation and the voltage remains high). Most chargers that are made in China to support QC2 generally also support FCP, although pure QC2/3 chargers will not trigger 9v charging. This is the same when using the USB-C port, although the battery pack would request PD @ 9v as well as FCP when it is available. When charging at 9v, the amperage is limited to 2A @ 18W.Maximum Discharging Current – Testing the maximum current at the various voltage levels offered by this battery pack without significant voltage losses, I got 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A. This is pretty much within the stated specifications, except that I was able to exceed the 5V/2.4A rating slightly until the 3A mark.Load voltages – Under no load, the voltages were recorded as 5.08v/9.12v/12.11v. This is good since they were a little higher to allow for some cable resistance. As you can see, the battery pack was able to maintain a very stable voltage even at load (4.97v/3A, 8.92v/2.06A, 12.01v/1.51A).Flashlights – The flashlight in front does a pretty good job in illuminating the way in front of you, as you can see in the pictures I have attached with the dark kitchen. The small flashlight was directional, so it illuminates in the immediate vicinity in front of you, but not around you. The camping light, on the other hand, is much brighter and my first reaction when I turned that on was – wow! On high brightness, the kitchen looked as if I turned the lights on, whereas on low/medium brightness it’s only slightly dimmer than the high brightness (see pictures). This makes this a very good tool while working in a dark garage, or simply keeping in your car in case of an emergency.Auto on/off: The battery pack turns off after 30 seconds of low/no load (by reducing the output voltage to ~2v). This means you do not have to manually turn on the battery pack to start charging anything that you start plugging in since the device senses this and restores power at the appropriate level. This offers convenience, although at the trade-off of some standby power.USB passthrough charging: This battery pack supports true passthrough charging. If a 9v input is already engaged, it disengages and falls back to a 5v input source. The battery pack then passes the 5v input from the charger to its output ports while simultaneously charging itself. Because of the true pass-through function, the output voltage is no longer regulated by the battery pack, but rather than the voltage source (e.g. charger). For that reason, the output voltage can drop to around 4.5v when the battery pack is charging from the source at high currents. Adding device load while the battery pack is charging is additive to the input current, and if you have a very good charging cable (e.g. a 1ft USB-C to C 5A cable), the current can reach 5v/3A when the other device is plugged in (the enclosed USB-A to USB-C 2.0 cable charges at around 2.2A when I tested). The battery pack also seems to have a protection function that prevents the pass-thru voltage from getting too high due to a malfunction of the charger. In this case, it looks like the battery pack shuts off charging when the output port reaches approximately 5.45v (using a charger source of approximately 6.40v while charging at around 2.67A). This is a good mechanism to prevent your device from frying if the charger somehow malfunctions and continues to provide 9v QC even when the battery pack did not ask for it.Capacity Testing: The discharge test yielded a real capacity of approximately 65.04Wh (~88% efficiency) at 5v/2.3A. This is quite efficient given the high current. On the other hand, charging at 5v/2.7A required about 94.92Wh of energy (~78% efficiency) without any supplemental sunlight. I am assuming this is due to the converter being less efficient at higher currents, although I plan to be putting this in the back of my car to gather sun while it is out so charging efficiency isn’t a big problem to me.Solar Charging: The charger’s solar indicator (the green light that is next to the battery status indicator) is quite sensitive, and turns on even at the slightest of sunlight. However, it is important to note that the panels all together can only produce 1.2A of current under intense sunlight (theoretically 6W max). Assuming the panels produce 82% of the theoretical maximum, and another 80% of that energy is used to charge the battery, that means the panels are adding about 3.94W of power to the batteries under intense sunlight.Assuming the energy required is 25% above the nominal capacity value (92.5Wh), this means approximately 23.48 hours of intense sunlight is required to fully charge the battery from empty to full.If you were to leave the battery pack in a sunny place all day long without moving it (assuming ~5.5 hours of intense sunlight), this would mean it would take slightly more than 4 days to charge it under these conditions.If you are on the go and moving between shady and sunny areas, you may only be exposed to intense sunlight (or equivalents of) for about 1.5 hours or so. In this case, the time to fully charge a depleted pack increases from 4 days to a bit more than 2 weeks.And since cloudy days yield very little current (generally 5-10% of the power generated compared to the intense sunlight power), you pretty much have to wait forever for this to charge. Assuming the average cloudy day yields approximately 8% of the power relative to a sunny day, that would mean 0.3152 watts, or 293.45 hours of equivalent light to fully charge. Even assuming you can get 7 hours of this equivalent light, the battery pack will still take over 40 days to fully charge.Now, this is not to say solar charging is useless, but you should have a realistic expectation that the panels are there to supplement the energy provided by a charger while you are on the go, versus replacing the need of charging the pack from the wall completely (unless you want to throw this in the sun and not move it for a few days). If you are thinking that just throwing this near the window on a cloudy day would allow you to charge your phone forever given the infinite potential given by sunlight, then you are probably buying the battery pack for the wrong reason.If I were to go camping with the battery pack and charge my OnePlus 6T fully once a day (which has a 13.69Wh battery) and leave home with the battery pack completely charged, the battery pack would charge my phone a little bit over 4 times/days (assuming a charging efficiency of 88%). Assuming I am getting 1.5 hours of intense sunlight during camping, this extends the charging to almost 7 times/days. This means under the right conditions, this battery pack should last you approximately a week while you are camping if you are going to be charging your phone fully approximately once a day, of course, your mileage may vary (depending on your phone specifications, whether you use the flashlight or the camping lights, the sunlight intensity of where you are going to, etc).12v trigger cable: Since this power pack supports QC2 12v mode, you can use a QC DC trigger cable to activate the 12v output for powering small devices. As you can see, I was able to power my 12v LiitoKala battery charger to charge some AA NiMHs. However, you may find this much more useful to power stuff like a cable modem or a router during a power outage. Most modems or wireless routers generally use approximately 6W of power each at 12v, so using a DC splitter with such trigger cable would allow you to power both the modem and the router while staying under the 18W limit. (note that you cannot use 2 trigger cables at once since the battery pack drops to 5v only if both ports are used at the same time.)Overall, this is an awesome battery pack for camping and emergencies. The camping light is bright and could have a lot of utility even when used inside the home. For about $50, this is pretty good value even if you think of this as some kind of bright solar light. 🙂

