Augason Farms Honey White Bread Scone & Roll Mix Emergency Food Storage #10 Can

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49 servings

5,880 calories

3 pounds 10 Ounces

Perfect for food storage, emergencies, survival, camping, and everyday use

Up to a 10 year shelf life

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Brand: Augason Farms


Augason Farms Honey White Bread Scone & Roll Mix Emergency Food Storage

Augason Farms Emergency Preparedness Food Storage Baking Mixes Cooking Chef

Product Details: Honey White Bread, Scone & Roll Mix No. 10 Can

Augason Farms Honey White Bread Scone & Roll Mix

Augason Farms Honey White Bread Scone Mix can be used in a variety of ways, and is simple to make—just add water, oil, and yeast. There’s nothing like the comforting aroma of baked bread and rolls, especially on a cold winter day. Include warm, fresh-from-the-oven baked bread with your next hot bowl of soup or plate of cheesy vegetable casserole. This is a Augason Farms Honey White Bread Scone baking mix you’ll want for everyday baking and for your long term food storage. Shelf life up to 10 years based on storage conditions.

Not Just for Loaves and Rolls

Be sure to check out the Honey White Bread, Scone and Roll Mix can label for surprising ways to use this versatile bread mix. You’ll find Pan Fried Scones and Old Fashioned Bread Sticks recipes that are every bit as delicious as they are easy to make.

Stock Up on Multi-Purpose Baking Mixes

Multi-purpose baking mixes are a lifesaver whether you’re scrambling to prepare an evening meal after a busy day or preparing comfort food to help your family through a crisis. In either case, a hot loaf of bread, a tin of breakfast muffins, or a quick batch of warm brownies are all very easy to whip up with Augason Farms multi-purpose baking mixes.

Product Details: Augason Farms Honey White Bread Scone & Roll Mix No. 10 Can

Durability of No. 10 Cans

Large, No. 10 cans are an incredibly effective container for storing shelf stable food. Not only are they made from high-grade steel, but they are also airtight and made to survive just about any kind of emergency or disaster. They are pest proof and will keep their contents safe from the elements and any kind of exterior contamination. And, unopened cans will even float.


Empty Cans Come in Handy

Steel cans are very useful once they’ve been emptied of their contents. The high-grade steel used for Augason Farms cans ensures they can be multi-purposed for emergency uses like growing herbs, reserving drinking water, storing prepared foods and leftovers, and protecting currency, important documents, and medications.

Shelf Life 101

The quality and taste of most Augason Farms products will last up to 20 or 30 years, however it varies based on food storage conditions and ingredients. Some products such as eggs, creamy soups and bread mixes have a shelf life up to 5 to 10 years. Extreme temperatures will deteriorate the quality and shelf life. For best results store in a cool and dry place at temperatures between 55°F and 70°F.

Augason Farms Long Term Food Storage Bunker Shelter

Long Term Food Storage

You don’t need an underground bunker to be prepared for the next disaster. An adequate emergency food supply can be assembled and stored just about anywhere, including mobile homes, apartments, condos and motor homes, providing everyone with the ability to shelter in place until the situation improves. Augason Farm’s mission is to make sure that every family in America has the emergency food kits and survival food storage necessary to ensure they can face any crisis situation, anywhere.

Augason Farms Emergency Preparedness Natural Disaster

Emergency Preparedness

Currently, over 65% of all Americans are unprepared for any natural or manmade disaster. If you find yourself in that category, know that the importance of emergency preparedness can’t be overstated. Augason Farms has made it easy to get prepared by offering a wide range of products to meet your family’s unique goals. Whether it be budget, family size, storage space or lifestyle, Augason Farms has an emergency preparedness and long term food storage solution that is right for you. It’s no wonder they’ve been the industry leader since 1972.

Augason Farms Everyday Food Use Meals

Everyday Use

Augason Farms was founded on the belief that survival foods should taste as good as a home cooked meal, and they do. Long gone are the days of emergency foods tasting like MREs. Because Augason Farm’s emergency foods taste great, they’re ideal for not only disasters, but as a tasty and economical way to supplement your daily meals. They are perfect for busy working parents, budget-conscious families and anyone who needs a nutritious meal that’s quick and easy to prepare.

Augason Farms Outdoors Backpacking Food


Augason Farms emergency and survival foods are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. They are lightweight, mess-free, easy to pack and require no refrigeration. And, don’t forget, they’re nutritious. So whether you’re using freeze dried beef in your Dutch oven casserole or enjoying a bag of freeze dried blueberries on the hiking trail, you can trust that Augason Farm’s foods are have been manufactured with the highest quality and best tasting ingredients, guaranteed.

