Biontech Advanced Portable Hydrogen Rich Water Bottle, Platinum Titanium Electrode

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Price: $399.00

✅ High-quality Hydrogen: Biontech uses the most developed commercially proven Electrolysis Technology to generate hydrogen water and maximize hydrogen retention.

✅ Industry Leading Premium Quality Materials: We use Platinum Titanium Electrode to expel and separate harmful byproducts like chlorine, ozone, and oxides.

✅ Eco-Friendly EcoZen Bottle: This water bottle does not contain BPA, BPS, or any other bisphenols. We use a material used in infant bottles, one of our health projects that concern the customer’s health and the environment.

✅ Self-cleaning: Our innovative dry membrane design hydrogen generator inhibits mineral build-up, which produces the purest and cleanest hydrogen water available on the market today!

✅ One Year Warranty: Biontech is 100% confident in the quality of this hydrogen water bottle, which is why we offer a 1-year hassle-free warranty. We always go the extra mile for our customers!

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Brand: Biontech


Biontech Advanced Portable Hydrogen Rich Water Bottle, Platinum Titanium Electrode, Rechargeable 1,200mA Lithium-Ion Battery

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10.4 x 3.74 x 3.55 inches; 1.13 Pounds

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October 19, 2021

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3 reviews for Biontech Advanced Portable Hydrogen Rich Water Bottle, Platinum Titanium Electrode

  1. TigerlillianTigerlillian

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     If you’re a healthful water fanatic and have explored the benefits of exotic spring or magical mineral waters, or alkaline water, hydrogen water may be your next venture into hyper healing H2O.At the time of ordering, this Biontech bottle was listed at $399 which seems a little overpriced, but when comparing to alkalizing Enagic or Kangen water machines that were launched a few decades ago and still sell for several thousands of dollars, $399 seems a relative drop in the bucket (or water bottle in this case). Not that they produce the same type of water, but hydrogen water and alkaline water do claim similar benefits, however hydrogen water seems to have more proven clinical support. This bottle also offers water treatment on the go making it more accessible than the cumbersome house-bound expensive machines.I do love being able to treat my water as I need it. From what I understand, the antioxidant properties of hydrogen water start to dissipate almost immediately unless hermetically sealed and ideally, consuming within a few hours is optimal.So why is this bottle so costly when there are numerous sub $100 available on the market?– Lesser bottles use straight electrolysis technology, while safer, higher end bottles use PEM or proton exchange membrane (or polymer electrolyte membrane) technology which separates byproducts such as chlorine and ozone gas which can be harmful to our biological process.– Platinum titanium anode plates also have superior corrosion resistance while also being impermeable to heavy metal precipitation.– Bottles that separate chlorine and ozone will also have an exhaust chamber at the bottom.– This particular bottle also calls out ‘dry membrane’ as a feature as opposed to other PEM bottles that have a ‘wet membrane.’ It claims that it is effectively less inclined to have bacterial growth and mineral build up, is self-cleaning, and produces cleaner water. This is not an inherent feature of most other PEM bottles, in fact they typically require that the membrane be kept wet in order to function properly. This feature sets the BionTech bottle apart from other PEM units, being more user friendly and safer in operation, cleaning, and water quality.IMPORTANT NOTE: This bottle arrives locked for safe shipping and will not operate until you keep the ‘Clean’ button pressed for 5 seconds to unlock. It can be relocked for travel (see instructions in included manual). It does come in a handsome magnetic box, but is ruined by the big battery alert sticker that leaves residue on removal. The box really is only good for long-term storage anyway as it’s a bit bulky for travel. It would be nice to have a low-profile protective case that is totable, especially for something so valuable.There are a few conflicts in the listing itself and comparing to the actual product: listing video shows a USB C charger, 4 minutes of charging time, and an O2 button underneath the H2 button; the actual product, and as shown in the listing photos has a magnetic charger that has a blue LED indicator, charging time of 3 minutes according to my timer, and the second button is labelled ‘Clean’ not O2. It’s not clear which version is MKII. According to the included manual, this model is BTH-101T.The design is sleek, made of durable, lightweight BPA free, food safe plastic that is eco friendly. The clear plastic has very good clarity. The bottle is tapered upward and has a rounded square base. Capacity is 380 ml, or 12.85 fl oz.The bottles arrives mostly charged and took about ten minutes to top up when I plugged it in before first use. The blue LED will light up on the cord, even when not charging but plugged into power; the bottle will flash green while charging, and then remain steady green when complete. Average charging time is stated as about 2-3 hours.Treatment time is right on three minutes. It’s recommended that if your water capacity is small, to treat twice. This also creates pressure inside the bottle and consequently, charging more than three consecutive times is not advised. While generating hydrogen the water bottle with glow a really cool, mellow blue. The light will turn off after treatment is complete. I transfer my water to a glass drinking bottle after treatment to minimize contamination to my Biontech bottle. It also makes treated water safer to share. There is a little clear insert that seats securely inside the mouth of the bottle that helps with easy, mess-free pouring.A one-year warranty is included which gives peace of mind that this bottle should deliver. I haven’t tested the PPM but will likely do so after getting a test kit. If it falls short, I’ll report back.For what it claims, I really love this bottle. It’s my favorite over another PEM bottle I have that does not have a dry membrane. I’ve used it every day since receiving it and will continue to until I am 200, or however long my life will be extended by drinking hydrogen water.

  2. Sparky

    We have been using a biotech home pitcher hydrogen system and figured I would give the portable bottle a try. Just know going in the instructions take some level of interoperation but most people should be able to figure it out. The bottle works as described and looks good doing it. I have yet to see advantages to hydrogenated water but I will keep at it until I do. 5 STARS

  3. Amazon Customer

    researched the advantages of Hydrogen Water and ended up purchasing two distinct types to evaluate and test in one transaction. The Biontech – Hydrogen Water Bottle Generator was the better solution from the outset. It’s simple to use: simply add water, press a button, and drink it when ready, plus the water taste’s amazing. It’s user-friendly, and I’ve seen a difference in my physique and temperament. It’s fantastic. It may seem a bit costly, but TRUST ME, IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY.

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