  8. John A Smith

    This is my 2nd Blavor product. This is the model PN-W12 Pro. Improvements: 1) added a snap closure for the solar panels 2) flashlight added vs light panel on back of charger. Much improved, easier to use. 3) added carabiner hook to use while hiking or outdoors.Product is high quality and is perfect for anyone as backup battery charger. Solar charging panels seem to be improved as well. Charges even in low light conditions.Very happy with this product. Would definitely buy again!

  9. Jason L Kuehl

    When I first unpackaged this power bank, I thought it’s massive size would be a huge no-go for me, and it would get relegated to being in the truck with me, or tossed in a drawer and used if the power goes out. After a few days of torturing the power bank, I changed my mind on that. Yes, this is a huge power bank. But I charged and operated nearly every USB powered device I could think of for a full 3 days (yes, 72 hours) before it got down to a flashing LED indicator telling me it needed recharged. It has 2 USB out ports, and I was able to draw a hefty 3 amps combined from them, charging 2 phones at once. It appears to be a little biased toward the USB 3.0 port, with the device attached to it drawing 1.77 amps and the standard USB port delivering 1.23 amps. This bank also features both USB-C and microUSB ports for charging the bank itself. When this bank finally drew down to one flashing LED showing it needed recharged, I was very surprised. Connected to a standard USB power outlet, with a max output of 2.1 amp, the bank was fully charged in just under 7 hours. There is a built in flashlight with 3 modes (solid on, emergency/caution slow flash, and strobe) that is bright enough you don’t want to look directly at it, and provides a well enough focused beam to make sure you can see where you are going. The camp light has 3 intensity levels, and if you use it indoors at night, the low setting provides enough light for two people to read by and still have the entire room lit.Solar charging is actually a huge positive for me, and this bank features a fold out 4 panel solar charger, that begins charging in fairly low ambient light, and gets stronger as the ambient light increases. The panels are stitched into a leather-like case, which does away with cheap plastic hinges that are prone to breaking, and snaps shut on one edge of the bank. I’m not sure how long it would take to charge the bank fully off solar alone, but the bank claims a total of 1.2 amp at 5 volts from the solar panels. After torturing this power bank for several days, I have come to appreciate it’s bulkiness, and the fact that it comes with a carabiner so it can clip to my belt, as there is no way this will fit in my pocket!

  10. Angel

    I live in my car by choice and I needed something to help me not drain my car battery all the time and still keep my tech life going. I’ve been using this power bank for almost 4 months now and Im pretty pleased. The last one I got without solar cells needed replacing in less than a month so I got this one with my quickly processed refund. I’ve used it to power many devices including many phones, various Bluetooth headphones, my vape and e-pens, and whatever my friends need charged too. It’s got enough capacity to charge my 4500mAh Note, ~3700mAh Pixel, 3500mAh vape and then charge one of them again before the powerbank needs charging again. It’s a godsend. Charge the power bank by day, charge my devices at night.Omg speaking of night… I’m so glad it has 2 flashlights. One in front of it that’s directional, and an enormously brighter one on the bottom. The bottom one will illuminate like 30 feet away. It’s like 3/4 the intensity of a vehicle headlight from the 2000’s decade. Not this newly-adopted halogen hodgepodge (j/k, halogens rock and I’m just jealous I don’t have em 😅).One of the most useful things about this bank is that you can use it to charge other devices even while it’s charging itself. This works with both Solar and external charging inputs simultaneously. For example, sometimes if I’m chillin at a park and the battery is low, I’ll put the power bank on my dashboard [Mind you I live in the US Pacific Northwest where median weather is not hotter than 80°F (26°C) from Summer til Fall]. I’ll also plug my DC inverter’s USB-C charger into the power bank to charge even faster. Since I can’t plug in a usb micro and a usb-C device at the same time (unless they both have really really really thin frames around the prong) it leaves two USB type A female inputs to charge whatever else I need to.I have tinted windows in my car and I’m still able to get it receiving solar charging anywhere in the backseat. This thing has indicator lights on it that tell you when it’s charging and it’s nice to see that even on cloudy days, the sun breaks through and this thing’s solar cells are sensitive enough to pick it up – albeit at a slower rate than normal.It’s fallen off the dash as I drove off many, many…many times (it’s so compact up there I forget lol) and it’s still held up to the test. I would use the carabineer clip to secure it to my dash mount but I unclipped it and flung it somewhere so it’s lost. Pretty sure my clumsy family need these.The instruction manual says to keep it out of direct sunlight – which is true of any electronic device. My advice to you is to charge in the brightest amount of shade you can and keep an eye on how the sun is moving (one inch every 8 minutes?). If you have to charge anywhere in direct sunlight, make sure you have sufficient, actual cooling in complete circulation around the device (example is suspend the bank using bottle caps and turn a fan on and direct the air at the device). This will keep it from overheating and you calling the company for a repair or replacement that could’ve been avoided.Good luck my sunchasing brethren.

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