Augason Farms Long Term Food Storage Bunker Shelter

Long Term Food Storage

Augason Farms Emergency Preparedness Natural Disaster

Emergency Preparedness

Augason Farms Everyday Food Use Meals

Everyday Use

Augason Farms Outdoors Backpacking Food


Additional information

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H

‎9.01 x 8.23 x 6.18 inches

Package Weight

‎1.99 Kilograms

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎6.25 x 7 x 6.25 inches

Item Weight

‎4 Pounds


‎Augason Farms

Part Number


Included Components

‎Honey White Bread Scone & Roll Mix



Date First Available

October 11, 2013


10 reviews for Augason Farms Honey White Bread Scone & Roll Mix Emergency Food Storage #10 Can

  1. LiLiLiLi

    This bread is so yummy & easy to make. We added a little garlic powder to the dough & then sprinkled a little garlic salt on top after baking. It was so good that I came back to buy more. It’s not a big deal to add 2 tablespoons of yeast…we keep some on the freezer anyway. I love that it comes canned for longterm storage.

  2. big foot

    I encourage families to prepare for the unexpected, remember to store lots of only takes 3 days without water, and you and your family are in BIG TROUBLE.this product will be delicious when the need arises, and it will store for many everything your family will need. just knowing you’re prepared, is a good feeling.

  3. debbie

    You only need to add water, oil and yeast–milk and eggs are already in the mix. Easy to use in a bread maker. This brings the cost of homemade bread down to less than $1 a loaf and it tastes GREAT. Add whatever other ingredients you want for different flavors–I like adding garlic, thyme and basil with mustard seed oil, or using tart cherry juice instead of water and dried fruits. Just good quality bread mix.

  4. kat gonzales

    I used this mix for making Indian fry bread. It was the best fry bread I’ve ever made. I plan to have this as a staple in my pantry.

  5. Precise Disarray

    Container arrived in good condition. I have no intention of opening it any time soon; hopefully no need to open it anyway. Buy food now, folks. I buy Augason Farms when it is on sale, then I add it to my long term storage. I wouldnt buy at full price if I was only planning on using it for camping next weekend, ya know? I have this as insurance, and buying when on sale just adds more bang to my buck.

  6. Blessedbygrace

    We are preppers and once covid hit I wasn’t going to be the one running around store to store and wondering when the store will bring back these items. I was going to be prepared. I now have this can along with the buttermilk biscuits in my food pantry. Thank you for the amazing sale on this and for this product.


    My daughter couldn’t find the yeast rolls in the freezer section today so I broke open the survival can of bread and roll mix. I followed the directions and recipe for “bread machine” but I doubled it. I threw everything in my mixer, mixed it, let it rise for 15 minutes, and pinched off golf ball sized pieces of dough. I let the rolls rise in a warm area (on my food dehydrator while it was running) another hour and when I came back the rolls were huge. My daughter said they tasted like Texas Roadhouse rolls. To make one batch of the rolls or bread you need 2 cups of the mix, 2 T. of oil or butter, 1 tsp of yeast, and 3/4 cup of water. Of course I made a double batch which made 18 jumbo sized rolls. One batch would have easily made 18 regular sized rolls. I still have about 3/4ths of the can left. I brushed mine with melted butter with a little salt added. Yum!Update: Today I used milk instead of water and butter instead of oil. Wow the flavor was phenomenal I suggest if you have milk/butter to go ahead and substitute these to add depth and a buttery flavor. You definitely do not have to and they will still taste delicious.

  8. K K Schwartz

    Being in Florida, we’ve lost power for days due to hurricanes so I purchased this bread and scone mix in case of an emergency. I would simply bake the mix in our emergency oven. I have eaten other Augason foods that were getting close to the “use by” date and found all to be flavorful and easy to use by just adding water. I expect this item will also be tasty when we eat it.

  9. Florida Guy

    I don’t ever want to be the father that my kids look at me and say “Dad, why weren’t you prepared for US, what are we going to do for food to survive”. As much money as we throw away in life come on. This is an insurance policy. You hope to not need it, but you better have plenty put up just in case!!!!!

  10. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    I like the fact that this bread mix can last up to 10 years in the can but I open a can once in a while- I enjoy baking bread with this flour it makes very delicious bread- worth the money and I’d buy more again!!!😋

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